Dremel vs Bosch Rotary Multi Tool: Comparison

Below, we compare the Dremel vs Bosch rotary and rotary multi tools respectively.

We compare the main differences, similarities, and features of each brand’s products, and consider which one to get.


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Dremel & Bosch Tools

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Dremel has a range of different rotary tools

But, to compare the most similar tools from each brand, we’ve chosen to compare specifically to Dremel’s 8000 series cordless rotary tools.

Those options are:

Dremel 8260 Rotary Tool – Currently, there’s no US Amazon link available to buy this tool. We will update this link when the product is available. Buying options for the 8260 might currently be available from the Dremel site, or, the tool might be available for sale directly from some sellers

Dremel 8250 Rotary Tool (on Amazon)

Dremel 8240 Rotary Tool (on Amazon)

Dremel 8220 Rotary Tool (on Amazon)



Bosch Professional GRO Cordless Rotary Multi Tool (on Amazon)


Dremel vs Bosch Rotary Multi Tool: Which One To Get?

You might get the Dremel 8260 or 8250 if …

You want a cordless rotary tool that is one of the highest performance cordless rotary tools on the market with some of the highest specifications


You might get the Dremel 8240 or 8220 if …

You want a cordless rotary tool with a 2 Amp motor, that comes with some features and a design that is specific to Dremel, and is part of the Dremel brand


You might get the Bosch Professional GRO if …

You want a cordless rotary tool that is most similar to the 8240 or 8220, but comes with some features and a design that is specific to Bosch (check the main features of the tool at the bottom of this guide)


Dremel vs Bosch Rotary Multi Tool: Main Differences

The Bosch tool is reasonably different to the 8250 and 8260 model Dremels.

The 8250 and 8260 models are the highest performance and highest spec cordless Dremels at the moment, with 3Ah motors, brushless motors, and other features.

So, the 8250 and 8260 may have more features and overall may be higher performing tools compared to the Bosch.

The 8240 and 8220 models may be more similar to the Bosch tool in some ways, but may still have some differences in terms of their design, features, and capabilities.


The general differences between the 8000 series Dremel tools and the Bosch tools might be that they:

– May have different charge times, and also runtimes for their batteries


– Dremel’s tools may be able to accept a wider range of accessories and attachments (or at least, they are designed specifically to accept Dremel accessories and attachments)


– Dremel’s tools use the Dremel accessory change system – the EZ Twist Nose Cap. The Bosch uses a more general accessory change system


– The warranties on the tools may differ

Bosch offers a different warranty to Dremel. Dremel’s warranties differ, but the current warranty for the 8260 and 8250 is a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty (confirm this prior to purchase though)


– The Bosch tool doesn’t always come with a battery and charger, whereas the Dremel tools mostly do. So, check this at the time of purchase


Dremel vs Bosch Rotary Multi Tool: Main Similarities

Of the 8000 series Dremel models, the 8220 and 8240 models might be most similar to the Bosch tool when weighing up specifications such as motor Amps (these models are 2 Amps, which is closest to the Bosch at 1-2 Amps), and other specifications and design features.


But, the general similarities between the 8000 series Dremel tools and the Bosch tools might be that they:

– Are cordless/battery operated rotary tools


– Can accept different accessories for using the tools for multiple/different activities and tasks


– Have variable speeds to choose from, and have similar speed ranges


– Weigh similar amounts (around or close to the 1.3 lbs mark)


Dremel vs Bosch Rotary Multi Tool: Main Features

Dremel 8000 Series

We’ve listed the main features of the 8000 series Dremel models in a separate guide


Professional GRO

A cordless rotary tool

Can be used for a range of different tasks as it can accept different accessories

A variable speed tool, that operates between 5,000 to 35,000 RPM

Has a 12 volt rechargeable lithium ion battery – make sure to check whether the battery and charger are included before buying.

Has integrated LED lighting on tool

Tool dimensions are 250mm x 55mm

Tool weighs 600grams/1.3 lbs

May have somewhere between a 1 to 2 Amp motor – but, this needs confirmation

With some Bosch tools they offer a 2 year warranty that can be extended to 3 years – but, you’ll need to check/confirm the warranty prior to purchase



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