Best Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool In 2022/2023

Picking the best Dremel tool, or best rotary tool for you can take some research because there are a range of options to choose from.

Dremel in particular has an electric Dremel rotary tool range, and a cordless/battery operated Dremel rotary tool range.

Maybe you need to do some grinding and cutting, and need some extra power that a variable speed, performance type Dremel provides.

Or maybe you are more into arts, crafts and hobbies, and engraving & decorating – and a light, precision type Dremel is more what you’re after.

Regardless, you should be able to find the Dremel model for you in these reviews and buyer’s guide

If you are still left wanting more information after reading the information below, we’ve put together 15 Tips For Choosing Which Dremel To Buy, and 15 Tips For Choosing Between A Corded or Cordless Dremel – which might help you with your decision.

You can also read the Best Dremel Accessories, and Best Dremel Attachments guides if you need help in figuring out what the accessories and attachments all do, and which ones to pick.

For those who are short on time, you can check out the simple top rated models list below, or if you want more information, read the guide in full.


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Top Rated Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool List 


Best High Performance Electric Dremel Tool – Dremel 4300-5/40 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit (on Amazon)

Value For Money Electric Dremel Tool – Dremel 4000-6/50 Kit Variable Speed Rotary Tool (on Amazon)

Value For Money Electric Dremel Tool – Dremel 3000-2/28 (on Amazon)

Best Performance Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool – Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool (on Amazon)

Best Small Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool – Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon

Best Electric Dremel Tool For Power Wood Carving & Detailing – Dremel 9100-21 Forti-Flex Flex Shaft Tool (on Amazon)

Best Electric Dremel Tool For Engraving & Decorating – Dremel 290-01 Engraver Tool (on Amazon)

Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Tool – Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool (on Amazon)


Best Electric/Corded Dremel Rotary Tool Reviews

You can read Best Electric Dremel Tool: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews for reviews of the Electric Dremel Rotary tools. Otherwise, summaries are below:


Dremel 4300 (Newest Model as of 29th May 2017 – Highest Performance Tool)

A high performance, variable speed, electric rotary tool.

Boasts the 3 jaw chuck, front mounted work light and some other new features – as well as increased motor specs over previous electric Dremel models.

It accepts all Dremel accessories and bits – so can perform most tasks.

Check Price – View the Dremel 4300 9/64 Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon

View On Amazon

What’s Good

  • Dremel’s highest performance and newest electric rotary tool
  • Accepts all Dremel accessories and bits
  • Has a Pivot light on the tool nose to illuminate projects
  • Most powerful Motor – 1.8 Amp > increase from the 1.6 Amp Dremel 4200 motor
  • Variable speed – 5,000 to 35,000 RPM
  • Redesigned airflow system (quieter and cooler operation)
  • 3 Jaw Chuck saves a lot of time – don’t need a tool/wrench, or to change the collet size, when inserting and removing different bits with different shank sizes
  • Comes in various kit sizes and types
  • Really good range of high quality Dremel bits included in both kits – allows user to perform a range of activities
  • Ventilation of the tool appears to work well
  • Aluminium premium carry case in the 4300-9/64 Kit is very high quality – has a lower drawer – great for storing all accessories and the Dremel tool

Read full review and buyer’s guide here – Dremel 4300 review (includes comparison with the Dremel 4200 and Dremel 4000 tools)


Dremel 4200 (EZ Change mechanism has questions)

A high performance, variable speed, electric rotary tool.

Questions have plagued the Dremel 4200 over the EZ Change pull lever collet system for holding bits.

Check Price – View the Dremel 4200-6/40 High Performance Rotary Tool on Amazon

What’s Good

  • 7 foot cord length – extra 1 foot on most electric Dremel rotary tools
  • Comes with the EZ Change™ mechanism – some people HATE this mechanism, while others have found it OK. We believe the Dremel 4300, 4000 and 3000 are better options with EZ Twist or 3 Jaw Chuck changing mechanisms
  • Variable speeds – 5,000 to 35,000 RPM with easy to use speed setting dial
  • 1.6 Amp Motor
  • Can be used with all current Dremel rotary tool attachments and accessories
  • Replaceable motor brushes
  • Electronic feedback for consistent speed under load
  • Includes 6 Attachments, 40 Accessories, Hard Case
  • Bits included are for carving, engraving, cutting, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, polishing, sanding and drilling
  • Attachments included are 675 Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Sharpener, 678-01 Circle Cutter & Straight Edge Guide, 565 Multipurpose Cutting Kit, A550 Shield Rotary Attachment, A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide, A577 Detailer’s Grip Attachment, Adapter and Drive Coupler for Attachments 225, 575 and 670

Read full review and buyer’s guide here – Dremel 4200 review.


