Best Jackhammer Bit For Concrete

In this guide, we specifically identify the best jackhammer bit for concrete – cutting, breaking, lifting and removing.

If you plan on doing more than working on concrete, you might find it useful reading a guide about 15 Jackhammer bits and their uses.

We mention bits suitable for other tasks like spades for landscaping and digging, and ashphalt cutters for pavements and roads.


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Top Jackhammer Bit For Concrete List


It’s worth noting that since we published this post, several concrete jackhammer bits are no longer offered on Amazon.

Bosch does however offer some good Hex Hammer steel points and chisels, with one example potentially being the BOSCH HS2161 20 In. Moil Point 1-1/8 In. Hex Hammer Steel (on Amazon)



If the chisels listed below are discontinued when reading this post, please disregard the information below about those chisels and points.


Best Jackhammer Bit For Concrete: Reviews


TR Industrial TR89101 Point and Flat Concrete Chisels

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  • Designed for breaking concrete, digging up clay, backyard & garden landscaping (breaking through dirt, roots and rocks) + more
  • Comes with 1 x pointed bit for general breaking, and 1 x flat chisel for finer and more precise breaking
  • In the TR Industrial range – fits the TR89100, TR89105, TR89300, and TR89305
  • 1.2″ hex shank (look at what size shank your jackhammer takes if not a TR Industrial jackhammer)
  • Bits are both 15 inches long
  • Bits are made of high-grade forged steel



Tooluxe 02625 40Crv Jack Hammer Bit Set

View On Amazon
  • Designed for cutting and/or breaking any hard surface – concrete, rock, clay and more
  • Includes 1 x pointed bit, and 1 x flat chisel bit
  • Made of chromium vanadium steel
  • Bits are both 16 inches long
  • Designed to fit the 02845A Neiko Electric Demolition Jack Hammer
  • Has a rounded shank (not hex) that is slightly smaller than 1 1/8 inch in diameter – these bits fit most popular jackhammer brands like Xtremepower and TR Industrial


Best Jackhammer Bit For Concrete: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is A Jackhammer Bit For Concrete?

As we wrote in our guide about jackhammer bits, there are many shapes of bits for different uses.

The main bits used for concrete are:

A pointed moil/bull point bit – used for breaking concrete

A flat chisel bit – used for more precise breaking of concrete with an edge instead of a point


These bits can be compared to say a spade jackhammer bit, which is used more for digging dirt, clay and general landscaping tasks.

Pointed and chisel bits can still be used for several landscaping tasks like breaking and loosening dirt/clay, breaking roots etc.


What Is A Jackhammer Bit Used For, For Concrete?

Jackhammer bits are used for breaking, cutting, lifting and separating concrete.

Typical examples include:

Breaking or cutting a concrete slab or pavement

Breaking or cutting a concrete wall

Breaking concrete foundation in the ground for a fence post

Breaking concrete steps


Types of Jackhammer Bits

Rad about the main range of jackhammer bits here.


How To Choose A Jackhammer Bit For Concrete

Jackhammer bits for concrete usually either come with the jackhammer, or they come in sets when you buy them separately.

A pointed bit and chisel bit should help you get most concrete related jobs done.

Get a spade bit if you plan on doing lots of digging and landscaping work.


Features To Look For In A Jackhammer Bit For Concrete

Shank fits the accepted shank sizes of your jackhammer

Made of strong steel

Long enough bit for the thickness of the concrete you want to break


How To Use Jackhammer Bits For Concrete

1. Check what size bit shanks your jackhammer accepts

2. Get the relevant bit shank for the concrete breaking task you want to perform

3. Insert the bit into the jackhammer locking mechanism

4. Lock and secure the bit in the jackhammer

5. Begin concrete breaking


Best Jackhammer Bit For Concrete Resources




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