Best Die Grinder, Air Grinder & Straight Grinder In 2023/2024

The best die grinder, air die grinder or straight die grinder for you will differ depending on what you want to do with the tool.

To save you time, money and the hassle of researching die grinders yourself, we’ve put together a top rated list of the different die grinder types.

For example, you will find 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch, straight, angle, electric and air die grinders in this guide – just to name a few.

We’ve also completed die grinder reviews for each grinder for you, identifying the pros and cons of popular brands like Ingersoll Rand, DeWalt, Makita, Ampro, Chicago, Astro, Neiko©.

If you’re running a little short on time, you can check out the top rated die grinder list immediately below.

Otherwise, you can read the guide in full.


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Top Rated Die Grinder List


Best Cheap Air Die Grinder – DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder (on Amazon)

Best Electric Die Grinder (1/4 Inch) – Makita GD0601 1/4-Inch Die Grinder (on Amazon)

Best Electric Die Grinder (1-1/2-Inch) – DEWALT DWE4887 1-1/2-Inch (40mm) Die Grinder (on Amazon)

Best Electric Die Grinder (2 inch) – DEWALT DW888 2-Inch Die Grinder (on Amazon)

Best Heavy Duty Electric Die Grinder – Makita GD0800C 1/4-Inch Die Grinder (on Amazon)

Best Right Angle Die Grinder & Best Air Die Grinder For Grinding – Refer guide below

Best Straight Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder – Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder (on Amazon)

Best Air Die Grinder Kit – Astro 219 ONYX Die Grinder Kit, 3-Piece (on Amazon)

Best Mini Die Grinder and Best Pencil Die Grinder – Neiko® 10649A Air-powered Micro Die Grinder, Pencil Type (on Amazon)


Best Die Grinder Reviews


1. DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder – Best Cheap Air Die Grinder

This is the best cheap air die grinder on the market.

However, you need to be realistic with what you are getting. This die grinder is best suited to those who are comfortable with the fact this tool isn’t meant for daily or super long term use.

It is strictly a casual use for light tasks, replace every 6 months to a year type of air die grinder.

A hobby-type die grinder to the core!

It is a straight die grinder that is air powered.


  • Very low price
  • Very lightweight
  • Good for the casual user
  • Air can blow past the collet (lose rpm and bit power)
  • Plastic unit – harder to clean and lots of vibration
  • Not particularly powerful


Final Word

If price and casual use are your main criteria, don’t bother looking around anywhere else.

This is the die grinder you’ll be most interested in.

View the DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder on Amazon


2. Ingersoll Rand 1/4″ Air Die Grinder 3107G – Second Best Cheap Air Die Grinder

Ingersoll Rand is a respected brand when it comes to air tools, and this is probably the most popular die grinder on the list.

The Ingersoll Rand 1/4″ Air Die Grinder 3107G we rated as the second best air die grinder for the money (aka the second best cheap die grinder), and is clearly a step above the DEWALT DWMT70783.

It is a straight die grinder, and you get all the basics you need from a die grinder at a price that is as low as you want to go for a die grinder with some quality that can be used for the more heavy duty tasks.

It’s smooth and powerful with the HP and rpm specs, and comfortable to handle with the design and lightweight.

The sticky throttle lever was the only major drawback to this tool, which can be minimised with periodic oiling and greasing.

It comes with die grinder tools for tightening and loosening the collet (2 small wrenches).


  • Reasonably priced compared to other die grinders
  • Safety lock on the lever throttle
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Include two wrenches to attach and loosen die bits and attachments
  • 1/3-horsepower motor – powerful for a die grinder
  • Very lightweight – weighs only 1lbs and only 6.6 inches long
  • Major speed at 27,000 max rpm
  • Lever throttle can be sticky – needs oiling and maintenance over the life of the tool
  • The collet can be difficult to tighten and loosen sometimes
  • Bits can require concentration to install as the collet cone is quite small


Final Word

If you want a cheap die grinder with some quality to it, grab this one for the overall value it delivers.

Yes, there are some drawbacks, but the considering the price, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

View the Ingersoll Rand 1/4″ Air Die Grinder 3107G on Amazon


3. Makita GD0601 1/4-Inch Die Grinder – Best Electric Die Grinder (1/4 Inch)

We rated this as the Best Electric Grinder in the ¼ Inch category, and it is the cheapest 1/4 inch electric die grinder on the list.

Will be great for amateurs, but also works for welders, plumbers, ship builders, automotive, HVAC – and tasks like pipe fittings and small scale grinding.

