Dremel Alternatives: What Are Your Options? (Rotary & Flex Shaft Tools)

Dremel Alternatives: What Are Your Options?

When it comes to rotary tools for finishing type tasks, some people swear by Dremel, whilst others want some other alternatives. As far as rotary tools go, there’s 3 main types of Dremel alternatives you’d want to look at. These are: Cheap Dremel Alternatives Performance Dremel Alternatives Flex shaft Dremel Alternatives Let’s look at them … Read more

17 Tips For Buying The Best Jointer For You

17 Tips For Deciding Which Is To Best Jointer To Buy For You

This is a list of 17 things to look for when picking out which jointer to buy. Obviously, if you are a beginner woodworker, this list will be hugely helpful to you. But, we’ve heard stories of experienced woodworkers ordering 230 volt prewired jointers, only to have 115 volt rated power supplies in their workshop. … Read more

Tips For A Good Camping Solar Power Setup

Tips For A Good Camping Solar Power Setup

If you’re on this page, we don’t have to convince you that camping is great. The smell and sight of the outdoors scenery, the wildlife, the weather (how good is rain on a tent when you’re sleeping!). Despite how relaxing nature can be, it’s always good to have some power for things like refrigeration, lighting, … Read more