Best Pole Saw In 2022/2023

Best Pole Saw

Are you a regular homeowner needing to do some branch trimming, pruning or reach some palm trees? What about a professional like a landscaper or arborist needing a tool with reach for those pesky smaller jobs so you don’t have to get your harness/pulley or ladder out all the time? Which ever one of these categories you … Read more

Best Chainsaw Chaps & Pants In 2022/2023

Best Chainsaw Chaps & Pants

Who makes the best chainsaw chaps and pants these days? Not only do you have to consider the level of safety the material provides, but factors like breathability and mobility are important too. Whether you are a professional logger or arborist, or a casual cutter and pruner – we’ve answered this question and weighed up these … Read more

Best Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool In 2022/2023

Best Dremel Tool & Rotary Tool

Picking the best Dremel tool, or best rotary tool for you can take some research because there are a range of options to choose from. Dremel in particular has an electric Dremel rotary tool range, and a cordless/battery operated Dremel rotary tool range. Maybe you need to do some grinding and cutting, and need some extra … Read more

Best Angle Grinder In 2022/2023

Best Angle Grinder

It pays to get a good angle grinder the first time. There’s nothing worse than using your angle grinder for the first time and realising it doesn’t come with the right guard, it isn’t powerful enough, it doesn’t grind AND cut, the discs take forever to change or a range of other annoying and unfortunate … Read more