Its quite versatile as it can cut, grind, burr, polish, sand and take more 1/4 inch collet attachments.

The power is there, and it has quality construction aswell as motor protection features.

1/4 inch collet cone and changing wrenches are included with the grinder.


  • One of the most affordable electric die grinders on the market
  • Decent amount of power for a die grinder at 3.5 Amps and 250 Watts
  • Tops out at 25,000rpm
  • Lightweight for an electric grinder at 3.5 lbs
  • Air vents and labrinth construction protect motor long term from overheating and debris infiltration
  • Aluminium construction – quite sturdy
  • Very comfortable to handle
  • Only 75db operating noise (The level at which sustained exposure might result in hearing loss is 90 to 95 decibels)
  • Single speed only – on or off
  • Can sometimes have issues tightening the collet cone with some bits
  • Doesn’t come with a case or bag
  • Cord material could be better/more durable


Final Word

Among the most affordable electric die grinders on the market – but comes with above average quality and longevity, and great flexibility.

Probably the best value 1/4 inch electric die grinder for the price.

View the Makita GD0601 1/4-Inch Die Grinder on Amazon


4. DEWALT DWE4887 1-1/2-Inch (40mm) Die Grinder – Best Electric Die Grinder (1-1/2-Inch)

This is the Best Electric Die Grinder on the list in the 1-1/2 Inch category.

Has a bit more power than the 1/4 inch Makita GD0601 above, at 4.2 Amps (but has the same 25,000rpm max), and you can use it for many of the same tasks.

It still maintains the 1/4 inch collet cone piece so can take a wide range of attachments and bits – and has the option to buy an additional 1/8 inch reducing size sleeve.

The collet nut and collet itself are actually a single piece which reduces bit changing time

Includes changing wrenches and the 1/4 inch collet with the grinder.


  • Great power – 4.2 Amps
  • Easy paddle switch operation
  • AC/DC power alternation – can work off of generators and welding machines
  • Single piece collet and collet nut
  • High quality for longevity
  • Still decently priced for an electric die grinder
  • Single speed
  • No case or carry bag


Final Word

A little more expensive than the Makita, but more powerful, a little higher quality and doesn’t seem to have the collet/bit tightening issues.

If you are prepared to pay a little bit more for higher quality and a near flawless design/construction, this is the best electric die grinder on the list overall.

View the DEWALT DWE4887 1-1/2-Inch (40mm) Die Grinder on Amazon


5. DEWALT DW888 2-Inch Die Grinder – Best Electric Die Grinder (2 inch)

This bad boy is similar to the above 1.5 inch electric die grinder in many ways, except its more powerful coming in at a huge 5.0 Amps and 19,000 rpm.

As far as we can see, it is the best electric die grinder in the 2 inch category.

It is a bigger die grinder meant for the biggest and toughest jobs – it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in any industrial, commercial or workplace environment.

The design and construction of this electric die grinder is very high quality. It’s built for high performance and to stick around in the long term.

The biggest drawback is the size and weight, but that is to be expected with a top of the line power die grinder.


  • Massive power
  • Superior design and construction of the unit, motor and collet cone
  • External motor brush caps – easy to clean and service
  • Can take a 1/8 inch reducer sleeve for the collet cone – can operate with both 1/4 and 1/8 inch bits and grinder pieces/attachments
  • Pistol trigger throttle makes it easy to operate
  • Expensive (but you get what you pay for)
  • Quite big and heavy for a die grinder


Final Word

This thing is a beast.

If you are looking for one of the most high power, high quality electric die grinders, you won’t find much better. Just be prepared to pay accordingly.

View the DEWALT DW888 2-Inch Die Grinder on Amazon


6. Makita GD0800C 1/4-Inch Die Grinder – Best Heavy Duty Electric Die Grinder 

This is the most powerful die grinder in these reviews, and the best heavy duty electric die grinder we could find.

If you are looking for a monster for a workshop environment, on-site or in industrial and commercial situations, the Makita GD0800C will not disappoint.

It can do alot – from cutting, to grinding, polishing, sanding, sharpening and more. The long shaft gives you extra reach when working with

Aside from the power, it comes with plenty of features like the SJS technology, variable speed control, side handle.

One small design negative we did identify is the collet design. Some bits can get stuck/jammed in the collet cone and can take some effort to remove. Although this doesn’t happen frequently, it is something to be aware of if you are constantly changing a range of bits and attachments.

It comes with the grinder itself, 1/4-inch collet, wrenches, and side handle.


