What Is The Best Solar Panel For An Rv Trailer?

Rv’s trailers come in different shapes and sizes, with some even being custom made to suit your needs.

However, most standard rv trailers and travel trailer have a 12v or 24v battery system which powers various devices within the trailer such as LED lighting & other DC operated devices.

In the last few years, significant advances have been made which has allowed affordable solar power options to be made available for Rv travel related activities.

Below we’ve listed for you the best solar panel for Rv trailer options.

It’s a quick read with some useful options for you to consider.

Let’s get to it …


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Top Solar Panel Options For Rv Trailers

Best Fixed/Mounted Solar PanelsFor Rv Trailer – Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit (on Amazon)

  • 100 Watt roof mount solar panel (with brackets) for 12 volt battery


Flexible Solar Panel For Rv Trailer – Windynation 100 Watt Bendable Solar Panel (on Amazon)

  • 100 Watt thin film (laminate) flexible and bendable solar panel for a number of applications, and for 12 volt battery


Best Large Folding Solar Panel For Rv Trailer – Go Power! GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit with 10 Amp Solar Controller (on Amazon)

  • 120 Watt fold out with stand solar panel – comes with solar controller and uses Anderson connectors


Best Small Portable Folding Solar Panel For Rv Trailer – Goal Zero 12004 Nomad 20W Solar Panel (on Amazon)

  • 20 Watt portable folding solar panel for USB and handheld battery devices like smartphones, tablets, radios, LED lights and GPS systems


Solar Panels For Rv Trailers: Reviews

The panels we listed above, you can read the full reviews about in the following guides:

Fixed/Mounted Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels

Folding Solar Panels


Solar Panels For Rv Trailers: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Types Of Solar Panels Are There For Rv Trailers?

You have three main options when it comes to choosing solar panel/s for your rv trailer:

  • Roof mounted solar panels

– mounts with brackets to the roof and generally stays there


  • Flexible/Bendable thin film solar panels

– portable and transferrable between different surfaces


  • Folding solar panels

– folds out on the ground – portable, with only setup and pack down required


These types of panels are all much smaller and more portable than the ones you see on a common house or dwelling roof.


What Are Solar Panel Used For On Rv Trailers?

Solar panels are used to charge the 12v or 24v battery setup you have in your Rv trailer.

Most solar panel manufacturers will recommend you use the panels with a solar controller – especially if the voltage of the panel is far higher than the voltage of the battery.

This helps you control output from the panel into the battery when charging – protecting the battery’s life.

Batteries in rv trailers and camper trailers are usually used to power things like LED lighting, a fridge, a small TV, small laptops and other devices like radios and GPS systems – as long as they can run on DC output/input.

Some devices may need an inverter if they run on household AC power instead of battery DC power, whilst other devices like smartphones and tablets can also charge from USB connections if you have them (some solar regenerators have them – such as the ones from the Goal Zero range).

3 or 4 stage protection charging is also a feature of most panel and controller setups that most solar manufacturers suggest.


What Solar Panel To Get For An Rv Trailer – How To Choose?

When choosing the type of solar panel for an Rv trailer, you may consider the following things:

1. Whether you want a mounted solar panel, or one that can be hung up, or folded out

2. The watts and volt capacity of the panel/s (if you get more than one) – the panels need to meet the charging requirements of your rv trailer battery setup

Here is an informational guide on choosing solar panel size, and how many you might need.

3. Do you need solar power for any other applications such as at home, on a boat/yacht, at a cabin, car, van, etc? Look at what the solar panel you choose is designed for – it might be suitable for several applications in addition to use for your Rv trailer.

4. Look at the type of connections and accessories you need to charge your Rv trailer battery, and make sure the panel/s you get have them available and they are compatible


Features To Check, and Considerations To Make With Solar Panels For Rv Trailers

You can refer to these guides on the different solar panel types, for features and considerations to  look for in each type of panel:

Fixed/Mounted Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels

Folding Solar Panels


In particular with an Rv trailer, look out for the following capabilities:

You have the correct voltage and watts from the solar panel/s to the rv battery or batteries. Note – charging a battery bank of say a 24v battery system is different to charging individual 12v batteries

Make sure the solar panels have the capabilities to connect up to your battery setup e.g. Anderson connectors will be required for some batteries


NOTE: different solar panel setups (panels, connectors, cables, controllers, inverters) and different batteries (volts, A/h, deep cycle vs. starter batteries, lead acid vs. lithium ion batteries) will have different requirements for charging.

Always confirm compatibility and other requirements with the solar and battery manufacturers before you buy.


Solar Panels For Rv Trailers – Accessories & Extras

Common accessories with solar panels when using with an Rv trailer might include:

Solar controller



An inverter or inverter box with different input types – DC, AC, USB

A solar regenerator or solar battery you can store DC energy to use when the sun isn’t out

Different attachments like pin trailer attachments


Best Solar Panel For Rv Trailer: Resources

1. https://www.renogy.com

2. http://gpelectric.com/ (Go Power)

3. https://www.goalzero.com.au

4. http://www.windynation.com/



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