5 Reasons You Would Buy A Folding Solar Panel (Benefits)

Folding solar panels are a great option for those particularly looking for portable power when going off-grid.

One of the best things about folding solar panels is that they basically require no installation.

There’s usually minimal or no set up involved, and packing away the panels is usually just as easy.

We’ve put together 5 reasons why you might buy folding solar panels which you can read about below.

Let’s look at those benefits now …


Benefits of Folding Solar Panels: 5 Reasons You Would Buy A Folding Solar Panel

1. Come in a range of sizes

Folding solar panels, unlike say flexible solar panels or portable rigid solar panels, come in a wide array of sizes.

This is because there are small folding solar panels, which you can carry around with you – these range generally from 4 Watts up to around 40 watts.

And then there are large folding solar panels, which are more for setting up and leaving in the one place – these can be anywhere from 50 Watts up to 300 Watts (sometimes more).


2. Can be used for a range of applications

Folding solar panels, because of their array of sizes (both their physical size, and the number of watts they have), can be used for a range of activities and applications.

The smaller solar panels are ultra portable and very useful for activities like hiking, backpacking, kayaking and canoeing etc.

You can essentially attach them to a strap on your backpack, plug in you device and they start charging.

These smaller folding solar panels are better for small 12 volt DC devices like phones, tablets, radios, lights etc.

The large folding solar panels, which are sometimes called solar suitcases, generally come in a carry case.

You fold them out, attach the appropriate cables and connections, and can hook them up to an Rv, car, van, boat, bike etc.

This makes them good for the bigger batteries and applications like camping, boating, RV’ing etc. – they essentially fold out with metal stand on the ground and charge your large 12 volt battery from one position.


3. Require no installation

Both small and large folding solar panels require essentially no installation.

Small folding panels you clip or attach to a backpack, bike or canoe for example – and unclip, or unmount when you’re finished.

The larger folding solar panels will require some setup – usually cables, connectors and a solar controller.

But, with the large folding solar panels you won’t have to mount them with brackets like you do a rigid solar panel – they can be detached/disconnected, packed away and used again in another location.


4. Very portable

The small solar panels are very lightweight, and you can usually plug a USB connection straight into them. This makes them very portable.

The large folding solar panels are portable in the sense that they can be temporarily set up, and transferred to another location where you want to use them.

They are similar to flexible solar panels in this way.


5. Can be used off grid or on-grid

The large solar panels can be used off-grid, but also on grid if you have a plug in inverter cable.


Where to read more about folding solar panels?

You can read more in this folding solar panels guide if you are interested.

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