Dremel Rotary Tools FAQ Guide

Below is a ‘FAQ’ style guide, where we provide information on different aspects of Dremel rotary tools.

The information in this guide comes from our own research.

See the Dremel website for confirmation of information that appears on this page.


Dremel Rotary Tools FAQ Guide


What … Dremel?


What Is A Dremel Tool, & What Are They Used For?

We put together a separate guide outlining what Dremel tools are, and what they might be used for.


What Are Dremel Accessories?

Dremel’s rotary tool accessories are the actual Dremel bits that insert into the nose of the rotary tool.

We’ve put together separate guides outlining Dremel accessories:

List Of Dremel Accessories

Best Dremel Accessories


What Are Dremel Attachments?

We’ve put together separate guides outlining Dremel attachments:

List Of Dremel Attachments

Best Dremel Attachments


What Dremel To Buy?

Read more in this separate guide about the Best Dremel Rotary Tools


What Is A Dremel Drill?

Dremels might drill in two main ways:


1. With Drill Bits

The Dremel rotary tool takes drill bits.

One example of a drill bit is the 664DR Diamond Drill FlipBit, which can be used on glass, ceramic wall tile, glass block, stone, and glass bottles, for enlarging holes or making small cuts.


2. With A Dremel Workstation

Dremel also has the Dremel workstation which turns a rotary tool into a drill press.


A Dremel using a drill bit can use a Dremel Workstation at the same time too.


What Is The Best Dremel Tool?

Read more about what might be the Best Dremel Rotary Tool in this guide


What Dremel Is For Dog Nails?

Dremel makes a tool specifically for pet nail grooming – the Dremel 7300 Pet Nail Grooming Tool has models specifically for pet nail grooming..


What Is A Dremel Saw?

Dremel makes a few tools in the saw range (which is separate to the rotary tool range).

They have the Dremel Saw Max, and Dremel Ultra-Saw, which are compact circular saws.

They also have the Moto-Saw which can be either a stationary scroll saw or a portable coping saw.


What Is A Dremel Flex Shaft?

Dremel offers two main types of flex shafts:


1. Flex Shaft Attachment

Dremel has the 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment.

The flex shaft attachment has the following benefits over using the standard rotary tool:

– It is very flexible and smaller than the main shaft, allowing access to tighter or smaller areas

– The actual shaft has a 5 inch bend, allowing you to work on awkward angles

– It is very lightweight and gives you greater control and precision

If you hang the main unit up by its hook, you can work with just the flex shaft for long periods without experiencing hand fatigue.


You can check out the flex shaft attachment here.


2. Flex Shaft Tool

Dremel also makes a flex shaft tool, a high torque/power lower speed tool – the Dremel Fortiflex 9100.

This tool in particular might be good for wood carving.


What Crafts Can You Do With A Dremel Rotary Tool?

Dremel rotary tools are generally good for most finishing, crafting, and lighter DIY type activities.

They might be good for jewellery making, engraving on stones and other materials, carving wood, and basically anything that relates to the functions that can be performed with the various accessories and attachments.

Check out this guide on the best dremel tool for crafters.


When … Dremel?

When To Use A Dremel?

Dremels might be for lighter and smaller DIY type and finishing type activities.

When you consider that most Dremel rotary tools have less than 3.0 Amps, you can see why.

When to use a Dremel depends on the tool you get, and the bits and attachments you use with the tool.

Larger and more demanding tasks that involve cutting, grinding, sanding and the like, are ideally carried out with a die grinder or angle grinder.

Dremel type rotary tools are high speed, low torque, and low power compared to die grinders.


Where … Dremel?

Where To Buy A Dremel?

You can buy a dremel in store or online. 

Places like the Dremel website, Amazon, Home Depot, and local home and hardware stores might all sell Dremels.

Read more in Best Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Why … Dremel?

Why Buy A Dremel?

Dremels might be the most established brand for rotary tools on the market.

They might generally offer good quality products, from a brand with a history of offering good products and services.


How … Dremel?

How To Use A Dremel?

It depends on the individual Dremel tool and what exactly you want to do with the tool.

But generally, it might involve:

1. Decide on the activities you want to carry out, and choose a suitable tool


2. Choose a bit and/or attachment to use with the tool


3. Attach the bit or set up the attachment

Essentially this involves untwisting or keying the cap or chuck (or mechanism) that holds the bit, and inserting your bit or attachment.

You then have to tighten the cap or chuck to make sure your bit or attachment is secure

Read this guide about the different Dremel chuck and collect systems for attaching and detaching bits from a Dremel tool

If a chuck system, most bits and attachments should fit the tool

If a collet system, fit the proper sized collet for the bit you want to use

For example, a Dremel might have a spindle lock button, cap (that unscrews to attach attachments), collet cone that your bit/mandrel fits into, and a collet nut that tightens the bit into the dremel tool for use.

The 4000 series has the EZ Change™ mechanism and the 4300 has a 3 jaw chuck.

An EZ Twist system for example doesn’t require a wrench for bit changes, but does require that you switch the collet size out when you have bits of different shank sizes. Switch the collet out for the size of the bit shank you are using


4. Use the tool as per the manufacturer instructions

This might include things such as adjusting the speed, and so on

If the tool starts getting hot, break to allow the tool to cool down so you don’t overload the motor


5. Change the bits and attachments over as necessary for different tasks

For bits like sanding pads that wear out more easily than others, make sure you have spare bits available in your kit.


6. Whether it’s a corded Dremel, or a cordless Dremel impacts whether you need to worry about charging or not

Obviously a cordless Dremel will require battery charging for lithium ion rechargeable batteries, or replacement for the batteries that aren’t rechargeable


How Does A Dremel Rotary Tool Work?

