Black & Decker rtx-6 vs rtx-b: Comparison

This is a very short and to-the-point guide on the Black & Decker rtx-6 vs rtx-b kits.

Below we list the differences between the two kits, and compare the tools & inclusions in both.

Let’s have a look!


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rtx-6 vs rtx-b: Quick Comparison & Summary – Which Kit Should You Get?

In case you don’t have time to read the guide, you should know:

The tool included in both kits is the same (read below for tool features and specs)

The accessories and extra inclusions are different (read below for kit accessory & inclusion differences)


So, which kit should you get? Well…



You might choose a rtx-6 if…

You want accessories included for polishing, grinding/sharpening, engraving, cutting & sharpening

You want a soft sided carry case with accessory compartment, instead of a soft storage bag

You want 2 spring clamps for securing work (mainly wood)

View the Black & Decker RTX-6 Kit on Amazon



You might choose a rtx-b if…

You are OK with only 5 accessories included for sanding

You are OK with a basic storage bag for the tool and accessories

You don’t need the clamps

View the Black & Decker RTX-b Kit on Amazon


Extras To Consider When Buying

Also, here are some common extras some users get with their tool:

Keyless Chuck for collet and wrench free bit changing – Dremel 4486 MultiPro Keyless Chuck (on Amazon)

Dremel pack of accessories to use (the B&D accessories aren’t great quality) – Dremel 710-08 All-Purpose Rotary Accessory Kit, 160-Piece (on Amazon)


rtx-6 vs rtx-b: What’s The Difference In The Tool Included?

The first & most important thing you should know, is that you get the same tool included in both the rtx-6 and rtx-b kits (as of February 2017).

That tool is the RTX™ 3 Speed Rotary Tool. The specs and features to know on this tool are:

Electric/Corded rotary tool

3 speeds – 12,000/24,000/30,000 rpm (adjust the speed to the task you’re doing)

2.0 Amp Motor (for comparison, the Dremel 4000 has a 1.6 Amp motor, and the Dremel 4300 has a 1.8 Amp motor)

Flip-Lock™ spindle lock to change out accessories fast (just flip the lock to remove and lock in accessories – instead of changing accessories with a tool)

Universal collet system – will fit most Dremel accessories (you will need to use the wrench to change collets over for different bit shank diameters though if switching between different sized bits)

Can use it for a wide range of tasks (if you have the accessories) including but not limited to cutting, sanding, grinding, sharpening, carving, engraving, cleaning/polishing, drilling, drywall cutouts, smoothing, shaping, slotting. removing rust and corrosion + more

2 year limited warranty


rtx-6 vs rtx-b: What’s The Difference In The Accessories, & Extras Included?

This is where there are differences between the rtx-6 vs rtx-b…the kit inclusions are different!

RTX-6 Accessories & Inclusions

The rtx-6 kit contains:

RTX™ 3 Speed Rotary Tool

27 accessories – 1 x Rubber Polishing Wheel, 1 x Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone, 1 x Diamond Point For Engraving & Surface Cutting Hard Materials, 20 x Cut-Off Discs, 4 x Sanding Bands

Mandrels For Accessories

2 spring clamps for securing work (mainly wood)

Soft sided carry case with accessory compartment

User guide/manual



RTX-b Accessories & Inclusions

The rtx-b kit contains:

RTX™ 3 Speed Rotary Tool

5 Accessories – 5 x Sanding Bands

Mandrels For Accessories

Storage Bag

User guide/manual



rtx-6 vs rtx-b: Buyer Tips & User Experience To Consider

Good things:

Tool has good power – more than most Dremel rotary tools

Very cheap

Has all the features you could want out of a basic rotary tool for beginners

Fits with all Dremel accessories and most attachments

Can be used for a wide range of activities

Flip-Lock™ spindle lock is easy and quick to use for bits


Potential Improvements:

Black & Decker bits/accessories break or fail easily – most users buy a set of Dremel accessories

Doesn’t have the variable speed range of the best performing Dremels e.g. the Dremel 4000 has a 5,000 to 35,000 RPM speed range

Does not have all the features of the Dremel tools

Storage bag and soft carry case could be upgraded to hard carry cases, and provide a hard accessories case





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