Goal Zero 12004 Nomad 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel: Review

When it comes to off grid solar panels, the smaller 6-30 watt folding solar panels are the most portable and versatile in terms of applications.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you find this short guide useful – a Goal Zero 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel Review!

They are great for charging small handheld battery devices, and USB devices.

This solar panel can be used for hiking, backpacking, kayaking, bike touring – anything really!

Let’s have a look in more depth …


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Goal Zero 12004 Nomad 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel: Review

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel

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What’s Good About The Goal Zero Nomad 20 Watt Panel?

  • 20 Watt power system – as an ESTIMATION only – will fully charge an average smartphone in 3-4 hours. Larger items like tablets and the regenerators take longer
  • Rated at 18 volts – so it can power 12 volt DC batteries
  • Weight is only jus tover 2 pounds
  • Can be used for a range of activities from hiking, backpacking, kayaking, camping, RV’ing, survival type situations and more!
  • Easy to attach to other objects like a backpack for example – has stitched on loop for attachment
  • When this panel folds up it’s small enough to fit in a bag/backpack
  • Monocrystalline panel technology – mono and poly crystalline panels are better in direct sunlight than other types of panels
  • Highly portable and lightweight – can be carried around with you
  • Built in junction box and smart charge chip – no external extra charging equipment need (bigger panels might need a solar controller for example)
  • Can charge both USB devices like smartphone, and small handheld battery devices like radios and GPS systems
  • If you buy a Goal Zero recharger – you can store sun energy during the day, and use it again whenever you like
  • Very durable and weather resistant to rain and snow
  • Can chain up/stack with other panels
  • Unfolded dimensions are – 30.5 x 12.99 x 0.98 inches
  • Folded dimensions are – 8.5 x 12.99 x 0.98 inches


Any Drawbacks?

  • You’ll need to buy a regenerator separately if you want one
  • Some iphones and Apple products might require you to get a small cheap adapter charger separately to plug into the panel if the USB connection gives you issues


What Else Might You Need With This Panel?


Where To Check Out This Panel?

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Goal Zero 12004 Nomad 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel: Buyer’s Guide

Who Are Goal Zero?

Goal Zero are a well established sustainable energy company.

Part of the proceeds from Goal Zero sales go towards combating illiteracy, poverty and hunger in under-developed countries.

Having been around for years, they have the resources to have developed their range of system which power USB, AC and DC devices.


What Do They Do Well With Their Solar Panels?

Goal Zero are not your one-person pop up sustainable energy company.

They are very successful, and have a diverse and extensive range of both portable power panels, and accessories.

They have made their mark by doing only the highest quality products.

Their extensive range of regenerators is also impressive – with portable solar panel users often buying Goal Zero regenerators for alternate brand panels.


What Could Be Improved With Their Panels?

Because of the nature of portable energy, and the quality of the Goal Zero products, they do not come cheap.

As a personal opinion, we’d like to see a dedicated completely waterproof panel from Goal Zero – the current panels are sometimes water resistant, but not completely waterproof.


What Would You Use The 20 Watt Panel For Specifically?

The 20 Watt panel is perfect for quick charging a smart phone, or longer charge times for tablets and solar battery regenerators.

The only activity we can think of where a different small portable solar panel might be better would be kayaking.

Read this guide for solar panels for kayaking.


Are There Any Other Small Folding Solar Panel Brands To Look At?

There are alot! Anker, Nektek and Big Blue are just some of the more popular brands that do similar lightweight, portable, and folding solar panels around that 6-30 Watt range.


Goal Zero 12004 Nomad 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel: Resources

1. https://www.goalzero.com.au



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