Die Grinder vs A Dremel Rotary Tool: What’s The Difference?

A die grinder and a Dremel rotary tool are two different types of tools.

Below, we outline some of the key differences between the two.


Die Grinder vs A Dremel Rotary Tool – Key Differences


Some of the key differences between the two might be …


1. A Brand Of Tool vs A Type Of Tool

Dremel is a brand of tool, known mainly for their rotary tools.

A die grinder on the other hand is not a brand of tool, but rather a type of tool.

So, there are different brands of die grinders.


2. Some Electric Die Grinders Might Be More Powerful, & Better For Heavier Duty Work

Dremel rotary tools are generally designed for lighter duty work

Some electric die grinders on the other hand can be used for much more heavy duty work, such as heavier duty grinding and cutting

They might also be used on tougher materials that are more demanding or harder wearing on the tool, like thicker metals

One of the reasons for this is the power of each of the tools.

As an example of this:

– One of the most powerful Dremel rotary tools right now is the Dremel 4300 – having a 1.8 Amp motor.

– Some die grinders on the other hand have a 4 Amp motor (or sometimes higher)


However, die grinders for lighter duty activities also exist.


3. Some Dremel Tools Might Have Higher Speeds

Different tools have different speeds that the accessories in the tools can spin at, and these speeds can be measured in RPMs.

Some Dremel’s can spin faster and have a wider speed range than some die grinders.

As an example of this:

– Some Dremel’s have a speed range of between 5,000 to 35,000 RPMs

– Some die grinders, despite having a 4 Amp motor rating or higher, operate at a single speed of 25,000 RPM


One reason for the speed difference of some tools might be that the smaller the accessories, the less distance they have to spin (in diameter), and hence the extra speed.


4. Die Grinders Are Generally Bigger

Some heavier duty die grinders are generally larger and heavier tools (in dimensions are weight)

Although, some smaller die grinders exist too.


5. Dremels Are Mainly Electric

Dremels mainly come in electric corded, and also battery operated/cordless models.

Die grinders on the other hand can be either electric, or pneumatic/air powered.

It generally takes more power to run a die grinder for electric versions, and you have to have an air supply/air compressor for the pneumatic models.


Other Notes On Differences

– Die grinders and Dremel tools are both variations of a type of tool called a rotary tool

– They both have the same basic function or use which is to cut, grind, sand, polish etc. via rotational force of the associated bit or disc you attach to the tool

– When the general public refers to a rotary tool, they usually mean a Dremel type rotary tool, as opposed to a Die grinder type rotary tool.

– Although both tools are rotary tools in a technical sense, there are some key differences that set these tools apart


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