Different Dremel Chuck & Collet Systems Explained

If you are looking to buy a Dremel rotary tool, or perhaps you’ve just bought one, you probably want to know what the Dremel different Dremel chuck and collet systems are.

In this quick guide, we explain the difference in the systems, and how that might effect the Dremel model you choose, along with bits/attachments and mandrels.

Let’s get to it …


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Different Dremel Chuck & Collet Systems Explained


1. Dremel Collet & Nut System

Most Dremel rotary tool models like the Dremel 4000 have a collet system for securing and removing bits.

Collet system Dremels can take 4 different sized collets (480, 481, 482, 483) which are tightened and loosened with a collet nut – with each size collet taking different sized bits (with different sized shank diameters)

So, to work with different bit shank sizes, you’ll need to change collets on the tool.

Dremel models like the Dremel 4200, 4000, 3000, and 8220 (among others) have tool-free bit changing (you don’t need a wrench), but you’ll need to change collets for different bit shank sizes.

To know what sized collet takes what sized bits, look at the number of rings on the collet. For reference:

Collet 480 has 0 rings = fits 1/8″ diameter bits

Collet 483 has 1 ring = fits 1/32″ diameter bits

Collet 482 has 2 rings = fits 1/16″ diameter bits

Collet 481 has 3 rings = fits 3/32″ diameter bits


Dremel offers all these collet sizes with a collet nut in their Dremel 4485 Quick Change Collet Nut Kit  (on Amazon)

NOTE: for models like the Dremel 4200 which take EZ change bits, the EZC480, EZC481, EZC482 and EZC483 collets are to be used.


2. Dremel Keyless Chuck System

Dremel created an attachment/accessory so that owners of the 4200, 4000, 3000 and 8220 (and any Dremel tools with the collet system) can change bits – without a wrench and without having to change collets.

This attachment is called the Dremel 4486 MultiPro Keyless Chuck (on Amazon). , and it accepts 1/32″ to 1/8″ shanks.

This attachment can save a lot of time for some users.


3. Dremel 3 Jaw Chuck System

Dremel recently introduced the Dremel 4300 which has the universal 3 jaw chuck system on it.

The 3 jaw chuck allows you to change bits tool-free and without collets.

The Dremel 9100 forti-flex also has a 3 jaw chuck system that you accepts bits from 0 In. to 5/32 inches, but you need a tool to change bits on that system.


NOTE: It’s also important to note that some of the major models have different bit changing systems which effects whether bit changing is wrench-free and/or collet free if you just buy the tool as standard (without a keyless chuck).

The bit changing systems are as follows:

Dremel 4300 – Universal 3-jaw chuck (tool free and collet free bit changing)

Dremel 4200 – EZ Change™ mechanism (tool free bit changing, but not received as well by users as the EZ Twist™ nose cap)

Dremel 4000 – EZ Twist™ nose cap (tool free bit changing)

Dremel 3000 – EZ Twist™ nose cap (tool free bit changing)

Dremel 8220 (cordless) – EZ Twist™ nose cap (tool free bit changing)


Always check bit and attachments compatibility with model you have or intend to get before buying new accessories and attachments.

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