Intex Explorer vs Challenger vs Excursion Pro vs Dakota Kayak Comparison


This is a comparison guide of the Intex Explorer vs Challenger vs Excursion Pro vs Dakota kayaks.

We list the main differences and similarities of these kayaks.

We also link to individual guides of each kayak where you can read more about the individual features of each kayak.

Let’s take a look!


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Intex Explorer vs Challenger vs Excursion Pro vs Dakota Kayak Comparison

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Intex Inflatable Kayaks – Summary, & Which To Get

The Challenger K1 is the only 1 person designed kayak of all these models, although the other models have removable inflatable seats, and can be used as 1 person kayaks too

Of the other 4 models that are 2 person kayaks (they each have 2 removable inflatable seats), the Excursion Pro is the largest kayak with the most features, such as in built fishing rod holders (amongst other features), but is also one of the most expensive models of all the models

Of the lower priced/more affordable models, the Explorer K2 and Challenger K2 are worth consideration 

The Challenger K2 is slightly longer, whilst the Explorer K2 is slightly wider, slightly deeper, and has an additional air chamber


Intex Inflatable Kayaks – Main Differences

Some of the main differences between these kayaks might be:

Kayak Price

Currently, the Excursion Pro is the more expensive kayak, whilst the Explorer and Challenger models are all a similar price, and are more affordable/cheaper


Kayak Colors

The Challenger models are currently green (and some blue), the Explorer is yellow, the Excursion Pro is red, and the Dakota is grey


Kayak Shape 

The Challenger models current have a flatter nose and tail, whilst the Explorer, Excursion Pro and Dakota models have upturned noses and tails on the kayak


Inflated Kayak Size – Dimensions

The Excursion Pro is currently the largest model in terms of length dimensions, followed by the Challenger K2, Explorer K2 and Dakota K2, and the Challenger K1 is the shortest

The Explorer K2 and and Dakota K2 are the deepest models, with the Excursion Pro a similar depth/height


Inflated Kayak Weight

The Excursion Pro is currently the heaviest of all the models, and the Challenger K1 is the lightest


Number Of People Kayak Is Designed To Hold

All of the kayaks except the K1 can currently fit up to 2 people, and have two seats. The K1 fits one person

The seats are removable though, so the K2 models can be used with one person too


Total Kayak Weight Limit/Capacity

All the K2 models can currently hold up to 400lbs (180kg) total, and the Challenger K1 can hold up to 220lbs (100kg)


Material Type

All models are currently made of puncture resistant vinyl, except the Excursion Pro which is made from 3 ply laminate construction with a polyester core


Number Of Air Chambers

The Explorer, Excursion Pro & Dakota models currently have 3 air chambers, whilst the two Challenger models have 2 air chambers


Number Of Paddles Included

All models currently come with 2 paddles, except the K1 Challenger which comes with 1 paddle


Number & Types Of Skegs Included

The Challenger and Explorer models currently come with one standard removable directional skeg, whilst the Excursion Pro and Dakota models come with a removable directional skeg and also a shallow water directional skeg


Cargo Net

Both Challenger models currently have a cargo net for gear storage, whereas the other models don’t


Grab Lines, & Handles

The Challenger models currently have a grab line and no handles, and the Excursion Pro, Explorer and Dakota models have grab lines and handles on both ends, 


D Ring

Excursion Pro has stainless steel d rings for tying down dry bags and gear


Drain Plug

Excursion Pro currently has an integrated drain plug



Excursion Pro currently has an adjustable footrest


Fishing Rod Accessories

The Excursion Pro currently has a mounting bracket for fishing accessories, and 2 fishing rod holders integrated into the kayak


Inflatable Booster Pad for Elevated Seating

Excursion Pro currently comes with an inflatable booster pad


Bag Inclusions

Excursion Pro currently comes with carry bags, and dry bags


Intex Inflatable Kayaks – Main Similarities

Some of the main similarities between these kayaks might be:


Type Of Kayak

All models are inflatable, soft material kayaks, as opposed to hard material kayaks


What The Kayaks Might Be Best For

All kayak models might be best suited for casual and recreational open water lake and ocean kayaking

If you want to ensure you have a kayak for the most demanding activities and conditions, that is also more puncture and damage proof to sticks, rocks and other objects, and might also have top of the line control and manoeuvrability, a hard kayak might be a better consideration than these kayaks



All the seats are currently inflatable, removable seats


Material Gauge

All models are currently made with 30 gauge material



All models currently have an I-beam for increased rigidity 


Paddle/Oar Length

All paddles are currently 86 inches (2.18 metres) long



All boats currently have valves for easy deflation



All models currently comes with a hi-Output Manual Hand Pump


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