Best Electric Dremel Tool In 2023/2024

An electric dremel tool will give you a few advantages over the cordless range of Dremel rotary tools.

The best electric dremel tools not only give you extra power, but can be used for most activities, and you don’t have to worry about a battery running out, or waiting for the tool to recharge.

The electric dremel tools we are talking about are part of Dremel’s rotary range of tools.

They each come with different features and can be used for different tasks – from cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing, sharpening, sanding, jewelry making, trimming dog nails and more.

We discuss and identify the rotary tool models below in the top rated electric dremel tool list, best electric dremel tool reviews, and best electric dremel tool buyer’s guide & FAQ.

If you are interested in comparing the electric models to the cordless Dremel models, or you can’t decided which type of tool to get, you may want to read these guides:

Best Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Corded or Cordless Dremel Tool: 15 Practical Tips For Choosing


If you’re running a little short on time, you can check out the top rated electric Dremel list immediately below.

Otherwise, you can read the guide and reviews in full.


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Top Rated Electric Dremel Tool List


Best High Performance Electric Dremel Tool – Dremel 4300-5/40 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit (on Amazon)

Best Electric Dremel Tool For The Money – Dremel 4000-6/50 Kit Variable Speed Rotary Tool (on Amazon)

Best Two Speed Electric Dremel Tool – Dremel 200 1/15 Kit (on Amazon)

Best One Speed Electric Dremel Tool – Dremel 100-N/7 Single Speed Rotary Tool Kit (on Amazon)

Best Electric Dremel Tool For Power Wood Carving & Detailing – Dremel 9100-21 Forti-Flex Flex Shaft Tool (on Amazon)

Best Electric Dremel Tool For Engraving & Decorating – Dremel 290-01 Engraver Tool (on Amazon)


Best Electric Dremel Tool Reviews 


Dremel 4300-5/40 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit with Universal 3-Jaw Chuck, 5 Attachments and 40 Accessories – Best High Performance Electric Dremel Tool

We wrote a review on the 4300 and comparison with the 4000 and 4200 models which you might be interested in reading.

The Dremel 4300 replaces the Dremel 4200 as the top performance/premium dremel rotary tool.

We rated the Dremel 4300 as the best electric dremel tool for high performance and heavier finishing tasks.

Dremel have replaced the EZ change system on the 4200 with their 3-Jaw Chuck system on the 4300.

There were significant issues reported by users of the 4200 that the EZ change system didn’t hold the bits tight enough, among other problems like the EZ change system itself falling apart after a number of uses of the tool in some cases.

Dremel looks to rectified this issue by going back to the 3-Jaw system.

Dremel has also added pivot light to the Dremel 4300, among other changes.

You’ve got to give credit to Dremel for re-designing and upgrading what was obviously a questionably designed 4200 model.


Who Is This Electric Dremel Tool For?

  • Those looking for Dremel’s highest performing rotary tool
  • Those looking for a Dremel rotary tool that accepts all Dremel accessories/bits and attachments
  • Those looking for the best and most improved features on an electric Dremel rotary tool
  • Designed people looking to undertake grinding, sharpening, sanding, cutting, cleaning, polishing, carving, engraving and more


Who Is This Electric Dremel Tool Not For?

  • Those looking for a basic or micro/small electric dremel rotary tool
  • Those looking for a cheap electric dremel rotary tool


What’s Good About It?

  • The first Dremel rotary tool to allow tool-less and collet-less accessory changes with the inclusion of the three-jaw chuck. The chuck accepts all Dremel accessory shank sizes
  • The 4300 accepts ALL dremel accessories and attachments
  • Pivot light feature help light up your vision in darker settings, and in precision tasks
  • 1.8 Amp Motor – the most powerful motor of all the Dremel rotary tools, and comes with electronic feedback circuitry
  • Re-designed airflow system lets the Dremel 4300 run cool, quiet, and smooth
  • 6 feet of cord length
  • Variable speed – 5,000 to 35,000 RPM with speed dial for easy setting of speed
  • Replaceable motor brushes on the unit
  • Comes with Pivot Light, A550 Shield Attachment redirects debris and sparks during cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing applications, A576 Sanding and Grinding Guide attachment for increased control during sanding and grinding applications, 565 Cutting Guide attachment turns your rotary tool into a rotary saw, 675 Garden Tool Sharpener attachment sharpens your lawn mower blade and garden tools, Storage Case for superior attachment and accessory organization, Genuine Dremel Mixed Accessories (40), Mini Case


What’s Not So Great?

