Dremel Engraver Review (290-01 Kit)

As we mention in this Dremel Engraver review, this specialty Dremel tool is for people who want to engrave, decorate, or personalise a range of materials.

Stone, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, soft wood, craft pieces and jewellery are among the common materials and items it can be used on.

The tool itself is very lightweight, small and easy to handle – so it is not wearing on the hand, and is really built for precision.

We should note that the Dremel Engraver 290-01 kit in particular comes with only a carbide bit, so if you want a diamond bit for harder materials, you should get that separately.

If this sounds like your type of tool, read more about the Dremel Engraver below …


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Dremel Engraver (290-01 Kit)

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Dremel Engraver Review

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The Dremel 290-01 in our opinion is the best small electric Dremel tool for engraving and decorating.

Technically, it is not a rotary tool – but it is a Dremel electric tool and its very popular among arts & craft enthusiasts, and hobbyists.

The tool does not rotate like a dremel rotary tool, but vibrates (dremel calls them strokes – this tool has a speed of 7,200 strokes per minute or spm).

It comes with Letter and Number Templates in the 290-1 kit.


What’s Good About It?

  • Very effective engraver for light works and most basic engraving
  • Very affordable
  • 0.2 Amp, 115 Volt motor
  • 5 engraving depth settings, so you can adjust to the style you want, as well as the material you are decorating/engraving on
  • Works great on stone, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, soft wood, craft pieces and jewellery
  • 7200 strokes per minute vibration speed
  • Comes with carbide engraving point included, as well as a numbers and letters template


NOTE: the carbide bit requires you to screw it in to secure it yourself. Make sure the screw is in as securely as possible before you start use – you should have no issues during operation with the bit coming loose.


What’s Not So Great?

  • Although you can etch glass with this tool is an acceptable way, you are better off using one of the 4000 or 8000 range dremel rotary tools with an etching bit or flex shaft (flex shaft attachments work great for glass etching) for top line precision glass etching


What Else Do You Need To Use This Electric Dremel Tool?

Common optional extras with this electric dremel tool are:

These extras are essential if you intend engraving on hard surfaces.


NOTE: the kit comes with a 9924 carbide point, but you can buy a Dremel diamond point as an extra accessory:


Where Can I Check Out This Electric Dremel Tool?

Click here to view the Dremel 290-01 Engraver on Amazon


Dremel Engraver Buyer’s Guide

What is the Dremel Engraver?

A specialty Dremel engraving and decorating tool that comes with a carbide bit.


What is the Dremel Engraver designed for?

Engraving, decorating, or personalising a range of materials.

Examples of the ways this tool has been used are:

Engraving on personal cups and mugs

Engraving stainless steel cutlery

Engraving personal tools

Engraving on phone covers

Engrave semi-precious and soft stones

Decorate craft projects

Engraving personal jewelry and other types of metal

Detailing wood

Crafting egg shells

+ more


Who is the Dremel Engraver for?

Those who want an electric dremel tool especially for engraving and decorating

Those who want a small, lightweight tool which is easily held in hand, and easy to control

Those looking to engrave on stone, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, soft wood, craft pieces and jewellery


Who is the Dremel Engraver not for?

Those looking for a Dremel rotary tool that takes bits and accessories for a range of uses and applications

Serious glass etchers – look to get a 4000-4300 or 8220 series Dremel instead with etching bit or flex shaft attachment


Dremel Engraver Kits

The Dremel Engraver just comes as the 290-01 Kit.


Dremel Engraver Resources

1. http://dremel.com/



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