What ‘Tool Juice’ Is About

Tool Juice publishes content that includes general information about the home, and the outdoors.


What The Content On ‘Tool Juice’ Is About

The content on the site covers a range of home and outdoors related topics, including but not limited to:

  • Home Improvement
  • Home Products, Devices & Services
  • Tools
  • Outdoor Activities & Products
  • Plus, More

Types of content published on the site include general information guides, product reviews & buyer’s guide content about home and outdoors products & services, and other home and outdoors related content.

All content on the site is to be consumed as general information and not professional advice.

The content originates from either personal experience, or general research.

We have endeavoured to provide the most accurate information at the time of publishing the content based on our own research, but, you should always check up to date original sources (as information and products can change), and you should also do your own due diligence before making your own decision to act on any information you consume from the ‘Tool Juice’ site or associated media channels and outlets


Disclaimer About The Content

We are not professionals or qualified experts, and therefore the content is not to be consumed as professional advice.

Please see a suitably qualified professional for an expert opinion if the actions you are taking requires it.


Other Disclaimers

There are a number of ‘Footer’ pages you can visit at the bottom of the site with further information on disclaimers, cookies, terms and conditions, and more.

Thank you for being here, and we hope you get something from, and/or enjoy the content.