What Is A Pencil Die Grinder, & What Are It’s Uses?

There are a few different types of die grinders, but here we will run you through what you need to know about a pencil die grinder, including a pencil die grinder’s uses.

Also called a micro die grinder, these die grinders have a very small pencil-like shaft, and are mainly used for smaller and lighter tasks.

They aren’t as big as a regular straight or angle die grinder.

Chicago, Astro and Neiko are all compact/pencil die grinder manufacturers.


Pencil Die Grinder: What Is A Pencil Die Grinder + Uses


What is a Pencil Die Grinder?

A pencil die grinder is also referred to as a mini or compact die grinder.

They are characterised by their thin, small, and light pencil like shaft. Most of them are air powered (with an air hose and a air compressor that has the suitable air capacity).

Because of how small the collet and bits are, they spin extremely fast – almost double the speed of a regular die grinder.

The average pencil die grinder may have the following broad specs:

50,000 to 60,000 RPM

1/8 Inch Collet

5 1/4 inch in length

1/4 pound to 1 pound in weight

4.2 CFM

Noise Level: 73~75 dB

Vibration level: 0.07 m/s2

Air Pressure: 90-120 Psi

Hose Length: 5 Feet


As a comparison, you can read more here for the specs and features of the average electric and air die grinders.


What is a Pencil Die Grinder used for?

A pencil die grinder can accept most bits and accessories that fit with a 1/8 inch collet.

Examples of these bits might be diamond burrs with different shaped heads.

Because of their size, pencil die grinders are good for cleaning and polishing of jewellery, getting into small parts, lapidary, or any hobby and craft type activity.

For automotive and metal use in particular, you might use it for cleaning of dies, rotors, backing plates, brake pads, mounts plus other parts.

Where a regular electric or air die grinder may be too big, a pencil die grinder can get into smaller spaces, and also give you that extra precision, control and accuracy.


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