Flexible Marine Solar Panels Reviews

Flexible marine solar panels, and semi-flexible marine solar panels can be a better option for some boat, yacht & sea faring people.

One of the significant advantages of a flexible solar panel is that they can bend up to a certain curvature – of say, 10 to 30 degrees.

This is great for surfaces that are uneven or curved when it comes to getting the solar panel installed.

Another benefit is that you can quite easily transfer the panels from your boat, to Rv, to car, to camping site – they can be temporarily hung or installed and uninstalled.

Let’s have a look at some flexible marine solar panel reviews in more detail…

NOTE: You might like to read these guides if you’re installing to a boat or sail boat:


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Top Rated List Of Flexible Marine Solar Panels

100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel – Windynation 100 Watt Bendable Solar Panel (on Amazon)

Update – since first publishing this guide, ALLPOWERS and Renogy seem to have two of the better flexible panels on the market (which are worth you checking out). The Renogy panel is a 160 Watt panel currently.


Flexible Marine Solar Panels: Reviews

Windynation 100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

We already reviewed this flexible solar panel in this guide.

But, some of the things that make this a good flexible marine solar panel are:

  • Works at 18 volts and can charge 12 volt lithium and lead-acid batteries – good for RV’s, electric bikes etc. > use it with a solar controller though
  • Can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc
  • Very lightweight – only weighs 4lbs – easy to transport, install and remove
  • Frameless design, and 6 pre-fab metal reinforced mounting holes which can use temporary or permanent fixings
  • Can be mounted using adhesive or velcro as well
  • Weather resistant
  • Comes with connectors and connector cable

So you know how much room to make space for on your marine vessel:

Panel dimensions are 41.7″ (length) x 21.3″ (width) x 0.1″ (thick)

Where Can I Check This Solar Panel Out? View the Windynation 100 Watt Bendable Solar Panel (on Amazon)


Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Panel

Similar to the ALLPOWERS panel, we already reviewed this flexible solar panel in this guide.

But, some of the things that make this a good flexible marine solar panel are:

  • Designed for the water, home, travel, camping, and hiking – or, for mounting on a coach roof, RV, boat, cabin, tent, or any other irregular surface
  • 23-25% efficiency
  • Works at 18 volts for charging 12 volt marine batteries – use with a solar controller
  • Has a diode that prevents reverse current drain
  • Can be flexed to a stated max 30 degree curve (but in reality, it’s more like 10-15 – which is still better than a rigid panel)
  • Pre drilled metal reinforced holes for fixing
  • MC4 connector with 31 inch cables
  • Frameless design
  • Water resistant
  • Weighs on 4.85 lbs – easy to install, remove and transport – great for portability

So you know how much room to make space for on your marine vessel:

Dimensions are 43.3 length x 22.4 wide x 0.1 inches thick

Where To Check Out This Solar Panel

View the Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Panel on Amazon


Flexible Marine Solar Panels: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Are Flexible Marine Solar Panels?

Flexible marine solar panels are panels which bend to a certain curvature, and can be installed on uneven or curved surfaces.

They are made of an ultra thin plastic laminate, and are quite versatile in their use.

They are in comparison to stiff rigid solar panels which are usually permanently installed to a surface.


What Types of Flexible Marine Solar Panels Are There?

Flexible marine solar panels could best be categorised into their types by the Wattage rating:

1. 50 Watt Panels

2. 100 Watt Panels


What Are Flexible Marine Solar Panels Used For?

Solar panels in a marine setting can usually be either a rigid panel or a flexible panel.

A flexible panel would be used where you want a bendable solar panel that can fit to uneven or curved surfaces, and is easily used in several other environments like at home, on Rv’s, camping, and more.

One or several flexible marine solar panels can be used to charge one, or a bank of lead acid or lithium ion batteries.

One of the advantages to this, is that you can power your pumps, refrigeration, lighting etc. without using your motor and fuel to re-charge the battery.


Which Flexible Marine Solar Panels To Get – How To Choose

Before you buy a flexible solar panel – definitely check the tech/customer support and guarantee of warranty from the company you want to buy from.

After that it’s worth looking at the charging requirements of the battery set-up you have, and how many panels you might need to charge that setup.

You can read this solar load calculating informational guide for some tips.

Apart from that, choose the number and type of panel you want i.e. –

1. Do you want a 50 watt, 100 watt or bigger flexible solar panel?

2. How many of those panels do you want

3. Do they come in the voltage you require for your singular battery, or bank of batteries?

4. Is the solar controller you are looking at getting rated for the total voltage of the batteries and total wattage of the solar panels?


What Features To Look Out For, And Considerations To Make With Flexible Marine Solar Panels

You can read this flexible solar panel guide which gives you a great idea of features and considerations.

But, in particular with flexible marine solar panels, look out for some of the following things:

Make sure the panel/s have enough voltage and watts for your battery system

Some level of water resistance is required

A sealed junction box is required

Frameless (any metal needs to be corrosion resistant)

Check the degree of curvature if you will be installing the panels to an uneven surface

Make sure the size and the installation method of the panel fits your particular vessel i.e. how much curve and what anchors points for fixings do you have in the space where you want to put the panel? Is the space big enough for 1, 2, 3, 4 or however many panels you are after?


Flexible Marine Solar Panels – Accessories

A suitably rated solar controller for the voltage of your battery/s, and the total watts of your panels

A display to show the panel and battery performance and health

Cables and connectors which are long enough to run from you panel installation location to your battery bank


How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For My Marine Vessel?

Read this guide about assessing your solar panel load calculations.

For most people, starting with 1 or 2 100 Watt panels is a good starting point – you can always add more panels from there if required.


Flexible Marine Solar Panels: Resources

1. http://www.windynation.com/



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