Goxawee Rotary Tool vs Dremel: Comparison


Below, we compare the Goxawee rotary tool (specifically the G4007) vs Dremel’s rotary tools.

We outline the main differences and similarities of each, along with the main features.

We also consider which brand might be better to get.


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Goxawee Rotary Tool, & Dremel Rotary Tools

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing each model here before viewing the information in the guide below:


Goxawee G4007 Rotary Tool Kit (on Amazon)



Because Dremel has a range of rotary tools to choose from, we put together a separate guide of some of the best Dremel rotary tools in this guide

If you want to go straight to viewing a rotary tool from Dremel that is reasonably versatile (like the Goxawee is), a popular ‘all around’ rotary tool is the Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool (on Amazon)


Goxawee Rotary Tool vs Dremel: Which To Get?

For the sake of doing a direct comparison, we’ve compared the Goxawee rotary tool to the Dremel 4000 rotary tool.

When comparing these two models, you might consider the following:

You may get the Goxawee G4007 if you want a cheaper, but still versatile rotary tool for a range of activities, and that comes with a range of accessories and attachments in the standard kit

If you’re happy with it’s potential drawbacks and limitations, it may actually provide some value for money because of it’s versatility and what is included in the kit

Another ‘affordable’ rotary tool option other than the Goxawee might be a WEN rotary tool though

However, you may get the Dremel if you’re happy to pay a bit more for a greater range of features, higher Amperage on the tool motor, a transparent clear limited warranty on the tool (we couldn’t immediately find whether Goxawee offered a similar warranty to Dremel), and a more detailed product manual

The Dremel bits/accessories may also be better quality and more durable than the Goxawee bits/accessories – although, we can’t definitively confirm this

Overall, Dremel provides a larger/wider range of rotary tools to choose from, from a more established brand

Both Goxawee and Dremel rotary tools are more for ‘finishing’ type works, and lighter activities like crafting and DIY


Goxawee Rotary Tool vs Dremel: Differences

The major difference between Goxawee and Dremel rotary tools is that Goxawee currently only offers 1 to 2 main rotary tool models (a corded, and a cordless model).

Dremel on the other hand offers a large range of both corded and cordless rotary tools, with each model offering different features and capabilities.

Dremel is also a much more established and larger brand/company than Goxawee.

If you want to compare the features of an individual Dremel model with the Goxawee, you can see some of the most popular Dremel models in this guide.


Goxawee Rotary Tool vs Dremel: Features

Goxawee G4007

A corded/electric rotary tool

Is 1.3 Amps

Rated input power is 130W

Is 110-120 volts

Is variable speed – speed can be adjusted from 8,000 to 30,000 RPM

Can be used for a range of activities depending on what bits/accessories are used in the tool – can be used for cutting, sanding, drilling, grinding, and more

Is mainly a rotary tool for crafting and hobbling, and lighter activities

Uses a keyless 3 Jaw Universal Chuck for bits/accessories. The chuck needs to be adjusted/tightened with the spanner/wrench

Can accept bits/accessories with a 1/64” to 1/8” shank

Has a storage box to store bits and accessories

Currently comes in a kit with 140 accessories

Comes with a flexible shaft attachment that can be used for activities that require precision

Comes with a few other attachment too

No details that we could find on a warranty or a limited warranty apart from any return policy that is available with the seller

The instructions that come with the tool may be lacking in detail, and may not be comprehensive


What About The Goxawee Mini Cordless Rotary Tool?

Goxawee also offers a cordless rotary tool model, which you can view here:

Goxawee G5225 Mini Cordless Rotary Tool (on Amazon)


However, we chose to feature Goxawee’s corded model in this guide instead as it is the more popular model of the two on some online selling platforms, and, we also think there might be better cordless rotary tool options available on the market to choose from, such as Dremel’s cordless rotary tools.




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