Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw Review


Looking for a compact circular saw for light, small and quick cuts on materials like wood, metal and tile?

If so, you’ll find this Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw Review helpful.

We outline the pros and cons of the tool, as well as summarise who it might be for.

Let’s check it out!


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Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw Review


Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw Summary – Should You Get It?

You might consider getting the Rockwell Versacut if…

  • You want a cheap 3-3/8-inch blade size mini circular saw
  • You want a handheld miniature circular saw for cutting wood, metal and tile
  • You are primarily doing short and quick cuts on light and small projects. This is not a circular saw for heavy, big cuts
  • You are OK with a few little design flaws such as a hard to see blade while cutting, and an awkwardly positioned lock off/safety switch

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Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw: Review

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  • Very cheap
  • A 4.0 Amp, 120 volt compact circular handheld saw for cutting
  • Has a no load speed of 3,500 RPM
  • Tool weighs 3.4lbs
  • Max cutting depth is 1-1/16″
  • Takes 3 3/8 inch blades
  • Has a built in laser guide
  • Has a pivoting metal guard between your hand and the blade
  • Has a Dust extraction adapter for a dust extraction hose
  • Has an adjustable depth of cut
  • Has a lock off switch for safety
  • Can get a 3 blade set for this circular saw which comes with 1 x #60 grit diamond blade, 1 x 44T HSS blade, and 1 x 24T Carbide tipped blade. For cutting cutting wood, metal and tile


  • Hard to see the blade when you are cutting because of the design of the tool
  • The safety lock off switch is a bit awkwardly positioned – you have to press that, press the start trigger, press down on the blade guide and have the wood positioned all at the same time
  • The base plate can be awkward to use on small pieces of wood
  • You have to manually turn the laser off
  • For small, light cuts only – the motor isn’t built for more powerful cuts

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Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw?

An electric, handheld, compact circular saw.


What Is The Rockwell rk3440k Versacut Compact Circular Saw Used For?

You can use this small circular saw mainly for cutting.

It can be used on a range of materials such as tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics, flooring, and more.


Rockwell Versacut Accessories

Most people just buy the blades and for the Versacut, and sometimes a dust collector hose.


Rockwell Versacut Arbor Size

The arbor is designed to hold 3 3/8 inch diameter blades


Rockwell Versacut Attachments

The Versacut comes with a dust collector attachment.


Rockwell Versacut Alternative

There’s a few other small hand held circular saws on the market like the Dremel saws, the GENESIS and the WORX saws.


Rockwell Versacut Blades, Replacement Blades and Blade Size

You can get a Versacut Blade Kit –


What Is The Rockwell Versacut Cutting Depth?



Is the Rockwell Versacut Cordless?

No, it’s a corded hand held circular saw.


Rockwell Versacut Case

The Versacut kit comes with a case


Is the Rockwell Versacut For Cutting Metal?

Yes, softer and lighter metals.


Is The Rockwell Versacut For Cutting Concrete?

Not really.


Is The Rockwell Versacut For Cutting Tile?

You can cut tile, but only thin tile, and it’s more for short, light cuts.


Rockwell Versacut Dust Port Adapter And Dust Port Collecter

The Versacut comes with an adapter


Is The Rockwell Versacut For Drywall?

Yes you can use it for drywall, but keep in mind it’s cutting depth and the fact the motor is only 4 Amps. It might not be suitable for most cuts.


Can You Get A Rockwell Versacut Diamond Blade?

Yes, either in the blade kit or separately


Can You Get A Rockwell Versacut Guide?

The tool comes with it’s own laser guide


Is The Rockwell Versacut For Flush Cuts?

You can use it for flush cuts but it isn’t ideal. Keep in mind the cut depth



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