Dremel 4000 (Value For Money Performance Tool)

Along with the Dremel 4300 and Dremel 3000, we rate the Dremel 4000 as the best value for money electric Dremel tool.

The Dremel 4000 in particular has a wide range of kit options, and is very affordable and versatile.

It is a performance, variable speed electric Dremel rotary tool.

It accepts all Dremel accessories and bits – so can perform most tasks.

Check Price – View the Dremel 4000-6/50 Kit Variable Speed Rotary Tool on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Compatible with all Dremel attachments and accessories
  • 6 foot cord length
  • Variable speed – from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM
  • 1.6 Amp motor
  • 120 volt motor
  • Replaceable motor brushes
  • EZ Twist Nose Cap Chuck System – Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes – the wrench mechanism is integrated in the nose cap of the tool so you don’t need a separate wrench or bit changing tools
  • Comes with a range of kits to choose from.

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 4000 review.


Dremel 3000 (Value For Money Performance Tool)

If you are looking for an affordable electric Dremel tool kit option – the Dremel 3000 is worth good consideration.

It has slightly less performance specs than the Dremel 4000, but is quite cheap in a kit, and is still compatible with all Dremel accessories and most attachments.

It accepts all Dremel accessories and bits – so can perform most tasks.

Check Price – View the Dremel 3000-2/28 on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Can be used with all Dremel rotary tool accessories and most attachments (except MS400 and PL400 attachments).
  • Variable speed unit – 5,000 to 32,000 RPM
  • Comes with Sanding/grinding guide and cutting guide attachments
  • Comes with bits for carving, engraving, cutting, sharpening, grinding, cleaning, polishing, sanding
  • Comes with EZ Twist™ nose cap with an integrated wrench that allows the nose cap to be used as a wrench to tighten accessories and eliminates the need for a separate wrench or bit changing tool
  • Trumpet-shaped nose cap to facilitate a pencil-grip tool hold
  • Replaceable motor brushes

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 3000 review.


Dremel 200 (Two Speed Precision/Light Tool For Small Tasks)

This is a lightweight, two speed electric Dremel multi tool.

Dremel designed it with precision, comfort and control in mind. It would be good in our opinion for arts and crafts, jewelry making and routing/carving.

Check Price – View the Dremel 200-1/15 Two-Speed Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon

What’s Good

  • 0.9 Amp motor
  • Two speed Dremel rotary tool – 15,000 and 35,000 RPM
  • Low speed setting is for cleaning applications and using brush accessories, and the high speed setting is for routing, cutting and sanding applications
  • Very lightweight and comfortable in hand
  • Replaceable motor brushes
  • 120 volt tool
  • Comes with 1 Attachment and 15 Accessories/bits
  • Attachment is a Lawn Mower and Garden Tool Sharpener

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 200 review.


Dremel 100 (One Speed Precision/Light Tool For Small Tasks)

The Dremel 100 is a single speed electric Dremel rotary tool.

It is a lightweight Dremel tool that operates consistently at 35, 000 RPM.

It’s been designed for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying and making tapered holes in soft metals, plastics and woods. So, it would be great for jewelry making, arts/crafts and small wood detailing.

Check Price – View the Dremel 100-N/7 Single Speed Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Very inexpensive and affordable
  • Comes with 7 Dremel bits/accessories for cutting, grinding, sharpening and sanding – but can be used for so much more (read buyer’s guide below)
  • Very light and easy to handle
  • 1.15 Amp motor
  • 120 volt tool
  • Only 6.5 inches in length
  • Replaceable motor brushes
  • Single speed of 35,000 rpm – no need to change speeds or settings

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 100 review.


Dremel 9100 FortiFlex (Flexible Shaft Tool For Carving etc.)

This is a flex shaft tool ,and not a standard Dremel rotary tool.