  • Super Joint System (SJS) technology helps prevent gear damage caused by accidental wheel binding
  • High power at 6.6 Amps
  • Soft motor start feature (to prevent kickbacks)
  • Labyrinth construction seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris for longer tool life
  • Extremely high quality design and construction of the grinder and its parts
  • Maintain speed control – prevents tool jerks when you hit a ‘sticky spot’
  • Variable speed of the unit itself via speed control dial – can set to between 7000 rpm to 28,000rpm
  • Very comfortable to handle – side handle is for extra control
  • 3.5 lbs is not bad for a heavy duty grinder
  • Vibration when in operation is very little
  • Collet could be designed better
  • Higher priced die grinder (well worth the price if you use it daily)
  • Can get hot under extended use


Final Word

Get the Makita GD0800C if power, quality and heavy duty applications are your priorities.

As we mentioned above, the higher price you pay for this die grinder is actually great value if you work in a workshop/production environment. It will likely last you a few years and comes with a HEAP of features.

View the Makita GD0800C 1/4-Inch Die Grinder on Amazon


7. Ampro A3028 Gearless Angle Head Die Grinder and 2-Inch Angle Sander – Best Right Angle Die Grinder & Best Air Die Grinder For Grinding

We rated the Ampro as the Best Angle Die Grinder and the Best Air Die Grinder.

It is perfect for grinding, polishing/smoothing, sanding, finishing – but, it not so much a cutting die grinder.

It will suit either an amateur or a workshop/production type user and environment.

The first major positive is the price. Secondly, its powerful, smooth, and very easy in terms of vibration on the hands. The gearless design makes for a near faultless construction for longevity of the tool.

It’s very hard to find a negative review about this die grinder other than the fact that it is slightly noisy.

It is worth nothing that Ingersoll Rand do a similarly high air die grinder to this one which made of metal and intended for automotive and light maintenance applications – the Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die Grinder.

We would recommend this Ingersoll model almost as highly as the Ampro. Just be aware some of the accessories for this Ingersoll can be expensive so look at that before buying. The link for the Ingersoll we’ve included below under the Ampro.


  • Very affordable (only slightly more than the Ingersoll Rand 3107G)
  • Tops out at 25,000 rpm
  • Gearless mechanism for operation
  • Comes with a 2 inch angle sander attachment
  • Lightweight
  • Throttle lever doesn’t have any ‘sticky’ problems
  • A little loud – make sure you have hearing protection
  • Mainly for grinding and sanding/touch ups
  • Uses a little more air than some air die grinder at 4 – 6 Cfm (170 L/Min).


Final Word

If grinding, sanding and finish are your main priorities – you probably can’t do better than the Ampro for its price.

If you want to cut, there are better air and electric die grinders out there for you.

View the Ampro A3028 Gearless Angle Head Die Grinder and 2-Inch Angle Sander on Amazon

As mentioned above, the Ingersoll is also right up there with the Ampro as a terrific right angle die grinder:

View the Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die Grinder on Amazon


8. Ingersoll Rand 5102MAX Air Die Grinder – Second Best Angle Die Grinder

There is not much wrong with the Ingersoll Rand 5102MAX – there’s a reason we rated it the second Best Pneumatic Angle Die Grinder.

It’s lightweight, has an all ball bearing construction, has the safe release throttle, is comfortable to use and has a HEAP of power at 0.4HP and 20,000 to 25,000rpm.

So, you won’t have any issues with the quality, performance or longevity of this tool.

Like the Ampro, it is mainly for grinding, polishing/smoothing, sanding, finishing. Get a straight die grinder if you want to cut.

To be 100% honest, we couldn’t find any negatives other than the fact it is a little pricey.

Great for either a workshop, or backyard use.


  • Good power and speed
  • Quality performance and construction (for long life)
  • Comfortable operation and grip
  • Throttle lever and safety is well constructed
  • Seems to be quieter than the Ampro
  • A little pricey


Final Word

If you don’t get the Ampro, get this angle die grinder.

Magnificent design and construction and probably quieter than the Ampro.

View the Ingersoll Rand 5102MAX Air Die Grinder on Amazon


9. Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder – Best Straight Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder 

It’s extremely hard to find a bad review on this die grinder.

We rated it as the Best Straight Die Grinder in the Heavy Duty and air operated category, and it’s fairly priced.

It has a 0.5 HP motor and tops out at 24,000rpm, and was designed specifically for porting, weld grinding, and breaking sharp edges.

