Best Dremel Model For Each Type Of User

This is the quick find guide – to find the best Dremel model (rotary tool) for you, and your intended use.

Although a Dremel rotary tool is a finishing task type tool, the different models can perform a very wide range of finishing tasks on different materials.

Whether it’s engraving, carving, cutting off, grinding, sanding, cleaning/polishing, drilling or even trimming dog nails – you’ll find the best Dremel model for you below.


Best Dremel Model: Reviews


Best Corded/Electric Dremel Model

Read more about electric Dremel models such as the latest high performance model – the Dremel 4300, down to the smaller Dremel 200 and 100 models.

If you are looking to compare the Dremel 4000 vs 4200 models, or want a comparison and review for the 4300, you can read those guides.


Best Cordless Dremel Model

Read more about cordless Dremel models such as the high performance Dremel 8220, and the small Dremel 8050.

You might also like to read this guide if you are unsure of whether to get a corded or cordless Dremel model.


Best Dremel Alternative Model

Read more about Dremel alternative models like WEN, Black & Decker and Proxxon.

You might also like a WEN vs Dremel comparison, or to see what the Proxxon compared to the Dremel looks like.


Best Dremel Model For Wood Carving

Read more about Dremel models for wood carving, like the Dremel 9100 Fortiflex for example.


Best Dremel Model For Cutting Metal & Steel

As a finishing tool, Dremel models are mainly good for cutting thinner metals, such as thin sheet metal, and solid metal such as bolts/nuts/screws.

But, regardless of what metal you want to cut, you can read about the best models for a range of metal cutting tasks.

If you are looking for wheel cutting tool which is a bit more heavy duty, check out a die grinder, or an angle grinder.


Best Dremel Model For Engraving

Read more about Dremel models for engraving, whether you’re a crafters, decorator, hobbyist, jewelry maker, DIY’er or professional.


Best Dremel Model For Stone Carving

Read more about Dremel models for stone carving, including for both softer and hard stones.


Best Dremel Model For Crafters

Read more about Dremel models for crafters, for a range of craft activities like etching on cups, to making quote boards, to baby name letters for a nursery.


Best Dremel Model For Jewelry Making

Read more about Dremel models for Jewelry making – like cleaning and polishing rings, making necklaces and pendants and engraving on metals.


Best Dremel Model for Woodworking & Cutting Wood

Dremels can be used on both hard and soft wood surfaces, and for tasks such as light carpentry and furniture making.

Read more about Dremel models for woodworking & cutting wood.


Best Dremel Model For Dog Nails

Read more about Dremel models for dog nails.

You might also like to read about Dremel attachments for dog nails.


Best Dremel Model: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

What Is A Dremel Model?

A Dremel model is one of the models of the Dremel range of rotary tools.

Dremel does have two other ranges – the Saw range, and the Multi-Tool/Oscillating tool ranges.

But, we’re talking about the rotary tool range in this guide.


Types of Dremel Models

Electric Dremel Models

Dremel 4300 High Performance Variable Speed

Dremel 4200 Variable Speed

Dremel 4000 Variable Speed

Dremel 3000 Variable Speed

Dremel 200 Two Speed

Dremel 100 One Speed

Dremel 9100 Forti Flex

Dremel Engraver Tool (not a rotary tool, but a very popular Dremel model)


Cordless Dremel Models

Dremel 8220 Max High Performance

Dremel 8100 Max Rotary Tool

Dremel 8050 Micro

Dremel 7700 MultiPro

Dremel 7300 Minimite

Dremel 7300 PT Tool (pet nail grooming tool)

Dremel 7000 Alkaline


What Is A Dremel Model Used For, and What Does A Dremel Model Do?

Five good examples of what different Dremel models are designed for would be:

Dremel 4300

A variable speed electric Dremel model that accepts all Dremel bits and attachments – using either the chuck or collet system. You can use this model for any finishing task you have the attachments or bits for – engraving, carving, cutting, drilling, cleaning/polishing, sanding and more


Dremel 9100 Forti Flex

A variable speed (foot pedal controlled) high torque, lower speed electric Dremel model. Built with a flex shaft and hand piece. Great for detail tasks – in particular carving, and engraving.


Dremel 200

Two speed small electric Dremel model – good for precision tasks


Dremel 8220

Variable speed cordless Dremel tool for a range of tasks. 12 volt lithium ion battery is designed to last longer for tougher cutting duties like cutting screws and bolts


Dremel 7300 Minimite

Very small Dremel cordless model tool. Great for precise tasks like sanding and grinding, and grooming dog nails


Dremel Model Bits/Accessories & Attachments

Most Dremel models accept most Dremel accessories and attachments

You can read more about Dremel Accessories/Bits, Accessory Kits and Attachments in the guides.


How To Choose A Dremel Model

When determining what a Dremel model can be used for, it’s good to look at four things:

Do you want a corded, or cordless model

The design and intended use of the tool model (bigger, smaller, normal collet/chuck system – or flex shaft and hand piece?)

The features of the model – does it have the required power, and speed (low end speed, high end speed, and range of speeds) for the tasks you want to carry out

The accessories and attachments it is compatible with (effects the types of tasks it can perform)


Best Dremel Model For…

See the best Dremel model guides above in the reviews.


Features To Look For In A Dremel Model

Corded, or cordless tool?

3 jaw chuck system, or collet system?

Bit changing system – wrench, EZ twist cap, EZ change, or 3 jaw chuck?

Number of speed settings?

What is the minimum and maximum RPM’s?

What power (horsepower or Amps) does the tool have?

What batteries does the model take? – lithium ion, Ni-Cd, or alkaline?

What bits and attachments can the model take?

What is the model designed for?

What bits does the model come with?

Does it come with any attachments?

Dos it comes with an accessory, or carry case?


How To Use A Dremel Model

Corded Dremel Model –

  1. Plug the tool in
  2. If a chuck system, most bits and attachments should fit the tool
  3. If a collet system, fit the proper sized collet for the bit you want to use
  4. Make sure the bit is secure, along with any attachments
  5. Set the speed, and begin using the tool


Cordless Dremel Model –

  1. If replaceable batteries, make sure you have backup batteries
  2. If chargeable batteries, make sure the batteries are fully charged – have backup batteries if away from a power source or working for an extended time
  3. If a chuck system, most bits and attachments should fit the tool
  4. If a collet system, fit the proper sized collet for the bit you want to use
  5. Make sure the bit is secure, along with any attachments
  6. Set the speed, and begin using the tool


Best Dremel Model: Resources



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