It comes as a high power/lower speed motor, flex shaft, hand piece and speed controlling foot pedal.

The Dremel Fortiflex is designed for power-carving, shaping and grinding applications.

But, it is compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments – so you can use it for a wide range of tasks.

If you’re looking for a high power rotary tool for finishing tasks like wood carving, and plastic and soft metal shaping and grinding, it’s worth a look.

Check Price – View the Dremel 9100-21 Forti-Flex Flex Shaft Tool on Amazon

What’s Good

  • 2.5 Amp motor – 1/5 horsepower
  • Variable speed – 0-23,000 RPM – control speed from an easy to use foot pedal
  • 3 Jaw chuck for holding bits – accepting accessories with a shank size up to 5/32-inch (4.0 mm)
  • Very quiet motor while in use
  • Motor can hang up out of the way on a motor stand
  • 120 volt tool
  • Has a precision hand piece that is interchangeable – you can use other flex shaft tool handpieces on this Dremel Fortiflex
  • 8 feet of electrical cord from tool to the power outlet
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments
  • 38 inch long flex shaft
  • Includes bits for carving, engraving,  grinding, sharpening, cleaning, polishing, sanding and drilling
  • Includes 21 Genuine Dremel accessories, Variable speed foot pedal, Heavy duty flex shaft, Hand-piece with three-jaw chuck, Wall hook

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 9100 Fortiflex review.


Dremel Electric Engraver and Decorator Tool

A specialty engraver tool for engraving on and decorating stone, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, soft wood, craft pieces and jewellery.

Technically, it is not a rotary tool – but it is a Dremel electric tool and its very popular among arts & craft enthusiasts, and hobbyists.

The tool does not rotate like a dremel rotary tool, but vibrates (dremel calls them strokes – this tool has a speed of 7,200 strokes per minute or spm).

It comes with Letter and Number Templates in the 290-1 kit.

Check Price – View the Dremel 290-01 Engraver Tool on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Very effective engraver for light works and most basic engraving
  • Very affordable
  • 0.2 Amp, 115 Volt motor
  • 5 engraving depth settings, so you can adjust to the style you want, as well as the material you are decorating/engraving on
  • Works great on stone, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, soft wood, craft pieces and jewellery
  • 7200 strokes per minute vibration speed
  • Comes with carbide engraving point included, as well as a numbers and letters template

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 290-01 Engraver review.


Best Cordless/Battery Operated Dremel Rotary Tool Reviews

You can read Best Cordless Dremel Tool: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews for reviews of the Electric Dremel Rotary tools. Otherwise, summaries are below:


Dremel 8220 (12 Volt Lithium Ion Battery)

A 12 volt lithium ion battery operated, variable rotary tool.

As of May 2017, it is Dremel’s highest performance cordless rotary tool.

It accepts all Dremel accessories and bits – so can perform most tasks.

Check Price – Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool (on Amazon)

What’s Good

  • Portable and no cords to deal with
  • Fits all dremel accessories and attachments
  • It is very well made – with a high quality unit, motor and shaft.
  • The 8220 12V lithium ion battery gives you more operating time and power than the 8V Dremel 8100 battery
  • Variable speed unit of between 5,000 – 35,000 rpms
  • Not too bulky to handle – dimensions are 13.75 x 4 x 9.28 in
  • Quick charging time for a performance tool – approximately 3 hours
  • Has an EZ twist system nose cap to help change bits easier and quicker
  • This particular kit comes with the accessories, attachment, battery and case included

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 8220 review.


Dremel 8100 (8 Volt Lithium Ion Battery)

A variable speed, 8 volt, cordless Dremel rotary tool that sits awkwardly between the Dremel 8220 and Dremel 8050 in a lot of aspects.

Not a bad tool at all, but probably better value in either the 8220 or 8050 in our opinion.

Check Price – View the Dremel 8100-N/21 8-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Decent sized battery for a cordless tool at 8 volts
  • Extremely quick charge time – estimated at only 1 hour
  • 7.2 Battery amp hours
  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 30,000 RPM
  • Comes with 21 bits/accessories for cutting, grinding, cleaning, sharpening, polishing and sanding
  • Runs on lithium ion batteries
  • Can be be used with all Dremel rotary tool accessories and most threaded attachments
  • EZ twist nose cap to help change bits quicker and easier
  • Comes with 21 accessory bits, battery, charger and case.