It’s excellent for welders, metalworkers, panel beaters, and other industrial or workshop type workers.

It comes with the tool and the collet.


  • 0.5 HP motor and tops out at 24,000rpm
  • Very lightweight – only 1.25 lbs.
  • Very comfortable and easy to handle
  • Regulator matches speed to activity
  • Big warranty
  • Lever throttle is easy to operate
  • High quality, and tool is built to last you years
  • Need sound protection – has operating sound of 93db
  • 5.25 CFM – on the higher side of air consumption for an air operated die grinder. Should be able to get away with using a 25 gallon compressor
  • Can get a little warm after extended use


Final Word

Very hard to find a better heavy duty air die grinder on the market.

Aside from getting an electric die grinder, if you want power and an industrial type die grinder that can stand up to some punishing, this is the best air die grinder for you.

View the Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder on Amazon


10. Astro 219 ONYX Die Grinder Kit, 3-Piece – Best Air Die Grinder Kit

The Astro Die Grinder Kit gives you a straight die grinder, a right angle die grinder and a bit piece set. To be specific, you get…

  •  1 x 1/4-Inch 90-Degree Angle Die Grinder,
  • 1 x 1/4-Inch Mini Straight Die Grinder and;
  • a 8pc. Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burr Set

This set can be used by the casual user, but has also been used by tool and die workers and mechanics.

The carbide bits give you a range of burring and grinding type attachments.


  • GREAT value – you get two die grinders and bits for less than some of the mid-high priced die grinders on this list
  • Good quality design and construction
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Relatively quiet
  • Carbide bits seem to work well for light to moderate use
  • Little vibration in the units when in use
  • Bits might not stand up to heavy use


Final Word

For less than some of the upper end grinders on this list, you are getting two die grinders, and grinder bits – which is extremely great value and basically a steal if you need to both cut and grind.

If you want a die grinder kit, get this one.

View the Astro 219 ONYX Die Grinder Kit, 3-Pieceon Amazon


11. Neiko® 10649A Air-powered Micro Die Grinder, Pencil Type with 54,000 RPM | 1/8″ Capacity – Best Mini Die Grinder and Best Pencil Die Grinder

This pencil or mini/small die grinder is only for light and casual use – it isn’t intended for frequent use or workshop environments.

Still, we rated it as the best mini die grinder and best pencil die grinder.

It is best for cutting, grinding and polishing/cleaning. Cleaning applications include jewellery, dies, rotors, backing plates, brake pads, mounts etc.

Apart from the grinder itself, the package includes the nylon hose with a slip-on shield for added protection, two collet wrenches and nipple.


  • Extremely high speed – 54,000 rpms
  • Variable speed/control speed by twisting the silver ring ring on the red unit
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comes with hose, wrenches and collet cone
  • Great for cleaning, cutting and polishing
  • Relatively quiet operation noise – 73~75 dB Vibration level.
  • Only suits casual and light/non-frequent users – not built for the long term and consistent use


Final Word

The best pencil die grinder – great if you need it for cleaning and polishing in particular.

View the Neiko® 10649A Air-powered Micro Die Grinder, Pencil Typeon Amazon

Don’t purchase if you want to use it daily or for more heavy duty polishing and cutting.


Best Die Grinder Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

We’ve answered some important questions below, but you may also want to read Die Grinder FAQ: What Is A Die Grinder, Air Grinder or Straight Grinder & How To Use?


1. What Are The Other Names For A Die Grinder?

Other names for an angle grinder are:

Rotary tool

Straight Grinder

Angle Die Grinder

Right Angle Grinder

Air Die Grinder

Pencil Grinder

Pneumatic Grinder


Although die grinders and Dremels are both rotary tools, Dremels are slightly different to die grinders.


2. What Are Die Grinders Used For?

Die grinders are generally used smaller area and finer tasks compared to angle grinders (alot of that is because the attachments and bits on the die grinder are much smaller than angle grinder disks and attachments)  including but not limited to:

Grinding (the right angle die grinders are generally for larger surface grinding)

Cutting (used with cutout wheel, and generally with the straight die grinders)


Honing and Shaping



Sculpting (wood, ice)

Burring and Deburring

Machining Material (typically metal, but also plastic or wood).

Contouring and engraving

Cylinder head porting



3. What Materials Are Die Grinders Used On?

Die grinders are used for working with a range of building materials including but not limited to:

Wood (cabinet making/joinery, carpentry etc.)


