Best Routing Bits For Dremel Tools

A Dremel rotary tool has the versatility to be used for many applications – including as a routing tool for wood and soft materials like plastic.

In this guide, we list and discuss the best routing bits for Dremel rotary tools, along with plunge router and router table attachments.

With these bits and attachments, the light finishing/small detail tool is suitable for either DIY’ers or professional woodworkers/cabinet makers looking to hollow out/rout different workpieces.

NOTE: It is better to get a heavier duty routing tool if you plan on doing medium-larger routing tasks. A Dremel tool is for small detail and small routing tasks only.

You can check out the top rated routing bits list below if you are running short on time.

Otherwise, the full guide is packed with lots of valuable information that you can read.


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Top Routing Bits & Attachments For Dremel Tools – List

Routing Bits

1/16 inch Dremel Bit for Grout Removal – Dremel 569D 1/16-Inch Diameter Grout Removal Bit (on Amazon)

1/8 inch Dremel Bit for Grout Removal – Dremel 570 1/8-Inch Carbide Grout Removal Bit (on Amazon)

Best Dremel Router Bit Set – Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set (on Amazon)


Routing Attachments

Dremel Plunge Router Attachment – Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment (on Amazon)

Dremel Router Table – Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table (on Amazon)


Best Routing Bits & Attachments For Dremel Tools: Reviews


Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment

View On Amazon

What makes this Dremel attachment good for routing?

  • For decorative edges, straight slots or routing freehand (circles and shapes)
  • Also for making inlays in furniture, musical instruments and wood crafts
  • Plunge feature lets you start your cut in the middle of your workpiece and cut at different depths – with lock in handle and two depth stops
  • Clear router base so you can easily see where you are cutting, and markings/traces on the wood
  • Comes with a depth guide with references
  • Can store router bits and wrench on the router attachment for easy access
  • Comes with the plunge router attachment, edge guide, circle cutting guide, mounting wrench, manual


What’s not so great?

  • Plastic and metal construction – not the most sturdy or heavy duty plunge router on the market
  • Not for medium-large routing and detailing tasks…more for small and detailed routing.


Where to check this attachment out?

View the Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment on Amazon


Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

What makes this Dremel attachment good for routing?

  • Can turn your Dremel into a bench mounted light wood router or light wood shaper
  • For those who want to slot, edge, groove and/or sand items in both conventional and irregular shapes
  • Has plastic knobs that include a screwdriver slot for easier tool assembly and depth adjustment
  • Adjustable fence
  • Table attaches directly to a bench
  • Includes attachment and instruction manual/sheet


What’s not so great?

  • Only for light wood routing or light wood shaping
  • Small table – 8″ x 6″ work table
  • Table is plastic/metal – not the most heavy duty bench router


Where to check this attachment out?

View the Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table on Amazon


Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set

What makes this Dremel bit set good for routing?

  • Includes the following bits (refer buyer’s guide below to see what each bit is good for) – 612 piloted beading router bit, 615 corner rounding router bit, 650 1/8-inch straight router bit, 654 1/4-inch straight router bit, 617 core box router bit, 618 chamfer router bit
  • Bits to rout, edge, inlay, and mortise in wood
  • Made from high speed steel
  • Comes with a case
  • Will fit a Dremel chuck, and the relevant sized Dremel collets (most of the bits are 1/8 inch shank(


What’s not so great?

  • Only for small detail projects
  • Not to be run any faster than 30,000RPM
  • Some prefer carbide bits


Where to check this routing bit set out?

View the Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set on Amazon


Best Routing Bits For Dremel Tools: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ


What Is A Dremel Router Bit, and Dremel Router Attachment?

Routing bits for Dremel rotary tools are high speed steel bits that sit in the collet or chuck of the tool.

Routing attachments are the Dremel plunge router, or Dremel routing table, which help the Dremel rotary tool and Dremel bits perform routing functions like plunging into the the material surface at different depths, and working on the edge of the material.


What Is A Dremel Bit and Dremel Attachment Used For When Routing?

Dremel routing bits are used to rout/hollow out the face of, and cut the edge of mainly wood – but also other soft materials such as plastic.

They can be used by beginner DIY’ers and crafters, and also professional wood workers like cabinet makers – as long as they are used for small projects and small detail.

Dremel routing bits and attachments are used for:

Creating channels and cutting the surface of materials

Inlaying and Slotting


Cutting and Decorating Edges of materials


Different Dremel bits are different shapes – which gives you different types of cuts.


Types/Range of Dremel Router Bits & Attachments, & Their Uses

Dremel Attachments For Routing, Inlaying and Mortising in wood and other soft materials…

Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment – see review above.

Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table – see review above.


Dremel Bits For Routing, Inlaying and Mortising in wood and other soft materials…

612 Piloted Beading Router Bit – piloted beading for creating attractive, decorative edging.

615 Corner Rounding Router Bit – gives you a corner rounding cut.

617 Core Box Router Bit – gives you a core box cut. Cuts rounded grooves for a variety of applications, including template cutting, lettering and routing channels.

618 Chamfer Router Bit – gives you a chamfer cut/edge

640 V Groove Router Bit – gives you a v groove cut.

650 1/8″ Straight Router Bit – gives you a straight cut.

652 3/16″ Straight Router Bit – gives you a straight cut.

654 1/4″ Straight Router Bit – gives you a straight cut.

655 Keyhole Router Bit – you can use it for keyhole slots, which is ideal for hanging items on a wall.


Dremel Rotary Tool Routing Bit Sets

Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set – see review above.


How To Choose A Dremel Router Bit

  1. Decide what sort of routing you want to do – surface routing or edge routing
  2. Pick a bit that gives you the type of cut/rout you want
  3. Check whether you need the Dremel plunge router or Dremel routing table attachments to use the router bit with

ALWAYS check compatibility of the Dremel tool with the attachment or bit you are using or plan to use.


How To Use A Dremel Router Bit

  1. When you know what type of routing you want to perform, choose the matching bit
  2. If you Dremel has a chuck, the bit should fit
  3. If your Dremel has a collet system, attach the proper sized collet for the shank size of the bit
  4. Set up the Dremel router table, or set up the Dremel in the plunge router as necessary (including depth and referencing)
  5. Mark/trace out any routing lines, shapes or cut you want to perform on the material
  6. Set the speed of the Dremel
  7. Begin routing


Best Routing Bits For Dremel Tools: Resources




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  1. On “Dremel Trio Routing Bit Sets” section, it will be more clear to mention that the shank size is not 1/8 nor1/4″. In fact, the phrase “TR670 1/8’’-Corner-Rounding-Bit-&-1/4-“Straight-Bit” is confusing, because it leads to believe that those two sizes are used for the Trio, and leads the naives to buy those popular Dremel’s 1/8″ router bits and those less expensive OEM 1/4″ router bits, and turns out they are useless with Trio.
    In reality, Dremel on purposely makes the Trio accept only 3/12″ shank size bit which is unpopular on the market. If you want to use Trio as a router, you will have to buy Dremel’s bits, and there are not that much to choose from.


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