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 8100 review.


Dremel 8050 (8 Volt Lithium Ion Battery)

We rated the Dremel 8050 as the best micro Dremel tool overall, and the best for jewelry making.

The design is optimised towards sitting in your hand like a pen, and it has a cool LED nose feature that illuminates your work for extra vision and convenience.

It accepts all Dremel accessories and bits – so can perform most tasks.

Check Price – View the Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon

What’s Good

  • It is even smaller and lightweight than the cordless Dremel 8220 at 6.5 x 9.75 x 3.75 in in dimensions
  • Great for tasks like engraving, decorating and arts and crafts – you can basically get all of the control of a pen with the way you hold it
  • The Dremel Micro 8050 still has an 8V Max lithium ion battery so you lose very little power from the top of the line cordless Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool
  • Variable speed – 5 speeds from 5,000 to 28,000 rpm
  • The kit comes with 18 accessories and a charger/docking station.
  • Comes with bits for cutting, carving/grinding, cleaning, polishing and sanding
  • LED light built into the nose cap
  • LED smart features let you keep track of battery performance

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 8050 review.


Dremel 7700 (7.2 Volt Ni-Cd Battery)

A 7.2 volt, small, cordless, Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd Battery) Dremel rotary tool.

It works best as a lightweight and small cordless tool for most light tasks.

It would be particularly good for shaping, trimming, cutting, grinding, sanding and cleaning – you can use it on pet nails.

It comes with a standard kit, or an automotive kit.

Check Price – View the Dremel 7700 Multipro 1/15 Kit on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Very lightweight and easy/comfortable to control
  • Decent 7.2 volt battery that comes as an interchangeable battery pack
  • Two Speeds (10,000 and 20,000 RPM)
  • Accepts accessories up to 1/8″ shank
  • 3 hour charging time –  reasonably quick
  • Standard kit comes with Dremel bits and accessories for cutting, carving, engraving, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, polishing and sanding + battery and charger
  • Automotive kit comes with bits good for light and small automotive applications + battery and charger

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 7700 review


Dremel 7300 Minimite (4.8 Volt Ni-Cd Battery)

A 4.8 volt, small, cordless, Ni-Cd battery Dremel rotary tool.

Because of it’s size, a lot of people use it for nail grooming, sanding, and very light and small tasks.

Can accept all Dremel accessories with up to a 1/8 inch shank.

Check Price – View the Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Affordable
  • Great in particular for drilling, sanding, shaping, detailing and other light-duty jobs
  • Very compact, lightweight and easy to handle/use
  • Only 8 inches long and less than 2 lbs in weight
  • Can be used with any Dremel rotary tool accessory with up to an 1/8″ shank size – versatile
  • Two speed tool – 6,500 and 13,000 rpm
  • Charge time is only 3 hours
  • Comes with (8) accessories, wrench, battery, and charger

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 7300 Minimite review


Dremel 7000 (AA Alkaline Battery)

The Dremel 7000-N/5 is tiny – which is great if you want a lightweight cordless dremel rotary tool.

It’s the only Dremel cordless rotary tool that functions on disposable AA alkaline batteries.

If you want a small and convenient cordless Dremel for a range of application around the house, it’s worth a look.

Check Price – View the Dremel 7000-N/5 6-Volt on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Very lightweight and precise
  • You can really get into all the hard to reach places with this tool
  • Two operating speeds – 6,500 and 13,000 RPM
  • Can be used for cleaning, polishing, grinding, sharpening and sanding, or trimming the dogs nails.

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 7000 review.


Dremel 7300-pt (Specialty Pet Nail Grooming Tool)

A small 4.8 volt cordless Dremel tool designed specifically for grooming pet nails.

Check Price – View the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool on Amazon

What’s Good

  • Affordable and very popular
  • Designed and built specifically for trimming pet nails
  • 8 Volt Ni-Cad Battery
  • Two speed – 6500 and 13,000 RPM
  • VERY lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comes with charger and battery + grooming bits (sanding bands)

Read full review & buyer’s guide here – Dremel 7300-pt review .


Best Dremel Alternative Rotary Tools

Read Best Dremel Alternative: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews for in-depth reviews of the following dremel alternative rotary tools:



Best Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

We’ve answered some important questions below, but you may also want to read Dremel & Rotary Tool FAQ: How To Use A Rotary Tool or Dremel Tool & What Are They?


