Dremel 200 vs 3000 Rotary Tools: Comparison

When comparing the Dremel 200 vs the Dremel 3000, you should know that both rotary tools are quite different.

Although both Dremel multi tools are electric/corded, the Dremel 200 is a small 2 speed tool, whilst the Dremel 3000 is a larger, variable speed with more versatility in terms of the applications it can be used for.

In our opinion, the Dremel 3000 presents very good value and is very affordable as a variable speed rotary tool that comes with a kit.

However, if you do want a variable speed tool, it’s certainly worth looking at the Dremel 4000 and Dremel 4300 as well – as both are newer variable speed models in the Dremel range as of May 2017.

Let’s look at a Dremel 200 vs 3000 comparison in more detail, as well as reviews for the tools, and who each tool might be best for.


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Dremel 200 vs 3000: Which Is Better For You?

It depends, do you want a 2 speed small tool, or a variable speed tool which is larger and slightly heavier?

If 2 speed and light, the Dremel 200 is better for you. If variable speed and more versatile, the Dremel 3000 would be better.

To be honest, for the minimal price difference you pay between the two – if you get a flex shaft attachment (very cheap as an extra) with your Dremel 3000, you can do everything with your Dremel 3000 that you would have done with the Dremel 200 anyway … plus more.

So, we think the Dremel 3000 is the better option for most people.

HOWEVER, going one step further, if you are going to get the Dremel 3000, you may as well give the Dremel 4000 VERY strong consideration. Here’s why:

The price difference is very minimal

It’s a newer model

It has better compatibility with Dremel attachments

There are a wider range of kits to choose from

It has better performance specs


You can check out a head to head comparison of the Dremel 3000 and 4000 here.

View the tools here:


Dremel 200 vs 3000: Rotary Tool Comparison


Dremel 200

Type Of Dremel – Two speed speed small electric Dremel tool

Motor RPM – 15, 000 RPM, and 35,000 RPM available

Motor Amp – 1.15 Amps

Motor Voltage – 120 volts

Tool Weight – 1.2 lbs

Cord Length – 6 ft

Kits Available? – Yes

Designed For – Two speed settings allow you to use the low speed setting for cleaning applications and using brush accessories and the high speed setting for routing, cutting and sanding applications 

Other Features – Lightweight, easy to hold, easy to control, two speeds for different types of applications


Dremel 3000

Type Of Dremel – Variable speed electric Dremel tool

Motor RPM – Variable Speed 5,000 to 32,000 RPM

Motor Amp – 1.2 Amps

Motor Voltage – 120 volts

Tool Weight – 1.25lbs

Cord Length – 6ft

Kits Available? – Yes

Designed For – It is designed to perform any application that a Dremel bit is designed for > more versatile than the Dremel 200

Other Features – Variable Speed, versatile applications, Separate On/Off Switch & Speed Dial, Cool Running Ball Bearing Construction, Replaceable Motor Brushes


Dremel 200 vs 3000: Reviews

Dremel 200 Two Speed Small Electric Dremel Tool

View on Amazon

We have written a review and buyer’s guide on the Dremel 200 for you to check out here.

As a summary, we think this tool would be good for:

Jewellery making, arts/crafts, fine woodwork like carving and detailing

Working with soft and thins metals, wood, plastic

High speed tasks like cutting, grinding, routing

Lower speed tasks like cleaning, polishing, buffing etc.

Tasks where you want a lightweight and small electric Dremel tool


Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Electric Dremel Tool

View On Amazon

We have written a review and buyer’s guide on the Dremel 3000 for you to check out here.

As a summary, we think this tool would be good for:

People who want an affordable variable speed Dremel, but are OK with having an older model than the 4000, 4200, and 4300 models

People who want a number of speeds from 5,000 RPM up to 32, 000 RPM

People who want a Dremel tool that accepts all Dremel accessories and most attachments

People who want a Dremel tool that can be used for cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning, carving, routing, sanding and any application that the fitted bits or attachments are designed for

People who who are ok with attaching a flex shaft attachment to perform detailed and fine tasks – similar effect to using the Dremel 200


Dremel 200 vs 3000: Resources

1. https://www.dremel.com



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