Dremel Ultra Saw vs Saw Max: Comparison


Not quite sure which saw to get when comparing the Dremel Ultra Saw vs the Saw Max?

We’ve got you covered with this super quick and simple comparison guide.

We outline what each tool is used for, the similarities, the differences, and which saw might be better for you and your intended use.

Let’s jump in and take a look!


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Dremel Ultra Saw vs Saw Max: Comparison, & Which Is Better For You?


Dremel Ultra Saw vs Saw Max: Summary – Which Should You Get?

Both are miniature, handheld circular saws meant for light works, and small DIY projects. They are not heavy duty circular saws.

As a summary of each for you to consider when deciding which to buy:


Ultra Saw – the more powerful and sturdy of the two saws. For cutting, and grinding/surface prep.

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Saw Max – the more popular of the two. Slightly more affordable, slightly less powerful. For cutting only, and good for doing many small cuts quickly on small projects.

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Dremel Ultra Saw vs Saw Max: Differences

The Saw Max is more affordable, and probably more popular

The Ultra Saw has an RPM of 13,000RPM and the Saw Max has an RPM of 17,000RPM

The Ultra Saw has more power at 7 Amps compared to 6 Amps for making longer cuts than the Saw Max

The Ultra Saw has a drivetrain that lasts 3x longer than the Saw-Max

The Ultra Saw has a metal wheel guard compared to the plastic guard on the Saw Max

The Ultra Saw is designed for both cutting and grinding/surface prep (surface prep mainly on Concrete, Masonry, Tile and Metal – Rust and Corrosion Removal) whereas the Saw Max is designed for cutting only

The Ultra Saw has 3.5 to 4 inch diameter cutting and grinding wheels, whereas the Saw Max has 3 inch wheel diameter

The Ultra Saw has more accessories included in the standard kit.


Dremel Ultra Saw vs Saw Max: Similarities

Both are handheld, affordable circular miniature circular saws meant for light, quick and small cutting – specifically rip, flush and plunge cutting

Both saws aren’t fantastic for flush cutting

Both are 120 volt tools

Both have 7 feet of cord length

Both have a max cutting depth of 3/4 inches

Both saws can be used on a range of materials including Soft and Hard Wood, Plywood, Composites, Laminate Flooring, Drywall, PVC, Plastic, Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals, Tile and Masonry Materials


Dremel Ultra Saw vs Saw Max: Features Of Each Saw, and Reviews

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