Dremel Projects For Beginners: List of Simple, Easy & Fun Ideas

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of Dremel projects for beginners (but, there’s no reason experienced Dremel users couldn’t try them too!)

What we’ve also done in this guide is list some of the types of activities you can perform with a Dremel tool, so it makes it easier to match a Dremel tool to a type of project.


*Note – this is a general guide only.

Please do your own research on Dremel tools and projects, and make your own informed decisions when it comes to safety precautions for Dremel projects. 


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Dremel Projects For Beginners: List of Fun Ideas

Before we jump into the list, these are some of the more popular Dremel rotary tools at the moment, and some guides on the Dremel accessories, and also attachments:

Dremel Tools


A flex shaft tool attachment is also popular for more flexibility while using the above compatible rotary tools – Dremel 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment (on Amazon)


Some people may prefer a dedicated flex shaft tool – read more in this guide for tips on choosing a flex shaft tool, and this guide for a comparison of some of the best flex shaft tools on the market.


This guide also outlines the best Dremel rotary tool for each type of use (you can identify what you want to use the Dremel tool for and choose a tool accordingly)


Attachments & Accessories Guides

Read ‘Best Dremel Accessories’ Guide

Read ‘Best Dremel Attachments’ Guide (including the flex shaft attachment)


First, A Little Bit About Dremel (Rotary) Tools & What They Can Do …

A Dremel rotary tool is often very versatile in its use, because some of the most common rotary tools (like the 4300, 4200, 4000, 3000, 8220 etc.) can accept most Dremel bits and attachments.

The Dremel bits and attachments are designed for a whole range of uses including – cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling, carving, routing, shaping, etching, cleaning, polishing and more.

By viewing the rotary tool product pages and product manuals on Dremel’s website, you can usually see the capabilities of each tool.

The Amazon product page is also a good place to see what activities each tool might be good for.


Onto the project ideas …


1. Stone & Rock Carving & Engraving (& Decorating)

This can be a fun one for both you and your kids.

Carve into stones, polish them, and even paint the stone or the freshly engraved lettering or pattern on them.

Kids might especially like to paint in the carved/engraved smiley faces in their stones/rocks, and paint them afterwards.

Adults might even carve or engrave into gemstones or rarer type stones.

Carving and engraving bits and pieces, along with kits are easy to buy.

What You Need (Apart From The Dremel Tool):

Carving or engraving bits/pieces

A rock or stone

Decorating paint


You can even drill holes in rocks or stones and make pendants or necklaces.


2. Wood Carving & Decorating

Carve names, motivational quotes or patterns into soft wooden plaques.

You may then get the wood decorated and sealed.

You might make a plaque, or lettering, and put them in a feature room in your house, or in your baby’s nursery for example.

What You Need (Apart From The Dremel Tool):

Cutting, engraving and carving pieces

A soft piece of wood

Sealing and decorating materials


3. Making Wood Sculptures and Figurines

This involves take a block or piece of wood, sanding or cutting it down – and making it into any item, sculpture or figurine you like.

You can use the carving and engraving piece to make detail.

You can make small wooden toys or figurines, make chessboards, and so on.

What You Need (Apart From The Dremel Tool):

Relevant Dremel accessories and bits

A suitable piece of wood

Decorating and finishing materials


4. Detailing Existing Wooden Furniture

A very straightforward one.

Some people like to take an old or existing piece of wooden furniture and carve or engrave new details into it.

What You Need (Apart From The Dremel Tool):

Carving/engraving bits


5. Glass or Ceramic Etching

Carve names, words or patterns into your favorite mug/cup, bowl or vase.

These make great gifts with or without painting and decoration.


6. Make New Glass From Existing Glass Bottle

Be careful with this one not to cut or injure yourself.

But, what you can do is take an existing glass bottle (with glass that is safe to cut), and cut it at a suitable height to make a new glass cup out of (and discard the top of the glass bottle.

You can then safely grind and round off the sharp cut portion of the top of the glass so it’s safe to drink from – or, you could just use the glass as a decorative glass.

What You Need (Apart From The Dremel Tool):

Cutting and grinding/smoothing bits


7. Engrave, & Cut & Shape Metal Objects

Engraving metal is an easy project.

This video outlines how to engrave metal with a rotary tool

You can create new metal feature objects like a wind chime for example.

You can even grind and smooth existing metal objects, and re-paint them.


7. Jewelry Polishing, Making & Modification

Ideas are limitless here – you can make rings, pendants and necklaces, bracelets, and so on.

You can also polish and shine existing jewelry. This video explains how to polish existing jewelry like rings with a rotary tool

You can engrave names and details into different jewelry surfaces like the back of watches, or the inner or outer surface of a bracelet.


8. Carve/Engrave Candles

Can make a great gift – especially with a nice incense candle.

Can also add a nice effect when you carve into the side of a candle and see the flame from the outside.

What You Need (Apart From The Dremel Tool):

Engraving bits


9. Carve/Cut Pumpkins

Carve or cut pumpkins on halloween with a Dremel tool.

What You Need (Apart From The Dremel Tool):

Carving or cutting bits, or flex shaft attachment


Get More Project Ideas On The Dremel Website

The Dremel website allows you to see a few things:

The first is seeing the activities that each Dremel tool is suitable for e.g. carving, cutting, grinding, and so on. To see that – go into the product description for each tool

Another is filtering projects by project category, or the type of tool that can perform a specific project

You can even filter projects further by tool user skill level (you can filter by beginner level projects for example), or most popular projects


Types of projects you can do might be categorised into the following categories:


Art & Sculptural

Car Care

Craft & Hobby




Home Decor

Home Repair



Laser Engraving

Lawn & Garden






Check out the Dremel site and tools by project type here (click on the ‘find by category’, and ‘find by tool’ sections)


Want More Dremel Project Ideas Ideas? …Check Out These Resources:

Home DZine blog – lots of project ideas, and especially craft ideas you can get started on

Papernstitchblog – Drilled natural stone jewelry tutorial. Great tutorial with lots of instructions and pictures

Homesteading.com – 15 creative Dremel projects

30 Dremel Project Ideas (morningchores.com)


YouTube is also another great place to search for Dremel project ideas, and get visual tutorials for what you are trying to do.

Social media sites like Pinterest can also be great for finding ideas.



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