Best Solar Attic Fan In 2022/2023

The best solar attic exhaust fan for your home will depend on a few factors.

Size of area you want to ventilate, where the fan will be installed, and size of the solar panels are among some the main factors.

Regardless, we’ve run through all those factors and more clearly for you in this quick to read, simple guide – with solar attic fan reviews, a top rated list, and a buyer’s guide with lots of additional valuable information.

You’ll be able to choose the best solar powered roof fan for your intended use and situation.

Let’s have a look!


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Top Rated Solar Attic Fan List

Best Solar Attic Fan – Natural Light 36 Watt Solar Attic Fan (on Amazon) – roof mounted


Best Cheap Solar Attic Fan: There are two cheap options…

1. Durabuild 527S-DUB-106-BLK Roof Mount 20 Watt Solar Powered Attic Fan (on Amazon) – roof mounted

2. Brightwatts 24 Watt Galvanized Steel Solar Gable Attic Fan (on Amazon)  – gable mounted


NOTE: the Natural Light and Durabuild are ROOF mounted, whilst the Brightwatts is GABLE mounted.


Best Solar Attic Fan: Reviews

Natural Light 36 Watt Solar Attic Fan – 25 Year Warranty and Florida Rated

View On Amazon

What’s Good About This Solar Attic Fan/What Are The Features?

  • Comes in 12, 24, 36 & 60 Watt models – but, this is the 36 Watt model we’re reviewing
  • One 36 watt fan model is designed for ventilating 2625 square feet of attic space
  • Moves up to 1628 cubic feet per minute
  • 36 watt fan model is only for 3/12 to 12/12 pitch roofs. (this unit is not for flat roofs or side wall mounting). NOTE – some of the other models can be installed on flat roofs, sloped roofs, asphalt, tile, clay, and wood shake – but are mostly installed on standard residential roofs that are flat or pitched
  • 25 Year warranty on the complete system
  • SHOULD qualify for tax credits in the US – but check in your state first
  • Florida rated for florida weather (but can be used in other states too)
  • Installation should only take an hour or two for most roofs
  • Can also be installed on sheds, barns, workshops, detached garages and lofts
  • Available additional accessories include thermal snap switch, fire safety cutoff switch, garage vent kit, remote solar panel, flashing skirt for tile roofs
  • Available flashing colors are powder-coated gray and powder-coated black satin
  • DC motor
  • Fan casing is black


What Could Be Better About This Solar Attic Fan?

  • Because this fan is high quality, it is not the cheapest fan on the market
  • Metal fan means it does make some noticeable noise when its running full speed – but it’s loud, its just noticeable


What Else Might You Need With This Solar Attic Fan?

Some people might choose to get the following with this solar attic fan:


Where Can You Check Out This Solar Attic Fan?

View the Natural Light 36 Watt Solar Attic Fan on Amazon


Natural Light 24 Watt Solar Attic Fan – 25 Year Warranty and Florida Rated

To check out the smaller 24 Watt Natural Light Solar Attic Fan:

View the 24 Watt Natural Light Solar Attic Fan On Amazon


Best Solar Attic Fan: Buyers Guide & FAQ

What Is A Solar Attic Fan?

A fan system, powered by a solar panel instead of mains electricity, that is mounted to the roof of a house.

There are also garage ventilation fans that are sometimes referred to as attic roof fans too.


Types Of Solar Attic Fans

There are the following types of solar attic fans that are differentiated by where they are mounted:

Roof mounted

Curb Mounted

Gable Mounted

Garage Exhaust Vents


They can then be further categorised by:

What wattage the solar panel is – 12, 24, 36, 60 etc.


What Does A Solar Attic Fan Do?

A solar powered attic fan ventilates, or circulates the air in the attic/air space immediately below the level of your roof.

It moves hot air and moisture out of the attic space.


Which Solar Attic Fan To Get – How To Choose?

Consider the answers to the following questions to decide which solar attic fan to get:

1. What is the size of the total air space (m3) you want to ventilate?

2. What type of roof do you have? (flat, pitched, tiled etc.)

3. Where do you want to mount the fan? (roof, box gable, curb, garage side wall etc.)

4. What size solar panel do you want?

5. How many years warranty do you want on both the fan and panels?

6. Do you want a model that might qualify for tax credit?

7. Do you want a model rated to Florida weather?


Solar Attic Fans Bits & Accessories

A solar attic fan usually comes with all the necessary installation hardware, however some common extra accessories some people get are:


Fire safety devices,

Turret extensions,

Roof flashing kits


Features & Things To Consider With A Solar Attic Exhaust Fan

What sort of roof can they be installed on? – usually single shingle pitched roofs are suitable

Is any wiring required?

Can they be installed by you, or do you need an electrician and/or roofer to install?

How many square feet does it ventilate?

What is the voltage and amperage of the motor?

What voltage is the solar panel?

What is the warranty for the motor?

What is the warranty for the solar panel?

Does the product qualify for a tax rebate?

How many of these solar attic fans are recommended per cubic metre of attic space you have – do you need multiple units?

Is the running noise level of the motor quiet or loud?

What other accessories are available to purchase for the model of solar attic fan you want?


How To Install Solar Attic Fan

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for installation guidelines and best practice

Check to see whether professional installation by an electrician, roofer or licensed professional is required


Best Solar Attic Fan: Resources

1. (Natural Light Solar Attic Fans)




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