PORTER CABLE 6 Inch Benchtop Jointer Review

This Porter Cable Benchtop Jointer Review should give you all the information for you to know if this is the best cheap jointer for you.

To save your time, in summary, the PORTER CABLE is an affordable, 6 inch, two knife cutter head, electric benchtop jointer.

It would really suit a beginner woodworker, or someone looking for a cheap jointer.

Although the PORTER CABLE isn’t bad, we do like the Cutech jointer, and Delta jointer as competition in the 6 inch jointer range – you might like to check them out.

If that sounds like the type of jointer you are after, read on!


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Porter Cable 6 Inch Benchtop Jointer

If you don’t have time to read the review and buyer’s guide, you can check out the jointer and price here…

View the PORTER CABLE PC160JT 6 Inch Benchtop Jointer On Amazon


Porter Cable Benchtop Jointer Review

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT 6 Inch Benchtop Jointer

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What’s Good About It?

  • Affordable
  • Small, light and mobile compared to more expensive jointers
  • 10 Amp, 120 volt motor
  • Has a variable 6,000 to 11,000 rpm Speed Range
  • Two knife cutter head with jack screw knife leveling arrangement for easy replacement and adjustment of knives
  • Cuts up to 6 inch wide boards, and table length is 30 inches
  • Has a centre mounted fence for better support through out your cut
  • Fence is 19.75-in L x 4.25-in W, and is aluminium
  • Fence is adjustable and tilts 45 degrees for mitre cuts
  • Max cutting depth is 0.125 inches
  • Weighs only 35lbs


What Could Be Improved?

  • Like all the cheaper benchtop jointers – the fence isn’t super sturdy. You will need to set it in place and leave it to be efficient with your time, because adjusting the fence can be a pain
  • Cast iron would be a better material to make the metal on this jointer from – but it’s ok as it is


What Else Might You Get With It?

  • A separate planer machine for your jointed wood
  • A shop vac for dust collection
  • A mobile base would be optional


Where To Check It Out?

View the PORTER CABLE PC160JT 6 Inch Benchtop Jointer On Amazon


Porter Cable 6 Inch Benctopn Jointer: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The PORTER CABLE Jointer?

A 6 inch, variable speed, electric benchtop jointer with a dual blade cutterhead.


Who Is The PORTER CABLE Jointer For?

Beginners or those on a budget

Those looking for a 6 inch jointer

Those who don’t want a helical cutterhead

Those looking for a small, mobile, lightweight jointer


Who Is The PORTER CABLE Jointer Not For?

Those looking for a production type jointer for big boards

Those looking for a jointer that does boards more than 6 inches wide

Those looking for a helical cutter jointer

Those looking to cut thick, or heavy boards


PORTER CABLE Jointer – Bits & Accessories

Shop vac for dust collection

Separate planer machine


Porter Cable Benchtop Jointer: Resources

1. http://www.portercable.com/



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