Dremel Stylo+ vs Flex Shaft vs Lite vs 3000: Comparison

Below, we compare the Dremel Stylo+ vs Flex Shaft vs Lite vs 3000 models.

We outline the main differences and similarities of each model, along with the main features.

We also consider which one might be better to get.


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Dremel Stylo+, Flex Shaft, Lite, & 3000

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing each model here before viewing the information in the guide below:


Dremel Stylo+ Craft Tool (on Amazon)


Flex Shaft

Attachment Only – Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment (on Amazon)

Attachment + Tool – Dremel 4000 with Flex Shaft Attachment (on Amazon), or, Dremel 3000 with Flex Shaft Attachment (on Amazon)


Lite 7760

Dremel Lite 7760 Cordless Rotary Tool (on Amazon)



Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool (on Amazon)


Dremel Stylo+ vs Flex Shaft vs Lite vs 3000: Which To Get?

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Dremel Stylo+ vs Flex Shaft vs Lite vs 3000: Main Differences

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Dremel Stylo+ vs Flex Shaft vs Lite vs 3000: Similarities

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Dremel Stylo+ vs Flex Shaft vs Lite vs 3000: Main Features


A corded rotary tool – being corded allows the tool to be thinner and less bulky (without a battery), which adds to the ease and manoeuvrability of the tool while using it

It’s been specially designed for lighter duty work, such as arts and crafts, detail and precision type work. Examples are wood carving, engraving, polishing, sanding, and so on

Uses different accessories/bits to perform different tasks

Uses a collet and collet nut system for different accessories and bits on the tool. Has a collet lock button to help with changing accessories on the tool

Tool and grip is designed to be used like a pen, for comfort but also precision

Is a variable speed tool, that can operate between 5000 to 22,000 RPM

Designed with a quiet motor

Tool weighs only 6.8 oz


Stylo+ vs Other Rotary Tools

Stylo+ is designed to be sleek and lightweight

Other rotary tools might be bigger, more powerful, better for heavier duty tasks, and be slightly more versatile with the range of tasks they can be used for

Stylo+ might not be as suitable for cutting and drilling as other rotary tools

Stylo+ is mostly suited to accessories, and might not be compatible with several Dremel attachments


Stylo+ vs Flex Shaft Attachment

The Stylo+ has a thinner cord, remains cooler in operation and is lighter than the flex shaft.

You don’t need to connect it to a fellow tool where the body of the tool can increase fatigue and cause the hand piece to heat up after prolonged use.

This makes the Stylo+ lighter and easier to maneuver, so it excels in precision of detailed light duty applications over a longer working session.

The flex-shaft in comparison is great for these applications over a short time period, but doesn’t match the comfort and convenience of the Stylo+ for the longer working sessions.

The flex-shaft is, however, better suited to more heavy duty applications such as cutting and grinding.


Flex Shaft Attachment

A standalone flex shaft attachment for compatible Dremel rotary tools – you can check compatibility on the flex shaft attachment product description

Can be used for a range of light tasks that require precision or detail

Has a 36 inch flexible cable (has a 5 inch bend radius)

Holds up to a 1/8 inch shank in the flex shaft pen

Currently has a 1 year limited warranty (although, confirm this yourself prior to purchase)




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