What Is A Die Grinder

What Is A Die Grinder

Die Grinders are really not well known to most of the general public. If you work with steel fabrication or cars a lot though, you probably own one of these tools, or at least are very familiar with them. This is a very short post to explain What a die grinder is, how a die … Read more

Dremel Alternatives: What Are Your Options? (Rotary & Flex Shaft Tools)

Dremel Alternatives: What Are Your Options?

When it comes to rotary tools for finishing type tasks, some people swear by Dremel, whilst others want some other alternatives. As far as rotary tools go, there’s 3 main types of Dremel alternatives you’d want to look at. These are: Cheap Dremel Alternatives Performance Dremel Alternatives Flex shaft Dremel Alternatives Let’s look at them … Read more

Dremel Engraver Review & Buyer’s Guide (290-01 Kit)

Dremel Engraver Review & Buyer's Guide (290-01 Kit)

As we mention in this Dremel Engraver review, this specialty Dremel tool is for people who want to engrave, decorate, or personalise a range of materials. Stone, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, soft wood, craft pieces and jewellery are among the common materials and items it can be used on. The tool itself is very lightweight, … Read more

Dremel 7000 Review & Buyer’s Guide (6 Volt Rotary Tool)

Dremel 7000 Review & Buyer's Guide (6 Volt Rotary Tool)

The Dremel 7000 is the smallest tool in the cordless Dremel range. For the affordable price, if you just want a super small and convenient rotary tool to perform light tasks around the house, it’s a worthwhile purchase. Examples of tasks you might perform with it include cleaning, polishing, grinding, sharpening and sanding, or trimming the dogs … Read more