Dies and Molds (in tool and die work)

Metal and steel (used in fabrication by welders, boilermakers, millwrights, ironworkers (steel erectors), sheet metal workers (such as auto body workers and HVAC technicians)

Other tools and objects (sharpen garden tools, clean jewellery etc.)


4. What Are The Different Types of Die Grinders Available?

Die grinders come in two main power types:

Electric Die Grinders or Corded Die Grinders

Air Die Grinders (pneumatically operated – referred to as air die grinders)


There are then some of the following shape and feature based types of die grinders:

Corded Die Grinder

Cordless Die Grinder (battery operated and portable)

Straight Die Grinder

Right Angle Die Grinder

Pencil Die Grinder

Micro and Mini Die Grinder

1/4 Inch Die Grinder

1.5 Inch Die Grinder

2 Inch Die Grinder

Single Speed Die Grinder

Variable Speed Die Grinder

Long Neck/Shaft Die Grinders

Short Neck/Shaft Die Grinders


5. Parts of a Die Grinder has a good diagram of the most important parts of die grinder. Some of the main parts include:

Power cord (for electric die grinder)

Air Compressor with hose (for air die grinder)

Air inlet point (air die grinder)


Lever Throttle

Collet Nut (for tightening and loosening the collet cone)

Collet cone (screw die grinder attachments in here)

Ball bearings

Motor (electric die grinder)


6. Types of Die Grinder Attachments, Wheels and Discs

Generally, right angle die grinders are used more for grinding, sanding and polishing, whilst straight die grinders are used more for cutting, burring, contouring and the more precise tasks – and this should be taken into account when choosing a die grinder and attachments.

Die grinder attachments usually come with the bit attached to a spindle/shank (1/4 inch is the most common) that screws into the collet cone and is tightened into the grinder with the collet nut. Some models of larger die grinders allow reducer sleeves to allow smaller attachments.

Die grinder attachments fit into the following main categories:

  • Die Grinder Grinding Discs and wheels

Come in different sizes, materials, grits and usually with mandrels – generally 1 to 3 inches in diameter, and common types are standard metal cutting and diamond cutting discs for use on wood and metal/steel.


  • Die Grinder Cutoff Discs and Wheels

Thicker than cutoff discs at around 2 to 4 inches, and are made of reinforced material, but generally have a similar setup. For use on metal, stainless steel and alloys.


  • Die Grinder Sanding Discs and Backing Pads

Discs come in different sizes and grits.


  • Die Grinder Flap Wheels and Discs

Come in different sizes and materials such as woven flap wheels and zirconium roll on flap discs.


  • Die Grinder Mounted Points

Mounted points are small abrasive bits that come in a range of shaped and are used to produce sharp, consistent cutting action in almost every industry, but primarily in tool and die shops, and foundries. Ideal for deburring, tool sharpening, finishing cavities, and removing mould marks and parting lines.


  • Die Grinder Roll On Discs

Roll on surface prep discs and buffing discs are common.


  • Die Grinder Rotary Burrs and Rasps

Rasps and burrs are generally made of carbide, stone or heavy duty materials, and come in all types of shapes such as cones, pear-shaped, round end, flat end, drum-shaped.


  • Die Grinder Wire Wheels and Brushes

Generally come in crimped and knotted forms, and can be made with brass wire, nylon bristle and steel knot.


  • Miscellaneous Attachments

Buffers, eraser pads, etc.


7. Die Grinder Guards

Die grinders may or may not come with a wheel guard. They are generally referred to as protection shields.

You want to check if a protection shield is available particularly when working with the shorter die grinders and cutoff wheels.


8. Die Grinder vs Dremel Tool

Die grinders and Dremel tools are both rotary tools, and have the same basic function or use which is to cut, grind, sand, polish etc. via rotational force of the associated bit you attach to the tool.

However, there are some key differences when comparing a die grinder vs dremel tool that set these two tools apart:


1.Dremel is an actual brand! – Dremel is a brand that manufactures their own range of rotary tool, and have established themselves to the point that the brand is what is generally used to describe that type and range of tool.

Die grinders on the other hand are made by many different brands, and there are several types and variations of die grinders.


2. Die Grinders are generally much more powerful – the common way to describe a die grinder is as a Dremel on steroids. When comparing Amps, Horsepower and the main power specs, die grinders win out.

This extra power makes a die grinder generally alot more suitable for working on metals and performing the more demanding tasks and bigger jobs, like in workshops  and industrial environments for example. Dremels are more commonly used for finishing activities, hobby and home environments, and smaller jobs.

