Rockwell rk3440k Versacut vs rk3441k Comparison: Which Is Better?


If you’re weighing up which small circular saw to get from Rockwell, you’ll like this guide.

We put together a Rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k Comparison where we discuss which handheld electric miniature saw tool might be better for you.

We outline the similarities and differences of each tool as well.

Let’s jump straight into it


Rockwell rk3440k Versacut vs rk3441k Comparison: Which Is Better?


Rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k: Summary – Which Might Be Better For You?

  • We like the rk3441k better overall
  • It has a a larger cut capacity as it takes larger diameter blades, can perform miter/angled cuts, doesn’t require pressing down to expose the blade, and has a higher Amperage.
  • The price difference is not that large
  • It doesn’t have the laser guide and is very slightly heavier than the Versacut by about 1.5 lbs though – so if a cheap saw, laser guide and a lighter tool are your preference, you might like the Versacut

You can view each saw here:

View the Rockwell rk3441k Compact Circular Saw on Amazon

View the Rockwell Versacut on Amazon (rk3440k)


Rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k: Differences

  • The rk3441k takes only the larger 4 1/2 diameter blades, whereas the Versacut takes 3 3/8 inch diameter blades
  • The rk3441k can do angled and mitre cuts, whereas the Versacut can’t
  • The rk3441k doesn’t require you to press down on the saw to expose the blade, whereas the Versacut does
  • The rk3441k has a 5.0 Amp motor, whereas the Versacut has a 4.0 Amp motor
  • The rk3441k is heavier at around 5 lbs, compared to the Versacut weighing 3.4 lbs
  • The rk3441k has guide markings on the fence, whereas the Versacut has a laser guide
  • The rk3441k doesn’t come with a case, whereas the Versacut does


Rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k: Similarities

  • Both are classified as compact circular saws
  • Both are saws for light, thinner, shorter and quicker cuts. They are not intended for heavy jobs or big cuts
  • Both have a safety trigger
  • Both has a max cutting depth of 1-11/16″
  • Both are 120 volt
  • Both run at 3,500 RPM at no load
  • Both have the dust collection attachment


Rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k: Features Of Each Saw, and Reviews

You can read quick, simple reviews of each circular saw in these guides:

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