1. What Are Dremel Rotary Tools?

Dremel’s range of rotary tools that have a rotating end (speed measured in RPM).

The tools accepts a wide range of bits and attachments for different tasks.

When someone says they want a Dremel type tool, the rotary tools is often what they are referring to.


2. What Are Dremel Tools & Rotary Tools Used For?

Dremels and rotary tools are mainly used for finishing activities and light tasks –  in the workplace, DIY & home environments, and hobbies/arts and crafts.

Dremels are known for their flexibility, range of uses, control, precision and high speed-low torque capabilities.

A dremel rotary tool can be used for for drilling, grinding, sharpening, cutting, cleaning, polishing, sanding, routing, carving, and engraving, depending on the model, range and bits and attachments used (you can check what the bit and model of Dremel were designed to be used for on the manufacturer website).

You generally want to use a dremel type rotary tool when a handheld tool like a file or handsaw won’t do the job, and a die grinder or angle grinder are too big and powerful for the job.


3. What Materials Are A Dremel Tool or Rotary Tool Used On?

Dremel tools and rotary tools can be used on a range of materials and surfaces including but not limited to:

Metal and Steel



Hobby stones



Glass (etching)

Plastic and PVC

Dog and pet nails

& more!


When cutting with a dremel type rotary tool, it is recommended you don’t cut material thicknesses of anymore than a few mm (particularly if it’s a hard surface).

For example, if you are cutting 20mm thick metal bars, you’ll want to use a die grinder or circular saw for that.

Similarly, you would want to use an angle grinder on hard and demanding surfaces like concrete, bricks, stucco and floor tiles.


4. What Are The Different Types of Dremel Tools or Rotary Tools Available?

There are two main types of Dremel rotary tools:

Electric Dremel rotary tool range, and a

Cordless/battery operated Dremel rotary tool range.


The Electric/Corded range includes the following models:

Dremel 4300

Dremel 4200

Dremel 4000

Dremel 3000

Dremel 200

Dremel 100


The Cordless/Battery Operated range includes the following models:

Dremel 8220

Dremel 8100

Dremel 8050

Dremel 7700

Dremel 7300 Minimite

Dremel 7300-PT

Dremel 7000



5. Parts of a Dremel Tool or Rotary Tool

The main parts of dremel type rotary tool are:

1. The Dremel Body – which houses the motor and shaft drive

2. The Carbon Brush – protects the motor

3. The Spindle Lock – used to lock the dremel while you change bits and accessories

4. The Nose Cap – you can grip the cap if you are using a pencil grip. Otherwise, this cap screws off so you can attach Dremel attachments

5. Collet Cone and Collet Nut – the cone is usually 1/8 inch in diameter and is where the accessories/bits are inserted. The collet nut tightens over the cone to keep the bits secure. Models like the Dremel 4300 have a 3 jaw chuck though

6. The Accessories/Bits and Attachments – screws onto or into the end of the dremel to perform specific functions

7. Switch or speed control – dremels are either two speed, or variable speed. The variable speed units can be switched between up to 5 different speeds of operation

8. Cord or battery pack – if its electric, it will have a cord. If its cordless or portable, there will be chargeable or alkaline batteries to use with the tool


6. Dremel Accessories and Attachments

You can read a full Dremel Accessories here.

Dremel’s rotary tool accessories are the actual Dremel bits that insert into the nose of the rotary tool. The dremel accessories list can be categorised by:

General purpose kits, cleaning and polishing kits, cutting, carving and sanding kits


Diamond points and carbide or tungsten cutters for use on materials including but not limited to – wood, jade, ceramic, glass, hardened steel, stainless steel, alloy metals, semi-precious stones etc.


Rubber polishing points, polishing wheels, polishing brushes and polishing compounds for deburring, polishing and cleaning  on materials including but not limited to ferrous metals, plastics, silverware, jewelry, other precious metals etc.


Cutoff wheels, cutting and shaping wheels, diamond wheels, cutting bits and rip/crossout blades for cutting and shaping on materials including but not limited to hardened and sheets steel and metal (bolts, screws, sheets of steel and aluminium etc), hard woods, plastic, fibreglass, marble, ceramic, brick, concrete etc.


