Best Dremel Accessories & Bits

The best Dremel accessories and bits will vary depending on the tasks the Dremel tool user wants to perform.

Some Dremel accessories/bits might be good for a wider range of tasks, whilst others might be for one specialised use.

Below is a list of some of the most popular Dremel accessories/bits, and ones that might be for specific uses.

We’ve also include what might be useful buyer’s information for Dremel accessories/bits.

We also list some of the more popular accessory kits for those looking for a collection of bits/accessories instead of individual bits/accessories.


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Best Dremel Accessories & Bits: Top Rated, & Reviews

Popular Individual Accessories/Bits

Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit, Medium (on Amazon)

Dremel 105 Engraving Cutter, 1/8″ Shank , Gray (on Amazon)


Best Individual Bits & Accessories For Specific Uses

The following guides identify what might be some of the best accessories/bits for specific tasks:

Best Dremel Accessory Kits

Best Dremel Bits For Grinding Steel

Best Dremel Bits For Cutting Wood

Best Dremel Bits For Engraving & Carving Wood

Best Dremel Bits For Cutting Metal & Steel 

Best Dremel Bits For Cutting Plastic

Best Dremel Bits For Engraving Stone

Best Dremel Bits For Grout Removal

Best Dremel Routing Bits

Best Dremel Tools And Bits For Grooming Dog Nails


You can also research each individual Dremel bits yourself, and what applications they are suitable for, and buy the ones most suitable for your intended use.


Popular Accessory Kits

Accessory kits give you a number of bits/accessories in one kit/pack.

Some kits provide bits for one specific type of activity, whilst others provide a range different types of bits for different activities.

One of the common accessory kits available from Dremel is the:


Other popular accessory kits might include:


All Purpose Kit


Carving/Engraving Kit


Dremel Bit Compatibility With Different Tools

Make sure you check Dremel accessory and bit compatibility with different Dremel tools.

Check the Dremel bit or tool product description, and the Dremel website, for information on compatibility.


Best Dremel Accessories & Bits: Buyer’s Guide

Dremel Accessories/Bits Information Guide

In a separate guide on Dremel accessories/bits, we outline:

– What Dremel bits/accessories are

– What some of the different types of Dremel accessories/bits are, and what they might be used for

– What the most popular Dremel accessories/bitts are


What Dremel Bit Cuts Glass?

Dremel doesn’t have an official glass cutting bit, but there is a glass drilling bit – the 663DR 1/4″ Glass Drilling Bit.


What Dremel Bit Cuts Tile?

The tile cutting bit (#562) is most ideal for cutting and shaping tile (except for floor tile).

It will also work to make holes in terra cotta to create luminary or holes for a plant to drain. They will work to do some shaping or engraving in stone.


What Dremel Bit To Engrave Wood?

The engraving cutters are good bits for engraving and carving wood – but, we’ve also written this wood engraving/carving guide.


What Dremel Bit Cuts Rock, Or Engraves On Rock?

Firstly, don’t use the standard carbide bits for rock or stone as they wear out too quickly in our experience.

You could use either the #545 Diamond Wheel for cutting, or the Diamond Wheel Points for engraving on semi precious stone.

You can read this guide we wrote on lapidary work.


What Dremel Bit To Drill Stone?

Diamond bits are good for drilling stone, but we also wrote this guide on lapidary work.


What Dremel Bit To Cut Plastic?

A standard cut-off wheel will cut plastic PVC. The diamond wheel (#545) will also easily cut it.

If the application is actually cutting through a piece of plastic, it is important to use a cutter or cutting wheel that will get through the thickness of plastic in one cut.

Check out this guide we wrote on the best dremel bit for cutting plastic.


What Dremel Bit To Cut Metal?

Dremel has a few bits and wheels that can cut metal and steel.


What Dremel Bit To Cut Fibreglass?

The multipurpose bit (#561) with the Cutting Guide Attachment (#565) will work on fiberglass. The #543 Cutting/Shaping Wheel is also for cutting and shaping fibreglass.


How Long Do Dremel Bits Last?

It depends on the bit, what you use it for, and how you use it.

A carbide bit for example is not as hard wearing as a diamond bit, especially if you are trying to use carbide bits on hard surfaces.

Check the bit specifications on the dremel website for usage and duration information.

Its always handy to have spare bits if you are a frequent user of the tool, or you use it in a more intensive way.

There’s several reports online of people mentioning that Dremel bits are better quality and might be more durable than some of the cheaper or alternative brand rotary tool bits.


More Information On Dremel Bits

This guide contains some more information on Dremel bits and accessories.


Non Dremel Brand Accessories/Bits

There are a range of non-Dremel brand accessories/bits on the market.

Some might be OK in performance and value, whilst others might be cheap, wear out quickly, or break with anything beyond very light use.

Dremel bits might be better quality in terms of the bit material and performance compared to some alternative brand bits.

Having said that, there are specific tasks like drilling for example, where some people definitely find third party bits work better for them – so, test for yourself and see what works for you.

But, few people might complain about the quality of Dremel bits in general.


SE is an example of a brand other than Dremel that makes popular rotary tool bits/accessories.

Some of their popular kits are:

All Purpose


Diamond Burrs



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