However, you can definitely perform smaller and finer jobs with a die grinder too – get the right die grinder, get the right bits, and if necessary – vary the speed to match the activity.


3. Dremels spin faster – In terms of rpm of the bits and attachments, Dremels can max out on average at around 35,000rpm. Die grinders on the other hand top out at around 20,000 to 25,000 rpm for most models.

The smaller the discs or wheel or bit, the less distance it has to spin in diameter, and hence the extra speed.


4. Die Grinders are bigger in most ways – Generally everything is bigger when it comes to a die grinder, especially when talking about electric die grinders.

You can get small die grinders, but even the small die grinders are powerful and tend to have larger attachments, bits and discs than most Dremels – in terms of dimensions.

For example, a shank on a die grinder is generally 1/4 inch, and Dremel tool bit shanks are generally 1/8 inch.


5. Dremels are mainly electric powered – the standard Dremel is electric powered. Die grinders on the other hand can be either electric or pneumatic/air powered.

It generally takes more power to run a die grinder.


9. Die Grinder Safety Checklist, Rules and Tips

Here is a list of just some of the angle grinder hazards to watch out for, and some precautions you can take:

Kickback on the grinder if there is no soft start – consider a soft start grinder

Speed control – a feature that maintains the motor speed if the disc stalls or gets stuck and protects you against the tool jerking or kicking back on you

Grinder stays running if there is no quick release switch – paddle switches and trigger switches can work well if you drop the grinder

Disc or attachment breaking – get a disc or attachment/bit which can take the rpms and the tasks e.g. use a diamond blade for tough metal, and check disc/bit condition regularly.

No presence of a guard or shield – generally you can be ok to use a die grinder without a guard, but if you are using a short type die grinder, you want to consider a protection shield as your hands can be close to the cutoff wheel

Not wearing gloves, eye protection and safety clothing like an apron – especially if grinding for long periods

Inhaling dust or fumes – wear a dust mask for dust heavy tasks

General shards, offcuts and grinding material hitting you – wear PPE

Motor overheating – get a quality die grinder and wear gloves when using for extended periods

The level at which sustained exposure might result in hearing loss is 90 to 95 decibels – check the decibel rating of any tool you buy and wear hearing protection if necessary.


10. Other Die Grinder Features and Accessories To Look For

Do you want a variable speed die grinder, or single speed die grinder?

Do you need an electric grinder, or will an air die grinder better suit you?

What rpm, or speed and torque, do you want out of the wheel?

How much amperage and horsepower do you require for your task?

What are the parts that come with the grinder you want to buy? Can you get grinding AND cutting parts – wheels and attachments? Will the collet cone size fit the bits you want to use?

Will a straight die grinder or right angle die grinder suit your needs better?

What is the motor and gear protection like, as this contributes to longevity of the tool

Is there a level of vibration and noise control on the grinder?

Do you need a longer or shorter die grinder, and do you perhaps need a micro/mini/pencil type die grinder?

Will a standard 1/4 inch die grinder suit your needs, or is a 1.5 inch die grinder or 2 inch die grinder better?

Consider the size of the air compressor you need if purchasing an air die grinder…generally for most quality air die grinders you don’t want an air compressor with any less tank capacity that 25 gallons.

Check the air intake requirements of the air die grinder you purchase – intake per minute, cfm, psi?


11. Advice And Tips For Buying Die Grinders Online and In Store

For first time buyers, or even for seasoned tool users, here are a few tips and things to look out for when buying the best angle grinder for you in store or online:

Know the difference between consumer and commercial/industrial tools – commercial tools are built to last longer!

Sold and shipped by – check who the tool is actually sold and shipped by online if its not the actual manufacturer or Amazon. If it’s a 3rd party tool store or tool seller, make sure you research them and their commitment to quality and honouring warranties (you don’t want to buy defective equipment or buy through a seller that doesn’t honor warranties). On the right hand side of the page it says ‘sold by’ in Amazon – research that company.

Check the Seller’s Warranties on their site – the good warranties usually give you a) money back period (30-90 days), b) full 1 year warranty or similar, and c) multiple year part warranty. Check the manufacturer/sellers site for details.

Be careful of buying reconditioned tools!

Always read what is included in your purchase – discs, guards, batteries, chargers, disc changing tools, cases and other accessories can be sold separately.

Unfortunately a lot of tools are made in Asia these days. Check where the tools have been made, and assembled for quality.

Double check the tool manufacturer site for your country’s tool specifications and policies – tools parts can vary slightly country to country and have different company policies by country.


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