Grinding and sharpening stones, grinding wheels, abrasive wheels, and abrasive points for grinding, surface prep and burr removal, etching and sharpening on materials including but not limited to glass, ceramic, stone, poercelain, metals, castings, welded joints, rivets and rust etc.


Routing bits for routing, inlaying, mortising and other routing based activities on materials including but not limited to wood and soft materials


Sanding bands, sanding discs, flapwheels, finishing abrasive buffs, carbide shaping wheels, and detailed abrasive brushes for shaping, sanding, smoothing, detailing surface prep on materials including but not limited to wood, fibreglass, metal surfaces, glass, aluminium, plastic etc.


for cutting and polishing/cleaning on materials including but not limited to metal/steel, wood, laminates and plastic, glass, aluminium etc.


Carbon motor brushes (to protect the motor), chucks and collets, drill bits, mandrels, and dressing stones.


You can read a full Dremel Attachments guide here.

Dremel’s attachments are larger attachment pieces that provide a dedicated/specialty function such as routing, depth control, circle cutting, extended reach and more. The rotary attachments list can be categorised by:

Flex shaft attachment, mini saw attachments, lawnmower and garden tool sharpener, right angle head attachment, router attachment, grout removal attachment, sanding and grinding guide, tile cutting kit and more.


Batteries and chargers for cordless and portable dremel rotary tools


8. Dremel Tool or Rotary Tool Safety Checklist, Rules and Tips

Dremel type rotary tools are high speed, low torque, and low power compared to die grinders. They are generally pretty safe to use, but here are some additional tips and warnings/precautions on safety to follow:

Accessory or attachment breaking – get a disc or attachment/bit which can take the rpms and the tasks e.g. use a diamond blade for tough metal, and check disc/bit condition regularly.

No presence of a guard or shield – generally you can be ok to use a dremel type tool without a guard, but they are available to buy if you feel you need one.

Safety equipment – wear gloves, eye protection, ear protection and long sleeves/apron if required

Ventilation and breathing equipment – have ventilation to the area you are working in, breathing mask when working with dust and fumes

Note – The level at which sustained exposure might result in hearing loss is 90 to 95 decibels – check the decibel rating of any tool you buy and wear hearing protection if necessary.


9. Other Dremel Tool or Rotary Tool Features To Look For

These are some questions about features you want to answer for yourself in a good rotary tool, or dremel-type rotary tool:

Do you want a cordless or electric dremel tool?

If cordless/portable, do you want rechargeable batteries, or alkaline batteries?

What tasks do you need to perform with your dremel? Look at the model and accessories/attachments to see they are designed for the tasks you want to perform

Do you want a regular sized dremel rotary tool, or will a small or micro dremel suit you better?

Do you require a variable speed unit?

How often do you change accessories and attachments on your dremel tool? If often, you may want an EZ change dremel or buy an extra keyless chuck for quick and convenient changing

Is a dremel tool really most suitable for you, or do you need something with a bit more power i.e. a die grinder?


10. Advice And Tips For Buying Dremel Tool or Rotary Tool Online and In Store

For first time buyers, or even for seasoned tool users, here are a few tips and things to look out for when buying the best dremel tool or rotary tool for your needs either in store or online:

Sold and shipped by – check who the tool is actually sold and shipped by online if its not the actual manufacturer or Amazon. If it’s a 3rd party tool store or tool seller, make sure you research them and their commitment to quality and honouring warranties (you don’t want to buy defective equipment or buy through a seller that doesn’t honor warranties). On the right hand side of the page it says ‘sold by’ in Amazon – research that company.

Check the Seller’s Warranties on their site – the good warranties usually give you a) money back period (30-90 days), b) full 1 year warranty or similar, and c) multiple year part warranty. Check the manufacturer/sellers site for details.

Be careful of buying reconditioned tools!

Always read what is included in your purchase – the rotary tool itself, case, bit kit, bit changing wrench?  Guards, batteries, chargers are usually sold separately. Accessories and attachments are sold separately unless included in a rotary tool kit or set.

Check where the tools have been made, and assembled for quality.

Double check the tool manufacturer site for your country’s tool specifications and policies – tools parts can vary slightly country to country and have different company policies by country.


Best Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool Resources






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