Best Pin Nailer & Nail Gun In 2023/2024

The best pin nailer & nail gun will be best for lighter finishing tasks around the house.

Pin nailers are usually 23 gauge, and fire the smallest nails compared to finish nails and brad nails.

They are great because they are usually headless nails and not as visible (you usually don’t even need to putty or cover them up). They are also better when trying not to split light, thin or fine materials like delicate trim.

On the flip side, they don’t have as much strength for fixing or holding as a finish or brad nail – especially for heavier and thicker materials like thick crown molding for example.

We aim to save you time and money with the below list of best pin nail gun reviews.

As we said, you can read the top rated list below if you are running short on time.

Otherwise, the full guide contains valuable information if you have a few minutes to browse over it.


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Top Rated Pin Nailer & Nail Gun List

Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer – Hitachi NP35A 1-3/8″ 23-Gauge Pin Nailer (on Amazon)

Best Micro Pin Nailer – Senco 8l0001n Finishpro 23lxp 23 Gauge 2″ Micro Pinner (on Amazon)


Best Pin Nailer & Nail Gun: Reviews

Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer

Best Micro Pin Nailer


Best Pin Nailer & Nail Gun: Buyer’s Guide

Other Names For Pin Nailer

Pin Nail Gun



What Is A Pin Nailer/Nail Gun?

A pin nailer is a gun type tool that is usually pneumatically (air) powered.

This tool shoots pin nails of usually a 23 gauge.

These nails are thinnest and smallest when compared to brad nails and pin nails.

Being that the tool is usually air powered, they run off air compressors.


What Is A Pin Nailer/Nail Gun Used For?

A pin nailer is used for light finishing type activities such as fixing LIGHT moldings, picture frames, assembly trim and cabinetry finishing

The benefit of pin nails is that they are usually headless (no filling the nail hole), and are small enough that they won’t split delicate material or fine wood.


This is in comparison to the larger brad and finish nails – also used for finishing activities – which are stronger, but leave larger holes.


What Does A Pin Nailer Do?

A pin nailer is pretty simple – it shoots pin nails into light materials like thin moldings and fine wood to fix them into other materials.


Types of Pin Nailers/Nail Guns

Pin nailers usually come in two types:

Standard 23 gauge pin nailer – shoots pin nails. Usually 5/8-Inch to 1-3/8-Inch length. Very small head, or headless.

Micro 23 Gauge pin nailer – shoots micro pin nails. Same as the standard pin nails, but are up to 30% thinner in diameter and thickness.


Pin Nailer/Nail Gun Bits & Accessories

Standard pin nails, or micro pins

Air Compressor

Air Hose (for pneumatic nailers)

Oil or lubricant


How To Choose A Pin Nailer/Nail Gun

Firstly, look the work you want to do – is it thin and light, medium duty, or heavier type finish work?

Choose a pin nailer for light, thin and delicate materials, or where you are fixing into fine wood. If you want very thing or micro holes and you don’t need a super strong fixing, a pin nailer will be good.

Then secondly, decide on the following things about your pin nailer based on the work:

1. Decide if you want a standard pin nailer or a micro pin nailer

2. Decide specifically what length and type of pin nails you want to use – check the pin nailer fits them

3. If you have an existing air compressor and you get a pneumatic pin nailer, make sure the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) the nailer uses isn’t too great for the air capacity of your compressor.


Features To Look For In A Pin Nailer

Type of pin nails it shoots – standard or micro

Length and type of nails it shoots

Recommended CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) & PSI (air pressure) of the nailer by the manufacturer is a pneumatic nailer

Whether it comes with an air hose

How many nails it holds

Settings for shooting the nails e.g. sequential or contact nailing, depth of nail drive

Adjustable air exhaust

Look at what the nailer is actually designed for, along with the nails you buy


How To Use A Pin Nailer

  1. Load the nail magazine
  2. Lubricate/oil the hose and gun
  3. Attach the air hose
  4. Set the air pressure on the compressor
  5. Adjust the settings of the gun – type of nail shooting, depth of nail shooting etc.
  6. Mark or set out where you will be fixing
  7. Turn the gun on, or turn the compressor on
  8. Use the pin nailer


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