Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter Review

Below you can find a Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter Review.

This foam cutter is a handheld hot wire foam cutter, and is designed mainly for home and hobbyist type use.

You would get it if you are looking for a cheap cutter you can use casually for recreation type projects.

One thing we would suggest is that if a strong handheld hot foam cutter is your preference, you may want to check out a hot knife foam cutter instead.

The Woodland get’s the job done, but isn’t for heavy or thick foam.


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Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter Review

Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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What’s Good About It?

  • Cheap
  • Can be used as a straight wire for straight cuts
  • Can be used with the Foam Cutter Bow & Guide for angle cuts
  • Will cut 4 1/2 in wide x 6 in deep
  • 120 volt tool
  • Lightweight
  • RoHS Compliant


What Could Be Improved?

  • Feel cheaply made – not very strong and can be unreliable in terms of heating (wire doesn’t alway get or stay hot)
  • More of a hobby/cheap option cutter
  • Can be used only with special nichrome replacement wire.
  • To avoid the emission of toxic fumes, Woodland recommends using the Hot Wire Foam Cutter and the Bow & Guide on Woodland Scenics foam products only


What Else Would You Get With It?


Where To Check It Out?

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Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Woodland Scenic Hot Wire Foam Cutter?

A handheld electric hot wire foam cutter.


What Is The Woodland Scenic Hot Wire Foam Cutter Used For

It is used for cutting soft to medium foams.


Who Is The Woodland Scenic Hot Wire Foam Cutter For?

This is a hobbyist type foam cutter mainly for home use – arts and crafts, modelling, decorations etc.

We should note though this is perhaps not the strongest cutter in terms of how it’s put together.

If you want something stronger and extremely reliable, you might look at the Nordstrand hot knife foam cutter.


Woodland Scenic Hot Wire Foam Cutter – Accessories

Replacement wire

Foam accessories like foam glue, foam putty, foam nails etc.


Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter Resources

1. http://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/



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