Foredom vs Mastercarver Flex Shaft Tool: Comparison & Reviews

We’ve done other comparison guides for flex shaft tools, but this is one for the Foredom vs Mastercarver flex shaft brands.

Mastercarver perhaps doesn’t have as big a presence as Foredom, at least not online, but we were impressed by the capability of their tools.

They have a wide variety of flex shaft tools to choose from, and they contain plenty of power for power carving and power tasks.

Having said that, they also have handpieces built specifically for detail tasks.

With the Foredom SR and TX series motors, there’s definitely a lot of choice in HP and RPM capacity too.

Let’s look at both brands, and find out which might be a better fit for you.


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Foredom vs Mastercarver: TLDR – Which Is Best For You?

Foredom SR Motor Series: For 80-90% of Foredom flex shaft users. Not as powerful as the TX or Mastercarver. More for detailing than power carving or power tasks


Foredom TX Motor Series: For both detailing and power carving. Horespower of around 1/3 Horsepower (less than the Mastercarver), and max speed of up to 15,000 RPM. Only comes in 115 volts. A proven high power flex shaft tool with an established brand, and widely used.


Mastercarver Pro-Flex Tools: For both detailing and power carving. Horsepower of 1/2 Horsepower (400 Watts), and max speeds of up to 22,000 to 30,000 RPM. In terms of specs, it is better than the Foredom TX on paper, however Foredom is probably more widely used, and their flex shaft tool in our opinion is extremely high quality.

We would definitely look at the Mastercarver for value for money for a top end power carving flex shaft tool. Comes in both 110 and 230 volt models.


Foredom vs Mastercarver: Comparison – Similarities & Differences

Foredom vs Mastercarver Similarities

Both can run in forward and reverse speeds

Both have several types of interchangeable hand pieces to choose from for different uses

Both have different voltage models available – 110 volt and 230 volt

Both have hanging, and benchtop type models available

Both can fit a wide range of bits/accessories in their adjustable handpiece attachments

Both have similar length flex shafts

Both control tool speed from a foot pedal


Foredom vs Mastercarver Differences

Mastercarver models don’t have a similar model to the Foredom SR – all Mastercarver models are very powerful

Mastercarver models don’t have option for a metal foot pedal

Mastercarver tools have a higher RPM than both the Foredom tools

Mastercarver kits come in basic or ultra – they don’t have the woodworking, jewellery or general kits like Foredom does

In our opinion, Foredom seems to be more established and widely used than Mastercarver – but the Mastercarver tools have great performance specs


Foredom vs Mastercarver: Reviews

Foredom Review

You can read our guide here about the Foredom SR and TX motor series flex shaft tools.


Mastercarver Review

Great for power carving and power activities

Hanging flex shaft tool comes in both 110V and 230V models

Benchtop flex shaft tool comes in 110V model only

The 110 volt hanging and benchtop models, and the 230 volt hanging model, all have basic and ultra sets available

All models are 1/2 Horsepower (400 Watts) – more horsepower than both the SR and TX Foredom models

Different models have different max speeds of between 0-22,000rpm and 30,000rpm

Works in forward or reverse speeds – great for grain changes & left handed carving

38.5″ long flex shaft

Works with a foot pedal

Most kits come with a patented StealthTM handpiece – the key-chuck is adjustable from 0-1/4″ to accept accessories with 1/4″ or smaller shanks, without collets

The ultra set comes with a 2nd rotary handpiece which is the thin Detail Pro. You can hold it like a pencil for best control, perfect for detailing; it accepts 1/8″, 3/32″ and 1/16″ shanks (collets included)


Foredom vs Mastercarver: Which Should You Get?

If you want a standard flex shaft tool – the Foredom SR.

If you want a high power flex shaft tool with a strong brand and wide use – the Foredom TX.

If you want a high power flex shaft tool that is value for money – the Mastercarver.


Foredom vs Mastercarver: Resources





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