WEN 6 Inch Jointer Review

By skimming through this WEN Jointer Review, you should know exactly whether this benchtop jointer is for you.

To save your time, in summary, the WEN is a cheaper, 6 inch, regular cutter head, electric benchtop jointer.

The WEN 40160H-CT 6″ is one of the cheapest bench top jointers out there, but in our opinion, the Cutech 6 inch benchtop jointer is the best cheap benchtop jointer on the market at the moment.

The WEN would really suit someone on a tight budget.

If that sounds like the type of jointer you are after, read on!


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WEN 6 Inch Bench top Jointer

If you don’t have time to read the review and buyer’s guide, you can check out the jointer and price here…

View the WEN 6560 10-Amp 6-Inch Benchtop Jointer with Filter Bag on Amazon


WEN Jointer Review

WEN 6560 10-Amp 6-Inch Benchtop Jointer with Filter Bag

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What’s Good About It?

  • Extremely cheap
  • Easy to move around – fairly portable
  • 6-1/4 x 28-1/2 inch table
  • Cast iron base
  • 10 Amp Motor
  • Will do 20,000 cuts per minute
  • Two-blade 6-1/8 inch Cutterhead
  • 22-3/4 x 4-1/2 inch fence bevels up to 45 degrees in either direction (can perform mitred cuts)
  • Infeed table can be adjusted anywhere from 0 to 1/10 of an inch to adjust depth of cut
  • Includes dust port, filter bag, push stick and push block


What Could Be Improved?

  • Restricted by the length and width of timber you can efficiently put through this jointer
  • Fence and table won’t fail on you – but the fence can be out a little bit when referencing (not for the most precise cuts, and the table can sometimes not be completely flat
  • Dust bag doesn’t really do much – fills very quickly


What Else Might You Get With It?

  • A separate benchtop planer tool if you want one (to use after you are finished cutting/milling the timber). We will link you to our article on Best Planer 2017-18: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews soon.
  • HTC Adjustable Mobile Base (on Amazon)-Mobile base for moving your jointer around
  • You might also consider a dust collection system like a shop vac


Where To Check It Out?

View the WEN 6560 10-Amp 6-Inch Benchtop Jointer with Filter Bag on Amazon


WEN Jointer: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The WEN Jointer?

The WEN 6560 is an electrical 6 inch straight cutterhead benchtop jointer.


Who Is The WEN Jointer For?

People who want a cheaper benchtop jointer

People who can accept there are a few little design flaws because of the price

People who want a small and mobile jointer


Who Is The WEN Jointer Not For?

People who want an 8 inch jointer or bigger production type jointer

People who want a spiral or helical cutter

Users who want a long bench, or high quality jointer with the best features and design


WEN Jointer – Bits & Accessories

Planer would be optional

Mobile base would be optional

Some type of dust system would be optional


WEN Jointer: Resources

1. http://www.wenproducts.com/



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