Dremel Attachments Guide & List: Everything You Need To Know

This is a Dremel Attachments guide & list.

We’ve attempted to provide information on the following points:

– What Dremel attachments are

– What some of the different Dremel attachments are used for

– What the most popular Dremel attachments are

– Where you can find the best Dremel attachments for doing specific tasks


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Dremel Attachments Guide & List: Everything You Need To Know

In case you’d prefer to viewing Dremel attachments, a few of the most popular attachments might be:


There are a range of other Dremel attachments other than these ones too.

You should get one that suits your intended tool use.

You should also check the compatibility of your model of Dremel rotary tool with any attachments and accessories before purchasing. You can do so at the Dremel website and in the product description.


What Are Dremel Attachments?

Dremel attachments tend to be bigger products that can be ‘attached’ to the rotary tool, or used in conjunction with a Dremel rotary tool.

They tend to serve a specific use.

One example is the Dremel flex shaft attachment.


What Are Dremel Attachments Used For?

Dremel attachments are each designed for a different use, or, a different set of uses.

Precision work, having an extended reach with the rotary tool, routing, drilling, and circle cutting might be some examples of specific uses that different Dremel attachments provide.

For example, the Dremel flex shaft attachment might be used for different purposes than the Dremel router attachment.

A few examples of different attachments and their uses might be:

Flex Shaft Attachment

Gives the user a flexible shaft that can flex, and additional precision and control over the standard Dremel tool unit


Keyless Chuck

Provides tool-free bit changing and means the user doesn’t have to change collet sizes


Right Angle Attachments

Provides extra reach for most Dremel tools, allows reaching into tight spaces, and allows users to work at right angles to a surface easily.


Examples Of Different Dremel Attachments

General Attachments

Some of the general attachments might be the flex shaft attachment, mini saw attachments, lawnmower and garden tool sharpener, right angle head attachment, router attachment, grout removal attachment, sanding and grinding guide, tile cutting kit, and more.


*Batteries & Chargers

Some consider these attachments, whilst some don’t

You generally get a battery with most Dremel cordless rotary tool kits. But, additional battery packs and battery chargers can come as extras with Dremel rotary tools.

A spare lithium ion battery for example can be very handy for those who drain their primary battery quickly, or are away from a power source or charger for a number of hours.


What Are The Most Popular Or Useful Dremel Attachments?

Some of the most popular or commonly used Dremel attachments, and what are they used for, might include the:


  • Dremel 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment

A flexible shaft and pen-like handpiece you fit Dremel bits into.

This attachment is lightweight and gives you a great flexibility and range of motion to perform detail tasks like carving and engraving.


  • Dremel 4486 MultiPro Keyless Chuck

Great for a tool like the Dremel 4000 that has the EZ twist system which allows tool free bit changing, but still operates on collets.

The keyless chuck allows you to change bits tool free, and collet free.

So, if you are using bits with different shank sizes, e.g. 1/8 and 1/16 inch, changing bits will be much easier and quicker.


  • Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station

A drill press, and tool holder, for small and hobby type jobs.

If you’re drilling plastic, thin wood, and thin metal, this attachment is optimised for those tasks.

It’s not however for medium to heavy duty jobs, or thick and hard materials.


  • Dremel 575 Right Angle Attachment for Rotary Tool

Turns your Dremel into a right angle tool.

Good for getting into tight places and for cutting perpendicular to surfaces (at a right angle).


  • Dremel 2500-01 Rotary Tool Multi-Vise

A very lightweight vice for thin and soft materials – definitely not for medium or heavy duty tasks.

Use this attachment for securing materials you are working on, or for freeing a hand that might be holding material you are working on.


  • Dremel A679-02 Attachment Kit for Sharpening Outdoor Gardening Tools

For sharpening lawn mower blades, garden tool blades (shears, hoes, and shovels + more) and chainsaws.

Although, if you have grinding stones, they can also work for bringing back the edge on blades.


  • Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment

Turns your Dremel tool into a small/light cutting plunge router.

Good for surface routing/hollowing/inletting, and for smoothing or shaping the edges of plastic and wood.


What Might Be Some Of The Best Dremel Attachments?

Read more in the following guides:

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Dremel Attachments vs Accessories – What’s The Difference?

Dremel attachments are different to Dremel accessories.

Accessories are usually necessary to operate the rotary tool.

They might include small items that are inserted into the chuck/collet or bit system on the tool, such as bits, wheels, sanding bands, grinding and sharpening stones, and so on

Attachments on the other hand might not be as necessary to the operation of the tool as long as a bit is being used – they might be more ‘add-ons’.

They tend to include larger ‘attachment’ products, like flex shafts, router attachments, chucks, and so on.

If you would like to read more about Dremel bits/accessories, you can read our Dremel bit guide & list here.




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