Foredom SR vs TX: Which Is Best For You?

If you are looking at flex shaft tools, you’ll want to read over this very short and top the point Foredom SR vs TX comparison.

These tools are Foredom’s main offering int he flex shaft market, and they have distinct differences which set them apart.

At the bottom of this guide, we include a comparison of these tools with the popular Dremel 9100 Fortiflex flex shaft tool too – so you might like to read that too if it interests you.

In our opinion, Foredom’s flex shaft tools are of the highest quality, and definitely feel solid and well manufactured when in hand.

Let’s look at which one would better suit your needs though …


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Foredom SR vs TX: Which Is Best For You?

In general, a flex shaft tool allows a hand piece to sit in your hand that you can control like a pen – allowing detail, precision and accuracy.

The flexible shaft allows you to get in and around on different angles that a regular Dremel type rotary tool wouldn’t allow you to.

For 80-90% of people looking at getting a Foredom flex shaft tool, the SR motor series will be a better option – for woodworking, jewellery making and cleaning, and general precision and fine/detail tasks.

For the other 10-20% of people who want the most power out of a flex shaft tool, the TX will be better (for heavy woodcarving, and tasks that require extra horsepower).


Foredom SR


Foredom TX


Foredom SR vs TX: Differences & Similarities

Foredom SR vs TX Differences

Foredom SR is designed for most regular flex shaft activities like wood carving and jewellery work. TX is designed for heavier tasks like power wood carving and actitivities like porting engines

Foredom SR has 1/5 HP to 1/4 HP (1/6 HP under continuous load), whereas the TX has more power at 1/3 HP

Foredom SR has a max speed up to 18,000 RPM, while the TX has a max speed up to 15,000 RPM

SR comes in both 115 and 230 Volts models, whereas the TX only comes in 115 volts

Foredom SR has 3 main kits available – woodworking, jewellery and general applications. TX only has a base kit and a woodworking kit

The SR is more affordable than the TX – mainly due to the TX’s increased power motor

You’ll most likely have to buy the handpiece separately when you buy a TX, whereas common SR kits come with the handpiece


Foredom SR vs TX Similarities

SR and TX can both run in reverse as well as forwards speeds

Both can accept interchangeable hand pieces with 3 jaw chucks

Both will work with most Dremel bits

Both have a 39 inch long shaft

Both can be hung up on a motor stand

Both can operate with a plastic OR metal food pedal to control speed/RPM


Foredom SR vs TX: Reviews, and Comparison With Other Flex Shaft Tools

Below you can read our guides on the Foredom SR and TX reviews, and a comparison with the Dremel 9100 Fortiflex, which is another popular flex shaft tool.

There is also a short guide we wrote which includes information on one of the cheaper flex shaft tools from SE:

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Foredom SR vs TX: Resources




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