What Is The Best Dremel For Polymer Clay?

Below, we look at whether Dremel rotary tools can be used for polymer clay, and what they might be used for.

We also consider what the best Dremel for polymer clay might be.


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Firstly, What Is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a type modelling clay/putty made of PVC

It’s used by hobbyists, artists, and makers, to make a range of different types of items, such as jewellery (like earrings and pendants), beads, models/figurines, and other handmade items

Once it’s been molded/shaped into a desired object, it is then heated/baked, and it hardens up and cures


Can A Dremel Be Used For Polymer Clay?

A Dremel rotary tool might be used on polymer clay once it’s hardened

Other softer plastic materials and items might melt easily from the friction of a spinning rotary tool bit

But, hardened/cured polymer clay might not face the same issue

Additionally, polymer clay that has been baked/heated for long enough (the time/duration for heating is usually provided by the clay manufacturer) should be hard enough to use a rotary tool on, without it being brittle enough to fall apart or crack


But, you might keep in mind some of the following points:

– Checking with the clay manufacturer/supplier about the best ways to finish the clay when it’s hardened

– Using a Dremel with a low enough RPM speed/setting to minimise the chances of cracking. Higher RPM speeds may increase the chances of damaging the clay


What Can A Dremel Be Used For On Polymer Clay?

A Dremel rotary tool might be used on hardened polymer clay in a number of ways to finish or modify the clay.

Some of those ways might include:

– Sanding (for smoothing)

– Grinding (especially grinding edges to shape it)

– Polishing and buffing

– Drilling

– Engraving and carving


How To Use A Dremel On Polymer Clay

There’s a range of videos online of people using Dremels on different hardened polymer clay items. It might be worth checking out these videos to see how these people use their Dremels 


Best Dremel For Polymer Clay

Some of the best Dremel rotary tools to use for working with polymer clay might be:

Small & Specialized Dremel Rotary Tools

– Dremel Stylo+



– Dremel Lite 7760



Larger, More Versatile Dremel Rotary Tools

– Dremel 4000 Series



– Dremel 3000



– Dremel 8000 Series



Dremel Attachments

– Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment



– Dremel Drill Press Workstation



Dremel Bits/Accessories, & Attachments For Polymer Clay


It depends on what type of activity you are wanting to perform with the Dremel as to what bit/accessory you use.

But, some bits that might be useful to use might be:

– Sanding bands and drums

– Polishing/buffing bits wheels

– Drill bits



Above, we mentioned the Flex Shaft Attachment, and the Drill Press Workstation as potentially suitable attachments for polymer clay




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