Dremel vs Prusa 3D Printer: Comparison

Below, we compare the Dremel vs Prusa brand 3D printers.

We compare the main differences and similarities, the main features, and also consider which to get.

It’s also worth noting that although we’ve endeavored to include as accurate of a summary of the details of each printer as we can in this guide, we strongly suggest potential buyers separately confirm and do their own due diligence on the exact specifications, capabilities, and inclusions of the printers themselves prior to purchase.

Especially be aware of any potential return policies and/or warranties before you buy (through the seller you buy from), in case for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase.


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Dremel, & Prusa 3D Printers

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing these 3D printers here:


Dremel DigiLab 3D45 (on Amazon)

Dremel DigiLab 3D45 EDU (on Amazon)


Note that Dremel also has the 3D40 and 3D20 DigiLab models, but, we are focussing specifically on the 3D45 model in this guide.



Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D Printer, Pre-Assembled (on Amazon)

Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D Printer, w/ Self Assembly Required (on Amazon)


Dremel vs Prusa: Which To Get?

You might get the Dremel 3D45 if you …

Want a 3D printer for newer through to more advanced users, is pre-assembled, and has some additional features and capabilities compared to what you might find with the Prusa model (we list some of the key features in a separate guide)

As a result though, it might be more expensive than the Prusa model


You might get the Prusa i3 MK3S+ if you …

Want a 3D printer that offers the option for pre-assembly, but also a self assembly option (so, you can choose one of the two options)

Overall, it a good quality printer with all the features you need for different types 3D printing, and prints with a range of different filaments and materials

There are however some notable features it doesn’t have compared to the Dremel, such as not having an enclosure over the build area (the build area is open) as part of the design

You can however currently purchase an ‘enclosure accessory’ separately from Prusa

Having said that, it may be more affordable than the Dremel 3D45 model as a result of not having some of these features and capabilities

So, it might still be good value for money if this type of printer is what you’re looking for


Dremel vs Prusa: Main Differences

Some of the main differences between the Dremel 3D45 and Prusa i3 MK3S+ might be:

– Price

At the time of publishing this guide, the i3 MK3S+ was cheaper than the 3D45


– Pre-assembled vs self assembly options

The 3D45 only has a pre-assembled option to buy, whereas, the i3 MK3S+ has both a pre-assembled and a self assembly option to buy


– Enclosure

The 3D45 come with an enclosed build space, whereas, the i3 MK3S+ has an open build space, and there’s currently a separate ‘enclosure accessory’ that potential buyers can buy from Prusa


– Build areas

The build area of the 3D45 is 10 x 6 x 6.7 inches, and for the i3 MK3S+ it is 9.8 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches


– Build plate material

The 3D45’s build plate material is glass, whereas, whilst the i3 MK3S+ uses removable PEI spring steel print sheets on a hotbed


– Camera monitoring

The 3D45 has a camera for remote monitoring, and the i3 MK3S+ doesn’t


– Software and programs

Both might use different software and programs for printing and slicing


– Upgradability

Prusa specifically makes their 3D printers upgradable in different ways so you may not have to completely buy a new printer in the future, and can upgrade it instead


– Other differences

Plus, additional differences not listed above


Dremel vs Prusa: Main Similarities

Some of the main similarities between these models might be that both:

– Are 3D printers for a range of users

Both printers can be used by newer 3D printer users, through to more advanced users


– Can print with a range of materials/filaments

The 3D45 prints with PLA, PETG, Nylon, & also ECO-ABS

The i3 MK3S+ prints with PLA and flexible materials, and also PETG, ASA, Polycarbonate and Polypropylene 


– Heat

The 3D45 has a heated build plate, and the i3 MK3S+ has a hotbed


– Have other similar features

Such as automatic bed levelling and other shared features


– Warranty

Both have a similar length warranty at least on the main parts of the printer of 1 year. Although, you need to confirm the exact warranty and conditions through the seller prior to buying.

Prusa might offer a longer warranty for users in the EU (up to 2 years), but, check the warranty beforehand

The warranties of both printers might treat consumables, and the main parts of the printer separately

Private vs commercial use of the printer may be treated differently too 


Dremel vs Prusa: Main Features

Dremel DigiLab 3D45, & Other Digilab Models

We’ve listed some of the main features of the 3D45, and the other DigiLab models in a separate guide.


Prusa i3 MK3S+ (Pre-Assembled Version)

A 3D printer that is an upgraded version of the MK3S (has improved first layer calibration, added high-quality Misumi bearings and other improvements)

Comes pre-assembled, and has very little set up required to start using it

Build area is 9.8 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches

Has a heatbed

The heatbed uses removable PEI spring steel print sheets with 3 types of print surfaces: smooth, textured and satin (for different materials and different types of printing)

Has automatic mesh bed levelling

Supports filament auto-loading

Can print objects up to 210 mm in height (8.26 inches)

Designed for a range of materials and filaments – the MK3S+ is fully compatible with PLA and flexible materials, and also PETG, ASA, Polycarbonate and Polypropylene 

Uses open source hardware and firmware

Uses PrusaSlicer as the slicer for the printer

Has a range of safety features for the printer

Prusa makes their printers upgradable, so, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade the printer if you choose

Kit currently comes with PLA filament spool

Prusa offer 24/7 technical support for the product

Currently on their website, Prusa indicates that the printer product has a 2 year warranty in the EU, and 1 year warranty in the rest of the world (ROW). But, confirm the warranty and return conditions with the seller. Also, be aware that any warranty may not extend to consumables.


– Potential Drawbacks

Does not come with an enclosure. Prusa does at this stage offer a separate ‘accessory’ which is the ‘Original Prusa Enclosure’, which is a modular box for the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+. This accessory is an additional cost though.

May lack some of the other features and capabilities of the 3D45



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