  • 6 feet of electrical cord – you may want to use an extension cord if you want anything more than this to work with
  • Because this is among the top electric Dremel rotary tools for performance and added features, it is not cheap


What Else Do You Need To Use This Electric Dremel Tool?

Common optional extras with this electric dremel tool are:


Where Can I Check Out This Electric Dremel Tool?

View the Dremel 4300-5/40 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon


Dremel 4300-9/64 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit with Universal 3-Jaw Chuck, 9 Attachments and 64 Accessories

View On Amazon

In this Dremel 4300 kit, you 9 attachments (compared to 5), and 64 bits/accessories compared to 40.

Included in this kit is:

  • Dremel 4300 High Performance Rotary Tool, Pivot Light, 225 Flex Shaft attachment, A550 Shield attachment, A577 Detailer’s Grip attachment, 678 Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide attachment, 575 Right Angle Attachment, A576 Sanding and Grinding Guide attachment, 565 Cutting Guide attachment, 679 Garden Tool Sharpener attachment, Dremel Mixed Accessories (64)

If you want the extra 4 attachments, and extra 24 bits/accessories, this kit may be a better choice for you.


Where Can I Check Out This Electric Dremel Tool?

View the Dremel 4300-9/64 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon


Dremel 4000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool – Best Value For Money Electric Dremel Tool

Along with the Dremel 4300 and Dremel 3000, we rate the Dremel 4000 as the best electric Dremel tool.

The Dremel 4000 in particular presents good value for money with the available accessory kits it can be purchased with.

Read more about the Dremel 4000 in this review.


Dremel 200 Two Speed Electric Dremel Tool – Best Two Speed Electric Dremel Tool

This is a lightweight, two speed electric dremel multi tool.

Dremel designed it with precision, comfort and control in mind. It would be good in our opinion for arts and crafts, jewelry making and routing/carving.

You can read the Dremel 200 review here.


Dremel 290-01 Engraver – Best Electric Dremel Tool For Engraving & Decorating

A specialty engraver tool for engraving on and decorating stone, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, soft wood, craft pieces and jewellery.

You can read the Dremel 290-01 Engraver review here.


Dremel Stylo+ – Best Mid Sized Electric Dremel Rotary Tool 

A precision tool (feels like you’re holding a pen) made specifically to be lightweight, easy to handle, and for craft, arts and small project type activities.

It can etch, engrave, polish/clean and sand.

Activities it might be used for include glass etching, leather burnishing, bead making, wood engraving, jewelry making, and more.

It can be used on materials such as wood, glass, leather, metal and stone.

Read a review of the Dremel Stylo+ in this review guide.


Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Electric Dremel Tool – Affordable Variable Speed Dremel Option

If you are looking for an affordable electric Dremel tool kit option – the Dremel 3000 is worth good consideration.

It has slightly less performance specs than the Dremel 4000, but is quite cheap in a kit, and is still compatible with all Dremel accessories and most attachments.

Read more about the Dremel 3000 here.


Dremel 4200 Variable Speed Electric Dremel Tool

A high performance, variable speed, electric rotary tool.

Questions have plagued the Dremel 4200 over the EZ Change pull level collet system for holding bits.

Read more about the Dremel 4200 in the Dremel 4200 review.


Dremel 9100 Forti-Flex Flex Shaft Tool – Best Electric Dremel Tool For Power Carving & High Power/Lower Speed Tasks

This is a flex shaft tool and not a standard Dremel rotary tool.

It comes as a high power/lower speed motor, flex shaft, hand piece and speed controlling foot pedal.

The Dremel Fortiflex is designed for power-carving, shaping and grinding applications.

But, it is compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments – so you can use it for a wide range of tasks.

If you’re looking for a high power rotary tool for finishing tasks like wood carving, and plastic and soft metal shaping and grinding, it’s worth a look.

Read more about the Dremel 9100 Fortiflex in a review here.


Dremel 100 Single Speed Rotary Tool – Best One Speed Electric Dremel Tool

The Dremel 100 is a single speed electric Dremel rotary tool.

It is a lightweight Dremel tool that operates consistently at 35, 000 RPM.

It’s been designed for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying and making tapered holes in soft metals, plastics and woods. So, it would be great for jewelry making, arts/crafts and small wood detailing.

You can read more about the Dremel 100 in our review.


