Waterproof Solar Panel Review (Off Grid) – Voltaic Systems 6W Solar Panel Kit

There are several reasons you could want a waterproof solar panel.

Maybe you spend alot of time on the boat, or maybe you go kayaking, rafting or spend alot of time in the river or ocean.

The voltaic systems 6 watt solar panel kit review below outlines why this is a good solar charger for the water.

The kit is designed really well, and is great value for money for what’s included.

There are not many off grid chargers like it on the market that carry the waterproof guarantee.

Let’s have a look at it in more detail …


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Waterproof Solar Panel Review (Off Grid) – Voltaic Systems 6W Solar Panel Kit

Voltaic Systems 6 Watt Solar Panel Kit

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What’s Good About The Voltaic Systems 6 Watt Panel?

  • Waterproof – good for water based activities
  • Extremely lightweight – only .77 pounds
  • Designed for smartphones, small (7″) tablets, and other handheld USB devices
  • Can fit in a bag, or be mounted onto most surfaces
  • Mounting points are – 4 screws on back corners of panel allow multiple mounting options
  • Comes with a battery – V15 (4,000mAh) battery, and USB to MicroUSB Charging Cable – charges V15 battery from any USB port or charges devices with MicroUSB input
  • Battery can be charged with a USB port
  • Can plug USB devices directly into your Voltaic systems battery
  • Solar panel is 8.7 x 6.9 x 0.2 inches
  • Battery is 4 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Charges a (if the charger/panel is in direct sunlight):

– Smartphone in 3 hours

– Gopro in 4.5 hours

– 7 inch tablet in 6 hours


Any Drawbacks?

  • Not for 12 volt + devices
  • Will charge a USB charged Gopro, but not a DSLR
  • Make sure you check the Voltaic Systems website for full compatibility, and waterproof or warranty guarantee


What Else Might You Need With This Panel?

  • A Voltaic Systems extension cord or waterproof case – you can buy one from Voltaic System’s site


Where To Check This Solar Panel Out?

View the Voltaic Systems 6W Solar Panel Kit on Amazon


Waterproof Voltaic Systems 6W Solar Panel Kit: Buyer’s Guide

Who Are Voltaic Systems?

Voltaic systems are a portable power company based out of Brooklyn, New York.

They manufacture portable energy (off grid) systems for a number of devices and different activities.


What Do They Do Well With Their Solar Panels?

The thing that stands out the most about Voltaic Systems is how differently they think compared to other manufacturers.

Other businesses might develop their product, and say “here you go, our product does this, it’s up to you to make it work for your particular situation”.

Voltaic systems has the user in mind in their design and manufacture.

They look at every different device and activity you might use their products for, and design and manufacture the products around those devices and activities specifically.

The end result is a very unique product that functions really well – look at their solar backpacks for example – the solar charger fits seamlessly into the bag.

Specifically with the 6 Watt Solar panel kit above, we like the fact it is waterproof.

There are LOTS of portable solar panels that are water resistant, but very few that can carry a waterproof claim.


What Could Be Improved With Their Panels?

To be honest, there are no real drawbacks to their panels.

The are affordable, good value, and have a good user experience – along with unique features.


What Would You Use The 6 Watt Panel For Specifically?

Specifically, you could use this panel for any off grid activity where you are charging a device as large as a tablet.

Obviously, water based activities will be suitable with this panel/charger.


Are There Any Other Waterproof Off Grid Solar Panel Brands To Look At?

Sokoo and Wildtek claim to do waterproof portable solar chargers.

Although, confirm yourself with all solar chargers before you purchase that the product is waterproof, and get confirmation from the company as to the conditions of the waterproof claim if possible.



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