Renogy Lycan Powerbox Review

The Renogy Lycan Powerbox is set to be released later this year in 2017.

In anticipation, we’ve put together what is known about this next generation type solar generator, which is an upgrade over the existing Renogy Firefly and Phoenix all-in-one generators.

We will provide a full review here when it is released, so check back in due time.

But, until then, enjoy this exciting preview of what we know so far …


Renogy Lycan Review: Solar Generator Preview

What We Know About The Lycan Powerbox So Far …

  • It’s a solar electric generator
  • Unlike the Renogy Phoenix – the Lycan is a power box that does not have in-built panels – so, it must be charged externally
  • It’s a clean and sustainable alternative to a gas generator
  • It’s designed for everyday charging of AC and DC devices around the house or in off-grid/remote locations, as well as power outages and emergencies
  • Examples of devices it can charge are TVs, smartphones, laptops, microwaves, radios, cameras, cell phones, and more
  • Can handle some notoriously energy hungry appliances like fridges and microwaves
  • As an estimate – you can get 120 charges into a standard USB smartphone, or 5 charges into a standard laptop
  • It provides up to 900 watt hours of power
  • It can power any AC or USB device up to 1200W with a 1200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • It can be charged in 3 ways – Solar Power, Car Power (12 volt car charging socket), AC Power
  • It has a lithium ion phosphate battery with a battery voltage of 48 volts and capacity of 21Ah
  • You can have a n interchangeable battery for backup power
  • It caries 2000 Charge Cycles or more
  • It is not waterproof, but the casing is water resistant
  • Has a Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller
  • It is compatible with all Renogy solar panels – if you want to use them externally to charge the Lycan faster
  • It can connect with up to 100 Watt panels, and 300 Watts in total i.e. 3 x 100 Watt external Renogy panels for faster charging of the Lycan
  • It is estimated you can FULLY charge the Lycan with 3 x 100 Watt Renogy external solar panels  in 3 hours
  • You can use the Lycan to charge your devices while it is charging itself
  • The standard package comes with the Lycan Powerbox, an AC adapter, and a MC4 to DC connector
  • Has a LCD display which shows information on battery capacity, errors, and DC/AC load on/off
  • Can switch between AC and DC output with the push of a button
  • Has an LED worklight
  • Very portable – comes with wheels and a carry handle
  • Weighs less than alot of solar generators at 60 lbs
  • Plug in outputs include 2 x 12 volt DC outputs, 3 x 110v AC outputs, 3 x 2.4A USB Port outputs, 1 x 1A USB Output
  • The Lycan backing process was carried out on
  • Renogy are currently offering (as of May 2017) three pre order bundles, and a separate extra interchangeable battery option – you can check them out on their site at


Renogy also released a video on their Youtube channel if you want to check it out.


Renogy Lycan Review: Resources



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