Best Dremel For Dog Nails

Dremel has a range of tools dedicated specifically to pet nail grooming.

Below, we list these models, summarise their main features, and consider which model might be best to use.

We also list the Dremel bits/accessories and attachments that are commonly used with these tools, along with including other potentially useful information at the bottom of this guide.


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Dremels For Dog Nails

If you want to go straight to viewing the pet nail grooming models from Dremel, you can do so here:

Dremel 7760-PawControl (7760-PGK) (on Amazon)

Dremel 7350-PET (on Amazon) (newly designed to run longer, and be quieter than the 7300-PT)

Dremel 7300-PT (on Amazon)



Dremel generally includes accessories/bits for pet nail grooming in their kits with the tools.

For example, the PawControl/7760-PGK comes with sanding bands, and also sanding discs.



Dremel also offers the Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Guard Attachment (on Amazon), to make nail grooming easier, which is compatible with several of Dremel’s main rotary tools.

This attachment comes included in some Dremel kits.


Can A Dremel Be Used For Dog Nails?

If pet owners are unsure about whether to use a Dremel for grooming pet nails, they can consult their pet’s veterinarian for a professional opinion.

However, it’s worth noting that Dremel has specifically put together ‘Pet Grooming Kits’, with Dremel rotary tools designed for trimming pet nails.

These tools/kits have been used by many different pet owners.


How To Use A Dremel For Dog Nails

Other than the instructions that come with the ‘Pet Grooming Kit’ tools, Dremel might provide two main options to use their tools to groom pet nails:

1. Using The Dremel Nail Guard Attachment

Dremel indicates this attachment might be used by more novice users.

The Dremel Nail Guard Attachment works with a 45 degree angle paw guide that positions your pet’s paw for the ideal trimming angle. 



2. Using A Dremel Tool Without The Nail Guard Attachment

Dremel indicates that more experienced users or groomers might use the Dremel tool without the Nail Guard Attachment

This is the free-hand option.


More Information On How To Dremel A Pet’s Nails

An animal health professional can give you advice on exactly what to do.

However, although not a substitute for this advice, there is some general information available online too.

The following is a Youtube video by a veterinarian for informational purposes:

Dr. Murray Matheson, Veterinarian: How To File/Dremel Your Dogs Nails


It might be important to understand where the nerves in the nail are, and avoid them i.e. only sand/grind away the nail material at the front of the nail, and avoid the nerves at the back (as well as the skin on the paws of course)


Best Dremel Tool For Dog Nails

The tools that are currently in Dremel’s pet nail grooming range, are the:

Dremel 7760-PawControl (7760-PGK) (on Amazon)

Dremel 7350-PET (on Amazon) (newly designed to run longer, and be quieter than the 7300-PT)

Dremel 7300-PT (on Amazon)


We’ve compared these tools, and listed some of their main features in a separate guide.


Dremel Accessories/Bits For Dog Nails

Dremel bits/accessories that might be used with a Dremel pet nail grooming tool might be:

– Sanding bands and barrels, with a mandrel

– Sanding discs


Dremel Attachments For Dog Nails

The Pet Nail Guard attachment might be the main attachment used


Using A Pet Nail Grooming Dremel vs More Versatile Dremels

A decision that Dremel buyers will have to make is whether to get one of the Dremel tools designed specifically for pet nail grooming, or, whether to get a Dremel that can be used in a more versatile way for both pet nails, and also other tasks and activities.

Smaller tools include tools like the Lite 7760, 7350, and 7300.

Larger more versatile tools are the 3000, 4000 and 8000 series Dremels


Potential Reasons Pet Owners May Use A Dremel Tool 

Potential reasons pet owners may use a Dremel might include:

– Some people like to use nail clippers to cut the nail, and a Dremel to smooth and round off the nail. Because a Dremel can smooth the nail – it protects your wooden floorboards and other inside surfaces from sharp nail damage

– Some people’s pet’s might not like clipper

– A Dremel multi tool might be able to groom a pet’s nails, and also be used for light DIY tasks around the house.


Other Pet Nail Grooming Tools

Other tools that might commonly be used for pet nail grooming might include:

– Pet nail grinders

– Pet nail clippers 

– Pet nail trimmers

– Pet nail files


Clippers simply cut the nails flat or curved (depending on the shape of the clippers), whereas you can get a rounded and smooth trim of the nail with a Dremel tool.



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