Die Grinder Uses: What Is A Die Grinder Used For?

Being a rotary type tool, there are many uses for a die grinder.

You simply attach the appropriate bit or attachment to the tool – and you can begin work.

You might attach a grinding stone or grinding wheel to grind, a blade to cut, a polishing wheel to polish – there are many options including these and more.

So, it really is a tool good for beginners, but also experienced tradesmen or professionals.

Let’s go through what a die grinder is used for in more detail, along with specific examples of die grinder uses…


Die Grinder Uses: What Is A Die Grinder Used For?


What Is A Die Grinder used for?

Die grinders can be used for a wide range of applications – basically whatever you have the bit of attachment for, you can do with a die grinder.

These applications might include grinding, cutting, sanding, honing, polishing, sharpening, sculpting, burring or machining material (typically metal, but also plastic or wood).

They can be used by a range of people and professions, but are heavily used by metal workers, machinists, automotive professionals and restoration tradesmen.

So, those working with metal and wood might use them extensively.

Die grinders are much small than an angle grinder which have large discs. The small size of the die grinder attachments makes them great for accessing tight spaces and performing finer, more precise grinding, cutting and shaping/forming tasks that angle grinders simply can’t do.


Die Grinder Uses – Examples

Some specific tasks you can perform with a die grinder include:

  • Polishing stainless steel
  • Removing rust or paint on iron or steel
  • Finishing, sanding and shaping woodwork and furniture
  • Sculpting Ice
  • Remove welds or grind out welds
  • Porting car engines – cleaning and contouring, or modifying
  • Machining metal e.g. enlarge holes on a metal locker to allow a padlock
  • Cut sheets, bars or blocks of metal, steel, plaster and wood
  • Burring materials
  • Sharpening axes or chainsaws with a grinding stone attachment
  • Cleaning various items


What attachments are there for a Die Grinder?

Die grinder bits and attachments that might be used for the above applications include but are not limited to:

  • Stone grinding bit
  • Brass wire wheel
  • Nylon bristle wheel
  • Brass cup brush
  • Nylon bristle cup brush
  • Diamond wheels and bits
  • Different shaped rasps
  • Twist Burs
  • Regular metal and wood cutting/cutoff wheels
  • Sanding disc
  • Sanding Drum
  • Wool polishing wheel/polishing pad
  • Grinding wheels
  • Mandrels
  • Sanding drum mandrels
  • Sharpening stone


What Actually Is Die Grinder Though?

For more information on what a die grinder is and the types of die grinder – you can read this short post.

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