Best Micro Pin Nailer

In case a regular pin nail isn’t small enough for you, this guide identifies the best micro pin nailer.

Micro pin nails have the advantage of being around 20-30% thinner in diameter than a regular pin nail.

This means ultra small nail holes that are barely visible, and a nail that will almost certainly not split fine materials if you’re worried about that.

Let’s jump into it …


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Top Rate Micro Pin Nailer List

Best Micro Pin Nailer – Senco 8l0001n Finishpro 23lxp 23 Gauge 2″ Micro Pinner (on Amazon)


Best Micro Pin Nailer: Reviews

Senco 8l0001n Finishpro 23lxp 23 Gauge 2″ Micro Pinner

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What’s Good About This Pin Nailer?

  • Designed for finishing and woodworking tasks…designed not to split materials, and to require no touch up work of the nail holes
  • Can shoot 1/2″ – 2″ long straight micro pin nails
  • Weighs only 2.7 pounds
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • 70-110 PSI operating pressure
  • Sequential actuation nail shooting – for precision
  • 1.2 (SCFM) air consumption – how much air it consumes per minute
  • 100 Nail magazine capacity


What Are Some Potential Improvements?

  • There is no nail setting depth adjustment on the tool – can only adjust the pressure of your compressor


What Else Might I Need With This Pin Nailer?

2 Inch Micro Pin Nails – Senco A102009 23-Gauge x 2-Inch Electro Galvanized Headless Micropins (on Amazon)

Pancake Air Compressor –PORTER CABLE 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor Kit (on Amazon)


Where To Check Out This Pin Nailer?

View the Senco 8l0001n Finishpro on Amazon


Best Micro Pin Nailer: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is A Micro Pin Nailer?

A micro pin nailer is a nail gun that shoots micro pin nails.

These nail guns are usually powered by an air compressor.


Micro Pin Nailer vs. Standard Pin Nailer – What’s The Difference?

Micro pin nails differ to standard pin nails in the following ways mainly in the type of pin nails they shoot.

Compared to a standard pin nail, micro pin nails are usually thinner in diameter and thickness by about 20-30%.

For reference, standard pin nails are usually around 0.025 inches inches in diameter.

Micro pin nails come in lengths of 5/8 inches to 2 inches.


What Is A Micro Pin Nailer Used For?

The biggest benefit of micro pin nails is that because they are so small, thin and headless – you can barely see the nail holes.

There’s almost no chance they will split a material if you’re worried about that with say a regular pin nail, brad nail or finish nail.

You really do have to take into account how thin and lightweight micro pin nails are though.

They should only be used on the most lightweight, thin, delicate and fine materials (fine woods for example). Even consider only using them for temporary holding purposes only, or as a supplement to regular pin nails or other types of fixings.

Micro pin nailers can be used for the following activities/materials:

Small decorative trim

Lightweight Picture frames

Delicate molding

Holding two materials together while glue is setting on them, so you don’t have to hold them together yourself


Micro Pin Nailer Bits & Accessories

Micro Pin Nails

Air compressor

Air hose


How To Choose a Micro Pin Nailer

Refer to the pin nailer guide.


Features To Look For In A Micro Pin Nailer

Refer to the pin nailer guide.


Best Micro Pin Nailer: Resources




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