Best Dremel Accessories & Bits

The best Dremel accessories and bits will differ depending on what you want to use your Dremel rotary tool for.

Firstly, it’s importance to understand the difference between a Dremel Rotary Tool Accessory/Bit, and Dremel Rotary Tool Attachment – you can read about attachments here.

An explanation of what Dremel Accessories & Bits are, and what they’re used for, is provided in the Buyer’s Guide & FAQ section below.

Secondly, Dremel accessories come both individually, and in accessory kits/sets – with some popular sets being made by brands other than Dremel, such as SE.

We identify below the best individual accessories, and best accessory sets/kits for different uses and materials – including steel/metal, wood, plastic, pet nails, pumpkins, stones and more.

You can use the table of contents to navigate to a section of your choice, or read from the top.


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Best Dremel Accessories & Bits: Reviews

Some people choose to buy a starter accessory pack/kit:

If you don’t want to do that, you can research each individual Dremel bit and what applications they are suitable for, and buy the ones most suitable for your intended use.

You can also check out the following specific guides which identify some of the main accessories for specific tasks …

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Best Dremel Accessories & Bits: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Other Names For Dremel Accessories

Dremel Bits

Dremel Rotary Tool Accessories

Dremel Rotary Tool Bits


What Is A Dremel Accessory/Bit?

Firstly, it’s important to distinguish the difference between a Dremel Accessory (which is a Dremel Bit), and a Dremel Attachment.

Some people use the word ‘Dremel Attachment’ for what Dremel called a ‘Dremel Accessory’.

If you want to read more about Dremel Attachments, you can do so in Best Dremel Attachments: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide.

A Dremel Accessory or Dremel Bit is the object which sits in the Dremel tool collet or chuck – some models have a collet mechanism like the Dremel 4000 for example, or a chuck system like the Dremel 4300 for example.

Dremel accessories/bits are sold individually, or in packs or tool kits.


Types of Dremel Accessories/Bits

Dremel brand accessories come in the following types:

Sanding Accessories – sanding drums, sanding bands, sanding discs, flapwheels

Cutting & Scraping Accessories – cut off wheels (cut metal, wood, plastic), fibreglass reinforced cut off wheels,  high speed carbide cutters, diamond points, high speed tungsten carbide cutters, structured tooth tungsten carbide cutters

Etching & Engraving Accessories – carbide engraving cutters, diamond wheel points

Routing & Drilling Accessories – router bits, drill bits

Grinding & Sharpening Accessories – aluminium oxide grinding stones, silicon carbide grinding stones, dressing stone, surface prep wheels, grit paper, rasps, grinding wheels, sharpening stone, abrasive wheel and abrasive point

Cleaning & Polishing Accessories – polishing wheels, polishing cones, bristle and steel brushes, stainless steel brushes, brass brushes, abrasive brushes, detail abrasive brushes and rubber polishing points


NOTE: there are definitely a lot of non-Dremel brand accessories on the market. It depends what you want to do with them, but some are OK whilst some are cheap because they either will wear out quickly, or break with even slightly moderate use.

Generally, Dremel’s bits are more expensive, but the higher price means higher quality of the bit material and performance.

Having said that, there are specific tasks like drilling for example, where some people definitely find third party bits work better for them – so, test for yourself and see what works for you.

But, few people complain about the quality of Dremel bits in general.


What Is A Dremel Accessory/Bit Used For, and What Does A Dremel Accessory/Bit Do?

Dremel accessories and bits can be used for a wide range of finishing types and lighter tasks including, but not limited to




Cutting off solid objects like rods

Cutting into sheets and flat objects








Surface Preparation and removal of paint, rush, grout and other materials

Sharpening blades



+ more


Materials that Dremel accessories and bits can be used on includes, but isn’t limited to:




Stones – of different hardnesses and types



Pet Nails

+ more


How To Choose A Dremel Accessory or Bit

  1. Make a list of the activities you want to perform, and on what materials
  2. Choose a suitable Dremel tool for the task – you might like to read Best Dremel/Rotary Tool, Best Electric Dremel Tool or Best Cordless Dremel Tool.
  3. Read the instructions for use of the bit you think will be best for your task/s (what the bit is for and what materials it is designed for working on)
  4. Make sure your Dremel tool accepts the accessory (what is the shank size of the bit, and do you have the right sized collet to take the bit?)
  5. Purchase the bit along with any extra bits (you might like to buy a pack instead of a single bit)
  6. Check whether any Dremel attachments will help you do your task


Features To Look For In A Dremel Accessory

Look specifically for:

  1. What type of accessory/bit is it
  2. What materials is it made for e.g. diamond bits are made for harder materials
  3. Is it a certain shape, or made of a certain material that produces a certain result e.g. different shaped cutter heads produce different shaped cuts in materials, and different grit sanding paper produces fine and course sanding


Safety Tips For Using A Dremel Accessory

Wear safety glasses to protect eyes from debris and sparks

Wear hand gloves

Consider a shield attachment for the tool

Consider a dust mask for some activities + dust extraction


How To Use A Dremel Accessory/Bit

Bits/Accessories generally work in 1 of 2 mechanisms

  1. Collet System – change the collet size of the tool to fit the shank size of the bit you are using, and then secure the bit in the collet
  2. Chuck System – tools like the Dremel 4300 have a 3 Jaw Chuck which requires no wrench and no changing of collet sizes to accept most bits


Sizes Of Dremel Accessories/Bits & Compatibility With Other Rotary Tools

When trying to figure out if any rotary tool bit or accessory will fit in a Dremel or Non-Dremel rotary tool, consider four things:

  1. What is the size of the shank of the bit you want or have
  2. What bit mechanism does the rotary tool have – collet, or chuck? If chuck/jaw system, check the tool manual, but it should fit all accessory shank sizes unless otherwise stated
  3. If it’s a collet system, Dremel has 4 sizes of collets to fit all their bits – 1/8, 3/32. 1/16 and 1/32 inch. Check what collet sizes your non-dremel rotary tool has.
  4. Match the collet size to the bit shank size


Best Dremel Accessories & Bits Resources




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