Dremels are rotary tools that have a spinning tip.

The Dremel shaft/unit might work at different speeds

Some Dremels are one or two speed tools, whilst others have variable speed adjustment.


How Much Is A Dremel Tool?

It depends on the model, and where you buy it from.

Some might be under $100, and some over.

It also depends on whether you get accessories and attachments in addition to the tool or not.

Check out the various online and offline sellers for prices.


How To Cut Tile With A Dremel Rotary Tool?

You might use the tile cutting bit (#562), or another bit that Dremel specifies cuts tiles.


How To Carve A Pumpkin With A Dremel?

You might use the 7000-PK Pumpkin Carving Kit, and any pumpkin carving templates that you may have.


How To Carve Wood With A Dremel Rotary Tool?

You might use one of the Carving & Engraving rotary accessories/bits made for wood carving.

Read this guide about Dremel wood carving bits.


How To Router With A Dremel?

You might use one of the routing rotary tool accessories, and a routing attachment.


How To Repair A Dremel Rotary Tool?

Before Repair

Before repair, you might follow Dremel’s instructions on maintaining your Dremel tool so you can take proper care of it.

You might also check the following things:

1. That the carbon motor brushes aren’t worn out


2. That there isn’t a problem with the power outlet or batteries you are using


3. That the inside of the tool is clean from debris and sawdust


4. That you are using the dremel for it’s designed purposes (don’t overload it)


5. That you are using the appropriately sized accessory or attachment for the tool


6. A potential issue when the shaft isn’t spinning is that the coupling has worn down (the little ring between the shaft pieces).

Check this to see if it’s broken and whether this is the issue.


Repairs & Warranty

Your Dremel may or may not still be under warranty.

Check the warranty and the date you purchased the tool to find out.

You might contact Dremel if the tool is under warranty to ask about your options for repair.

If the tool isn’t under warranty, you have a decision to make about what you’ll do with the tool.


How To Change The Dremet Bit Or Attachment

It depends on the bit changing system that is used on the Dremel.

For example:

– Some tools might require wrench changing

– Some tools might have the EZ Twist Cap System that doesn’t require a wrench for bit changing

– Some tools have the 3 Jaw Chuck



In general, a bit changing process might look like the following:

1. Hold spindle lock button


2. Untighten the collet nut with the wrench tool


3. Change over the bit by removing the current bit, and placing the mandrel/spindle of the new bit, or just the new bit into the collet cone.

A wheel usually comes with a mandrel you attach, whilst a bit has a permanently attached spindle.


4. Tighten the collet nut with the wrench tool and check the dremel bit isn’t loose.

Release the spindle lock.


5. If your Dremel has the EZ Change™ mechanism, you can change the bit without a wrench.


6. If your Dremel has a 3 jaw chuck – you may or may not need a tool key to change bits.



To change a dremel attachment, you can:

1. Remove the plastic ring/cap


2. Unscrew the current attachment


3. Screw on the new attachment


How To Use A Dremel For Grout Removal?

Under the cutting accessories on Dremel’s site, you can find the 570 1/8″ Carbide Grout Removal Bit which might be used for grout removal.


What Thickness Of Metal Can A Dremel Cut?

It might depend on what rotary tool metal cutting wheel you get.

A metal cutting rotary tool wheel shouldn’t cut more than a few mm (think sheet metal and small bits of steel/nails).

For thicker metal, some of the dremel saw cutting blades can cut 20mm in depth.


What Thickness Of Wood Can A Dremel Cut?

See the answer above – this might apply to wood too.


How Long Do Dremel Bits Last?

We provided a potential answer to that question in this guide.


Can … Dremel?

Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Cut Metal?

Yes, as long as it is only thin – you might use a metal cutting wheel for the rotary tool.


Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Cut Glass?

Generally, no.

You might etch glass with bits like tungsten carbie cutters though.


Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Cut Wood?

Yes – you might use a wood cutting wheel to do this.


Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Cut Tiles?

Yes, but not floor tiles.

Instead, you might use an angle grinder which is more heavy duty and has more power.


Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Cut Steel?

Yes – thinner nails, thin re-bar and thin sheet steel.

You might use a steel cutting wheel for this.


Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Be Used As A Router?

Yes. You might use a routing bit and a router attachment.


Can I Use A Dremel Bit In A Drill?

It might be better to use a Dremel drill bit in the Dremel rotary tool.

If it is not suitable for the job, it might be better to use a drill with non Dremel drill bits.


Can You Grind Glass With A Dremel Rotary Tool?

You can etch glass with a dremel rotary tool.


Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Cut Aluminum?

A metal cutting wheel can cut thin aluminium.

Otherwise, a saw might be better.


Can A Dremel Rotary Tool Cut Stone.

The diamond wheel might cut some stone such as marble.


Can A Dremel Cut Brass?

Yes – a metal cutting wheel might cut brass.


Do … Dremel?

Do Dremel Bits Fit Other Rotary Tools?

The standard dremel rotary tool bit is made with a 1/8 inch spindle

Check the collet size of your rotary tool, and check what other brands say about what bits you can use with their tools.


Do Rotozip Bits Fit A Dremel?

A standard dremel collet size is 1/8 inch, so check your rotozip bits’ size.


Do I Need A Dremel?

For lighter tasks and finishing type tasks where you need a rotary tool, a Dremel might be beneficial.

You could also check out Dremel alternatives.


Do Fein Blades Fit A Dremel?

A standard dremel collet size is 1/8 inch, so check the size of the mandrel that your fein blade sits in.



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