Best Electric Dremel Tool: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Other Names For An Electric Dremel Tool

Corded Dremel Tool

Electric Dremel Rotary Tool


What Is A Electric Dremel Tool?

Dremel has both electric dremel tools (corded), and cordless dremel tools in their rotary range of tools.

The electric dremel tools are powered by a corded electricity source, compared to the cordless dremel rotary tools that are powered by batteries – lithium ion, ni-cad and alkaline batteries.


What Is An Electric Dremel Tool Used For, and What Does An Electric Dremel Tool Do?

Electric Dremel tools are generally more powerful and have more features than the cordless Dremel rotary tools – overall, but it also depends on the model.

Electric dremel rotary tools can be used for a range of tasks, including but not limited to:











+ more!


Types of Electric Dremel Tools

Electric Dremel rotary tools fit into the following types and categories:


High Performance Electric Dremel Rotary Tools (Variable Speed):

Dremel 4300

Dremel 4200


Value For Money Electric Dremel Rotary Tools (Variable Speed):

Dremel 4000

Dremel 3000


Two Speed and One Speed Electric Dremel Rotary Tools:

Dremel 200

Dremel 100


Flexible Shaft Electric Dremel Rotary Tool:

Dremel 9100-21 Forti-Flex 2.5-Amp Stationary Flex Shaft Precision Rotary Tool


Dremel Electric Engraver and Decorator Tool:

Dremel 290-01 0.2 Amp Engraver 


Electric Dremel Tool Bits/Accessories and Attachment

The bits and attachments come from Dremel’s own range

Dremel bit kits for different applications – cutting wheels, grinding discs, drill bits, sanding pads, polishing pads etc.

Dremel attachments for specialty tasks

Keyless chuck for quicker and easier change of dremel bits

Dremel work station


How To Choose An Electric Dremel Tool

Make these considerations and choose a type of dremel tool based on your answers:

1. Do you want a high performance variable speed type electric dremel tool for heavier tasks, but also a range of uses?

2. Do you want a value for money variable speed type electric dremel tool for a range of uses and slightly less high end power than a high performance dremel tool?

3. Do you want a one or two speed electric dremel tool that is smaller than the above two types of dremel tools?

4. Do you want a flexible shaft type electric dremel tool for activities like detailing and carving?

5. Do you want an engraving and decorating specialty electric dremel tool?


Best Electric Dremel Tool For…

  • Best Electric Dremel Tool For High End Performance and Heavy Tasks

Dremel 4300


  • Best Electric Dremel Tool For The Money

Dremel 4000 or Dremel 3000


  • Best One Speed and Two Speed Electric Dremel Tools

Two Speed – Dremel 200
One Speed – Dremel 100


  • Best Electric Dremel Tool For Carving, Detailing and With A Flexible Shaft

Dremel 9100-21 Forti-Flex 2.5-Amp Stationary Flex Shaft Precision Rotary Tool


  • Best Electric Dremel Tool For Engraving and Decorating

Dremel 290-01 0.2 Amp Engraver


Features To Look For In An Electric Dremel Tool

What Amp is the motor in the tool? What is the horsepower?

Is the tool variable speed – what is the range of speeds and number of speeds available?

Is the tool single or dual speed only?

How long is the cord on the tool – is it long enough for your needs or do you need an extension cord?

How many of Dremel’s bits/accessories and attachments can the tool you are looking at accept?

If the tool comes in a kit, what bits and attachments come in the kit? What additional bits and attachments do you have to buy to do the tasks you want to do?

What is the bit holder/chuck system that comes with the tool – is it a button/twist chuck, key chuck, 3 jaw chuck?

Is the tool a standard tool, or a micro/small tool?

Is the tool a specialty tool, like a flex shaft tool or an engraver?

Does the tool come with a case?


How To Use An Electric Dremel Tool

Dremels are very easy tools to use. General steps for operating a Dremel tool are:

1. Choose the bit/accessory you want to work with (check which Dremel bits and attachments the model you are using can take)

2. Unscrew or key the chuck or mechanism that holds the bits, and fasten the bit into the tool. If using an attachment, attach it to the tool

3. Set the speed (RPM) you want to work at if its a variable speed tool

4. Begin using the tool

5. If the tool starts getting hot, break to allow the tool to cool down so you don’t overload the motor


For bits like sanding pads that wear out more easily than others, make sure you have spare bits available in your kit.


Best Electric Dremel Tool Resources




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