Dremel Lite 7760 vs 7350 vs 7300 vs 8050: Comparison


In this guide, we compare the Dremel Lite 7760 vs the 7350 vs the 7300 vs the 8050 tools.

We look at the main features of each tool, along with some key differences and similarities.

We also consider which model to choose, and why.

This guide may complement our separate guide where we compare the 7300-PT, 7350-PET and the 7760-PGK pet nail grooming models.


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Dremel Lite 7760, 7350, 7300, 8050

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing each tool here:

Dremel Lite 7760 (on Amazon) 

Dremel 7350 (on Amazon) – it’s worth mentioning that since we published this guide, Dremel has released the Dremel 7350, which is a new design over the 7300 Minimite model. We summarise this tool at the bottom of this guide, separate to the other tools. 

Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite (on Amazon) 

Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Rotary Tool Kit (on Amazon)


Dremel Lite 7760 vs 7350 vs 7300 vs 8050: Which To Get?

You might get the Lite 7760 if you want …

A multipurpose rotary tool that is specifically designed for light duty work, crafting, and similar activities.

It’s probably the best option of the 7760, 7350 and 7300 models, when balancing price, versatility, performance (top speed, number of speeds, etc.) and user experience

It also has the EZ Twist Nose Cap, compared to the 7350 and 7300 models, which have the Wrench change system

Compared to the older model 8050 though, the Lite 7760 has a smaller voltage battery, and less speeds


You might get the 7350 if you want …

A tool that has a new design over the 7300 Minimite model.

One new design feature is that it’s designed to have a longer battery runtime than the 7300 Minimite.


*The 7300 might be discontinued in some countries. So, this is worth consideration.

But, where it’s still available for purchase, it has two speeds compared to the 7350’s one speed.

This might be appealing to some users.


*The 8050 might also be discontinued in some countries. So, this is worth consideration.

But, where it’s still available for purchase, it has the most speeds, and the highest voltage of all 4 models

It’s also lighter than the Lite 7760


Dremel Lite 7760 vs 7300 vs 8050: Comparison


– How New Each Tool Is

The 7760 Lite is the newest of the three tools


– What They Are Each Designed For

The 7300 PT is specifically a tool for sanding and grinding and trimming pet nails.

The 7760 and 8050 are more versatile for small projects and casual home activities


– Voltage

The 7760 is 4 volt, the 7300 4.8 volt, and the 8050 8 volt


– Battery Type

The 7760 is integrated lithium ion, the 7300 NiCad, and the 8050 Integrated lithium ion. 


– Removable Battery

The 7300 has a removable battery pack, whereas the 7760 and 8050 aren’t


– Charger

The 7760 is a USB charger, and the 7300 and 8050 regular chargers. The 8050 has it’s own docking station


– Charging Times

The 7760 is designed for a 2 hour 45 charge time, the 7300 3 hours, and the 8050 3 hours and 45 minutes


– Range Of Speed

The 7760 ranges from 8,000 to 25,000 RPM, the 7300 6,500 to 14,000 RPM, and the 8050 5,000 to 28,000 RPM


– Number Of Speeds

The 7760 has 4 speeds, the 7300 2 speeds, and the 8050 5 speeds


– Accessory Change Type

The 7760 has an EZ Twist Nose Cap, the 7300 a wrench, and the 8050 a wrench


– Weight

The 7760 is 9.6 oz, the 7300 9 oz, and the 8050 8 oz


– Hand Grips

The grips and handles for each tool are slightly different


– Length

The lengths are slightly different. 


– LED Lights

Tthe 8050 has LED lights in built near the nose cap 


Other Differences

Each tool might be available in different kits to buy, and comes with different accessories (both in number and type)

The 7300 actually comes in two different models – the Minimite, and the PT models. The PT model is meant for pets specifically

Each one might accept slightly different accessory bits and attachments



All are cordless, battery operated rotary tools

All come with a warranty

All three are available with kits with accessory bits/pieces


Dremel Lite 7760 vs 7300 vs 8050: Buyer’s Guide

What Is Each Tool Designed For?

The 8050 is designed to be the most powerful of the three tools.

The 7660 has similar capabilities.

But, both are suited to lighter and smaller projects like smaller cuts, polishing, sanding, and detail oriented tasks.

They are good for beginners and casual tool users.

This is in comparison to say the Dremel 4300 which is among the most versatile of the Dremel rotary tools


The 7300 PT is specifically for grinding and sanding, and can be used on pet nails.


What Accessories Can Each Tool Take?

The 7760 takes most accessories, except for some that require speeds over 25,000 RPM.

The 7300 takes grinding and sanding accessories.


Summary Of The 7760

The Dremel Lite 7760 is a cordless, rechargeable, lightweight rotary tool


– Who & What It Might Be For

Beginner rotary tools users

Those looking for a light, easy to use, portable tool

Lighter duty DIY work, arts and crafts, and smaller projects


– Features

Lightweight (made of a plastic composite), and 7.5 inches in length


Rechargeable 4 Volt Lithium Ion Battery (recharges via a USB connection), with a 2 Battery Amp House

Has a battery life indicator (with a LED light)

Charge time is roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes

Speed range of 8,000-25,000 RPM

Has 4 different speed settings

Has the EZ twist nose cap (for accessory changes)

Compatible with most Dremel accessories and most attachments

Comes with a warranty (check the length and conditions though when you buy)


– Drawbacks, & Who It Might Not Be For

Not for heavier duty work

Not for activities that require a speed greater than 25,000 RPM – such as some cutting and routing applications

Might not be as versatile or as high performing as Dremel’s current top ranges of rotary tools


– Where To Buy

Amazon – Dremel Lite 7760 (on Amazon) (comes as a kit with accessories)

Dremel Website

Other online retailers


– What Activities Can Be Performed With The Tool?

It depends on what accessory you have in the tool, but, in general:


Grinding & sharpening


Carving and engraving 




– What Does The Tool Come With?

It depends where you buy from.

The tool on Amazon for example comes with 10 accessory pieces, and some other items. 


– What Speeds Are Available On The Tool?

4 speeds adjustable with a variable speed dial:

8,000 RPM

14,000 RPM

21,000 RPM

25,000 RPM


– Where To Find Out More?

The Dremel website, or the product page on Amazon (or the retailer you want to buy from)


Dremel 7350 – What’s New Or Different About It, & What Are It’s Main Features?

We have included a separate section solely for the 7350 here, as it wasn’t released when we first published this guide.

Some of it’s main features, and it’s differences compared to the other models, might be:

A cordless rotary tool

Designed for light duty DIY, and precision tasks

Not recommended for cutting, drilling, and routing

Designed to have 30% more runtime than the 7300 model (designed to run for 1 hour and 20 minutes)

Has a rechargeable, 4 volt, lithium ion battery – charges with a USB cable

Takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes to charge

Has one speed of 12,000RPM

Weighs 8.8 oz

Compatible with most Dremel accessories

Has the Wrench accessory change system

View the Dremel 7350 on Amazon 


Dremel 7300-PT, 7350-PET, and 7760-PGK

Some people may be looking for the pet nail grooming versions of the 7300 and 7305.

We put together a separate comparison guide of the pet nail grooming models – the 7300-PT, 7350-PET, and the 7760-PGK




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