Intex Excursion vs Seahawk vs Mariner vs Challenger vs Explorer Boat Comparison


This is a comparison guide of the Intex Excursion vs Seahawk vs Mariner vs Challenger vs Explorer boats.

We list the main differences and similarities of these boats.

We also link to individual guides of each kayak where you can read more about the individual features of each kayak.

Let’s take a look!


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Intex Excursion vs Seahawk vs Mariner vs Challenger vs Explorer Boat Comparison

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Intex Inflatable Boats – Summary, & Which To Get

There’s a couple of ways to look at what inflatable boat to get from this Intex range …


The first way to decide what boat to get would be to look at how many people will be using the boat

The Excursion is the only model designed to fit up to 5 people (and also has the highest carrying capacity in terms of weight)

The Excursion, Mariner, and Seahawk all have 4 people capacities available

All models have the capacity to fit 3 people or less in the boat

Having said that, for each model, you have to check the weight limit/weight capacity, and also the dimensions/size of the boat to make sure you can fit the number of people, and mass of people you want in the boat


The second way to decide what boat to get would be to look at the price, features and design/layout of each boat

The Excursion and Mariner both have the most features, and are currently the most expensive models, but the Excursion currently has a higher carrying capacity, and has a different internal layout with a seat at either side of the boat, compared to the Mariner which has spaced out seating along the length of the boat

Both the Excursion and Mariner have integrated fishing rod holders, motor mount fittings, a gear pouch, decent storage space, and are reasonably sturdy in their construction material compared to cheap inflatable boats

They are both made of heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl, and the Mariner has a rock guard on the hull

The Seahawk and Challenger models are the mid price/mid tier models.

The Seahawk 4 may actually be one of the better value for money options for what it offers in terms of features and it’s price point

It has fishing rod holders, motor mount fittings for up to a 1.5HP motor, a gear pouch, handles, and open boat design, and is made of heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl

Although, the Seahawk 4 it designed to carry slightly less weight than the Mariner 4 at the moment, and it doesn’t have the rock guard that the Mariner has.

The Seahawk models all include integrated fishing rod holders, and motor mount fittings. Whereas, when going down to the Challenger models, only the Challenger 3 has motor mount fittings, and both the Challenger 2 and 3 don’t have fishing rod holders

The Explorer models are the cheapest of all the boat models, with the tradeoffs being that they come with the least features, and also the lowest carrying capacity


It’s worth noting that although the models like the Excursion, Mariner, and Seahawk 4 may currently be made of sturdier than average material/construction, all of these boats are ultimately inflatable boats.

They might be best suited to calmer and flatter water conditions, more casual, recreational and lighter/less intensive boating, and are best kept in minimal contact with rough and sharp objects and surfaces

For more demanding boating, more demanding water conditions, and to remove the risk of punctures altogether, hard boats may be better for those looking for those requirements.


For all these boats, make sure to confirm the warranty and return conditions and policy prior to buying to cover your financial investment, especially for the more expensive models.


Intex Inflatable Boats – Main Differences

Some of the main differences between the boat models might include:



The Excursion and Mariner are currently the most expensive models, the Seahawk is next, then the Challenger, and the Explorer is the cheapest



Each boat is a different color or color pattern, which you can see when you view the product


Internal Boat Layout/Design

Each boat has a slightly different internal layout

The Explorer and Challenger models just have the boat floor inside the boat

The Seahawk has a seat at either end of the boat

The Mariner has three seats spaced out across the length of the boat

The Excursion has two seats either end of the boat, but also a seat or footrest in the middle of the boat



Each model has a different inflated size, and different amount of space/area inside the boat

Generally, the 4 and 5 person boat are the largest (Excursion, Mariner, Seahawk)

The Explorer is the smallest 

You can see the sizes and dimensions of each boat on the product pages


Person Capacity

Each boat has a different max number of people capacity/limit

The Excursion has the highest person limit of 5, with the Excursion, Mariner and Seahawk all having 4 person boats available

The Explorer has a 1 person boat available


Weight Limit/Capacity

The weight limits generally align with the number of people each boat can fit, so they all have different max weight limits

The Excursion currently has the highest weight limit, and the Explorer the least


Inflated Weight Of The Boat

The larger boats weigh more when they are fully inflated


Material Type Used

The Excursion, Mariner, Seahawk and Challenger all use a heavy duty puncture resistant PVC

The Mariner in particular also has a rock guard that lines the circumference of the boat hull, and generally uses a 3 ply construction, and has a heavy duty extruded plastic floor


Number Of Air Chambers

The Excursion, Seahawk and Challenger all use 3 separate air chambers for extra safety and bouyancy

The Explorer has two air chambers


Grab Line

The Explorer is the only boat that doesn’t come with a grab line on the boat, although it does have a grab rope on the front of the boat


Fishing Rod Holders

The Excursion, Mariner, and some of the Seahawk models come with fishing rod holders

Some of the Seahawk models, the Challenger and Explorer don’t come with fishing rod holders


Motor Mounting Fittings

The Explorer is the only model that doesn’t come with motor mount fittings

You’ll need to confirm the HP of the motor that is suitable to use with the boats though



Each model comes with different types and lengths of oars – you have to check the these specifications when you by


Gear Pouch

The Excursion, Mariner, and Seahawk models all come with a gear pouch, whilst the Challenger and Explorer don’t


Intex Inflatable Boats – Main Similarities

Some of the main similarities between the boat models might include:


Types Of Boats They Are

All are inflatable and deflatable boats


What They Are Ideally Used For

Although the Excursion, Mariner and Seahawk models in particular are reasonably well constructed Foran inflatable boat, these boats are ideally used for calm and flat waters (not rough water conditions), recreational and casual boating (not intense or demanding boating), and ideally should come into contact with rough or sharp objects or surfaces to prevent puncturing and damage

Hard boats may be better if you want a boat that doesn’t have some of the limitations that most consumer type inflatable boats have



All come with a manual pump


Oar Holders

All boats have oar holders


Repair Patch

Each model comes with a repair patch (although you should check if you need to purchase additional supplies like glue etc.)


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