3 ‘Ethical’ Portable Energy Companies

Isn’t it nice to see companies that might care about something other than money?

Of course, no company can be perfect, but while we were digging around, we found three portable energy companies that do their part to give back to the world.

If ethical business is something you care about, you might be interested in reading our quick profile of these three portable solar/energy companies.


3 ‘Ethical’ Portable Energy Companies


Ethical Portable Energy Company #1 – Goal Zero

Goal Zero have an interesting origin, and they are certainly doing their part as an ethical business – particularly in third world countries.

Their origins go back to 2007, when Robert Workman started ‘TIFIE Humanitarian’ (Teaching Individuals and Families Independence through Enterprise), after visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

In an attempt to help villagers get out of poverty, TIFIE taught villagers how to run a sustainable business in their communities, and provided portable energy to these places. This is actually where the first Goal Zero power pack prototype was tested.

In 2009, Goal Zero launched as a business. Since then, the list of humanitarian acts the company has been involved in is growing, with a few being:


2010 – Haiti 7.0 Earthquake – Humanitarian partners in Haiti offer Goal Zero batteries and lights after the earthquake. Given the choice of a bag of rice or the Goal Zero gear, people chose power and light.

2011 – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami – Goal Zero donated hundreds of lighting kits and solar panels to families in Japan who were without power as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

2012 – Rural India – Mahout village in rural India received 40 Torch flashlights, providing safety and lights.

2012 – Hurricane Sandy – With the launch of the “Buy One, Give One” campaign, GZ Nation sent 9 Goal Zero employees and almost $600,000 worth of portable power, solar panels and lights to those living in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Goal Zero begins an ongoing partnership with Team Rubicon, powering their communications during relief deployments.

2013 – Share the Sun Launches – Share the Sun, Goal Zero’s humanitarian program launches in online sales, giving GZ Nation the power to change lives by donating sun shares to projects of their choice.

2013 – Navajo Nation, Tuba City, AZ – Over 50 people living without power on the Navajo Nation receive portable and installed solar kits from Share The Sun.

2013 – Typhoon Haiyan Relief – GZ Nation comes through again, donating $300,000 in power, lights and Barebones structures for victims of Typhoon Haiyan with Charity Vision and Team Rubicon.

You can read more about Goal Zero on their site and through their ‘Share The Sun’ stories – which documents how they are sharing portable energy with different parts of the world.


Ethical Portable Energy Company #2 – Biolite

Biolite have a similar focus to Goal Zero with their ethical activity, but they are particularly focussed on bringing safe and affordable energy to people living in ‘energy poverty’ across India and Africa.

They offer cooking, charging and lighting products as of April 2017, and their business model has them using the revenue they get from their emerging outdoor markets, and re-invest it in providing products to energy poor parts of Uganda, Kenya and India.

Also as of April 2017, Biolite have helped amost 73,000 people breathe cleaner, as nearly half the planet lacks clean, affordable household energy, cooking meals on smoky open fires and having little or no electricity in their homes.

Biolite are using clean energy to:

Improve health

Combat climate change

Enable communication and education

Generate income

Empower women


You might like to visit the ‘Our Story’ and ‘Road To Impact’ sections of Biolite’s site – which further documents how they are making an impact.


Ethical Portable Energy Company #3 – Voltaic Systems

Voltaic Systems are their part to be an ethical company by conserving resources across their product lifecycle. They do this by:

Identifying and using environmentally preferable materials lieke Recycled PET over Nylon

Making products modular for easy repair,

Choosing solar panels that have a long lifetime,

Eliminating unnecessary packaging

Reusing as much as possible


Voltaic Systems also supports individuals and organizations who are tackling energy and conservation problems. A couple of ways they are doing this is by:

Providing gear that helps power pollution detection equipment in Nepal

Keeping laptops of anti-poaching teams charged up


You can read more in the ‘About Us’ section of Voltaic System’s site – which identifies how they conserve resources.


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