Best Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic

The best Dremel bit for cutting plastic for most Dremel users will either be a cut-off wheel, or a cutting bit.

For cutting off sections of plastic, or cutting straight or some circles lines, a cut off wheel might be for you.

For cuts that can be performed with a straight bit, like shaping, hollowing, curved lines, circles lines etc. – a multi-purpose bit might be good for you.

We’ve listed the individual bits for cutting plastic below, along with both Dremel brand and cheaper non-Dremel brand bit pack options.

If you’re running a little short on time, you can check out the top rated Dremel bit for cutting plastic list immediately below.

Otherwise, you can read the guide and reviews in full.


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Top Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic List


Best Dremel Cut Off Wheel For Cutting Plastic – Dremel EZ476 1 1/2-Inch EZ Lock Rotary Tool Cut-Off Wheels For Plastic (on Amazon)

Best Dremel Cutter Bit for Cutting Plastic – Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit (on Amazon)


Best Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic: Reviews


Best Dremel Cut Off Wheels For Cutting Plastic

The following Dremel bits are …

Designed specifically for cutting plastic, and can be used on all Dremel rotary tools with the EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel:


EZ476 EZ Lock™ 1-1/2″ Cut-off Wheels (lasts 2 times longer than the fiberglass reinforced cut off wheels)


The following Dremel bits are …

For cutting metal with limited use on wood and plastic:


409 15/16″ Cutting Wheels

420 15/16″ Cut-off Wheels

426 1-1/4″ Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheels

456 1-1/2″ Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheels

540 1-1/4″ Cut-Off Wheels


The following Dremel bits are …

Ideal for cutting and shaping soft and hard woods, but can also be used on fiberglass, plastics and laminates:


543 Cutting/Shaping Wheel


The following Dremel bits …

Create compound curves and work on a variety of materials including woods, fiberglass, laminates, plastic, leather and styrofoam:


801 Carbide Shaping Wheel (more a shaping wheel than a cutting wheel)


Best Dremel Cutting Bits For Cutting Plastic

Steel Cutter Bits

The following Dremel bit …

Cuts straight and curved cuts in wood, plastic, fiberglass, drywall, laminate and aluminum and vinyl siding:


561 MultiPurpose Cutting Bit


The following Dremel bits are…

Ideal for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying, and making tapered holes, and they can be used on soft metals, plastics, and wood:


100 High Speed Cutter

114 High Speed Cutter

116 High Speed Cutter

117 High Speed Cutter

118 High Speed Cutter

121 High Speed Cutter

125 High Speed Cutter

134 High Speed Cutter

144 High Speed Cutter

190 High Speed Cutter

191 High Speed Cutter

192 High Speed Cutter (carving and engraving cutter)

194 High Speed Cutter

196 High Speed Cutter

199 High Speed Cutter


The following cutter bits are…

Made from steel, and designed for use on wood, plastic and soft metals.

Can be used for shaping, hollowing and grooving + tapered holes”


124 High Speed Cutter


The following cutter bits are…

Made from steel and for use on wood, plastic and soft metals.

Used for shaping, hollowing and grooving, and good for curved surfaces:


193 High Speed Cutter


Best Non-Dremel Bits For Cutting Plastic


SE SS45HS 5-Piece High-Speed Steel Saw Blades Set with 2 Mandrels

We previously covered this set in our wood cutting bit guide.

To re-hash, these blades are cheap, and not the super high quality of the Dremel blades, but are value for money if cheaper basic blades suit your needs.

These blades are made for cutting wood, plastic & other soft materials.

In the kit you get:

1” Diameter Saw Blade

1-1/4” Diameter Saw Blade

1-1/2” Diameter Saw Blade

1-3/4” Diameter Saw Blade

2” Diameter Saw Blade

2 Mandrels



Best Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ


What Is A Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic?

Can be a cut-off wheel designed for cutting plastic (and other materials), or a straight bit used for other forms of cutting like shaping, hollowing & cutting curved cuts/angled cuts into the plastic.

A Dremel bit will sit in the collet, or chuck system in the end of your Dremel rotary tool.


What Is A Dremel Bit Used For When Cutting Plastic?

Cutting wheels can be used for:

Cutting off solid bits of plastic

Cutting straight lines in plastic

Cutting circle cut out of plastic


Cutting bits can be used for a range of cuts and uses:

Shaping plastic of many types

Hollowing solid plastic

Grooving/carving into plastic

Slotting plastic


Making tapered holes in plastic

Multi purpose bits are also great for cutting out traced lines – straight, curved or angled – out of plastic


Most cutting wheels and cutting bits for cutting plastic can also be used on wood, laminate and other softer materials.


Types of Dremel Bits For Cutting Plastic

Cutting wheels designed for cutting plastic

Cutting bits designed for cutting plastic (multi-purpose cutting bit is a popular one)


How To Choose A Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic

Check what size bit shanks your Dremel rotary tool accepts – get the proper size collet if you don’t have it

Decide if you want a bit kit/set, or to buy individual bits

List the plastic cutting task/s you want to perform

Buy the suitable bit kit or individual bit for your task/s by looking at what each bit type is designed for – for cut-off and straight cuts a cut off wheel might be better, whilst a cutter bit may be better for routing and other types of cuts

If you get the EZ type cutting wheels, you’ll have to use them with the EZ lock mandrels – so make sure the mandrels are included with your purchase


Features To Look For In A Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic

What material is the wheel made out of – fiberglass reinforced, metal or the EZ cut-off discs?

What is the bit designed for – what types of tasks (is it a cut off wheel for cutting off sections, or a bit used more for shaping, hollowing, routing etc.), and to be used on what materials (cutting just plastic, or other materials too? like wood and laminate)?

What is the shank diameter (determines what size collet you will need if you have a collet system on your Dremel tool)

Is the wheel an EZ Dremel accessory? If so, does it come with the EZ lock mandrel?

Do you want a Dremel brand or non-Dremel brand bit?


How To Use A Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic

Look at what sort of bit mechanism your rotary tool has – collet system, or chuck (3 jaw) system?

If chuck, it should generally fit all bit and mandrel shank sizes

If collet, look at the size of the bit shank or mandrel for the bit you want to purchase, and make sure you have the matching sized collet

If using a non-Dremel brand bit, make sure it will fit your tool

Secure the bit in the rotary tool

Begin use


Best Dremel Bit For Cutting Plastic: Resources




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