Right Angled Die Grinder vs Straight Die Grinder: Which To Get?

If you’re looking at die grinders, you might want to know the difference between a right angled die grinder vs a straight die grinder.

We already discussed the differences between air die grinders and electric die grinders, but now we are talking about the head shape (the head is where you attach and de-tach bits and accessories).

Some people who use die grinders will tell you they have only ever used straight die grinders (also called inline die grinders).

Others will tell you they swear by angle die grinders for specific tasks.

In terms of which die grinder is best for you, it really depends on the tool itself, and your situation …


Right Angled Die Grinder vs Straight Die Grinder: Which To Get?


What Is A Straight Die Grinder?

A straight die grinder has a head that runs parallel to the tool shaft. From side on it looks like a straight line.


What Is An Angle Die Grinder?

An angle die grinder has a head that runs at a right angle to the tool shaft. From side on it looks like the letter L.


Angle Die Grinder vs Straight Die Grinder – Which Is Better?

Most die grinders come as straight die grinder models.

However, some die grinders do come with the angled head.

Manufacturers will tell you that angled die grinders are better for getting into tight and confined spots, but, what about where the opening to the spot you want to get into is thin?

A straight head will be thinner than an angled head in this instance.

It is true that an angled head might give you more control and precision with the way you hold it (you essentially hold it like a clothes iron).

But, think about the shape of the die grinder (straight or angled head), and the angles and space you have in the working areas you want to work in, and make your mind up from there.

Once you have thought logically about what shaped head will suit the applications you want the tool for, then look at tool specs like horsepower, RPM, weight, length, CFM (if an air tool) etc. to see that the tool has the necessary performance for the job.

You can read more about angle die grinders and straight die grinders in this guide if you want to know the best options.

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